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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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Dave1961a on Jun 19, 2022

This has to be the worst hotel I have stayed in Cuba. This hotel is never 4 star at best a poor 2 star. Food inedible room shocking. The all inclusive bar was a joke. Drinks were served in tiny glasses during the day changing to leaking paper cups on an evening. We tried to complain to the manager Klause who became aggressive refusing to take our complaint. There are many many beautiful hotels in Cuba this isn't one of them. Take my advice DO NOT BOOK THIS HOTEL

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Best vacation ever

O4514ZPbrianw on Jun 16, 2022

I just returned from a 2 weeek trip to Roc Barlovento, it was absolutely amazing, I give it top ratings. Firstly, the resort isn't all that large, so getting from point A to point B was effortless. My room, on the second floor overlooking the pool was perfect. Very clean, had plenty of room and most importantly, great water pressure in the shower, a definite plus. I was very impressed to see that the safe in the room was included, thank you Roc Barlovento. Every day, the housekeeper would put bottled water in my room, thank you for that. I would suggest that you bring triple AAA batteries, for the t.v. remote and air conditioner. There are no elevators or ramps to the second and third floor, but the stair wells are wide and not to difficult to manage. The most impressive thing I encountered was the very friendly and helpful staff. Especially the animation crew and the waiters/waitresses. They exceeded my expectations, so ,nice and lots of fun. I want to acknowledge Pedro, a grounds keeper, I have never seen anyone work so hard at keeping the property beautiful. Ever time I passed him, he smiled, waved hello and just made me feel welcomed. Thank you Pedro for your hospitality. Another shout out to the young woman in the towel hut, amazing, very friendly and helpful. The amenities on the resort were excellent. Lots of space to relax and just be alone, or lots of opportunity to interact and participate with other guests and staff. The Mexican a la carte was so delicious, several selections to choose from, the food was hot and fresh, the whole experience was very memorable and wonderful. You don't go to Cuba for the food, as most already know, yes the buffet was a repetitious but, there was the snack bar where you can have a burger or chicken sandwich after buffet hours, and again after 11 p.m. You wont go hungry for sure. The beach is the most beautiful beach in Veradero, so many palapas to lay under, the sand and water were post card perfect, simply beautiful. Loved the location of the resort as well. Just steps outside the main entrance and you can board the double decker bus for 5 dollars, the pass is good for the day, up and down the strip as much as you wish, great service. There wasn't much that I didn't like, in fact I cant think of anything I didn't like. From the top management down the line, the staff is what made my vacation and incredible and memorable experience. Quick shout out to the artist who sets up his stand on the resort, he does hand paintings from taking a picture on his phone from your phone, he is amazing, had my friends do portrait, he captured her soul, he is very good. Keep in mind that when you leave Veradero at the airport, you will have to pay a 5 dollar registration fee of the painting leaving the country. Customs will place a sticker on the the back of the painting and allow it to go through. I cant wait until my next trip to Roc Barlovento in the fall, as many resorts as I have been to in Veradero, Barlovento gets my top rating.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Avoid at any cost , don’t go even for free

Mustafa P (Vancouver, Canada) on Jun 13, 2022

I kindly ask hotel manager to not write back promises that all will be good or that i am not honest guest of hotel i was there and never again This is our fourth visit to cuba and last one.its hard to describe in few words our experience and i ask my self how roc barlovento got those nice reviews , but how, just wondering, so first of all thanks to all relievers for fake reporting, maybe we were not drunk and did not experience as them. Hotel room we got was on second floor, room have just nice enter door and that’s it, washroom dirty and tiles are not washed i am sure for years, well we had hot water with low pressure, bedroom dusty with drapes that you don’t want to touch , pieces of killed mosquitos dirt, dirty FENCES and balcony little French that you can’t even open due to enormous number of mosquitost,mirrors were so dirty that i had to wash it, List is really long but i can describe THAT horror,well that’s a just short description and li don’t know how many words i can write here since this is my first review ever and i want to say truth. amenities <swimming pool that is so loud usually locals who are loud and drunk for early morning until closing, all day there is busy energy with bingo game that will last forever, music they play is so loud and irritable and balcony door can’t isolate ,during night still loud loud loud ( is there any other word for loud) annoying music ( I LOVE CUBAN RITM but this is unusual mix of songs that banging your brain. Night show well nothing special and if you’re ready to be mosquitos dinner just go ahead, you will be eaten in matter of minutes. Food and kitchen , well I understand that cuba is going trough bad times but what they keep kitchen opened if there is no food or if is any Cubans will take it in front of you , same is for brakfirst lunch and dinner, for us Canadians line ups are important part of daily routine, so fight if you can if you cannot eat bread , all food is covered with flies in huge numbers and you can’t get rid of them, its hot in there and you actually have to beg for rice or chicken ( bones) ,we were not ALOWED to help our self it was stuff that give you amount of food that isn’t enough for cat, again it was not the same case for Cubans, they would pick up whatever is there no matter is there people behind them,unfair, if you don’t eat pork good luck its pork or ham in every meal, small amounts but its there, ok no milk no yogurt, no cheese, for butter you have to beg, bred was good but consumed by flies. Lobby small numbers of tables and was ALWAYS with same faces who will drink like there is no tomorrow, we went one night and my wife got 95 mosquitos bites, same is in any area.drinks : instant Pina loads and pls be close to washroom and yes its stinky in there , sanitizing stations are everywhere but empty bring yours and bring many you can’t buy it there, be sure you have all medication, including dehydration, womiting , diarrhoea, height fever, insect repellent,bring toilet paper and enough money to buy water since you will get one bottle for day.price of one bottle is two dollars, since food was not eatable we look for stores, they were with empty sells. So we were hungry, btw both of us got food poisoning, we could not move ourself for two days, we went on reception to ask for help , from our room mobile siGNAL was cut, we ask them to call our insurance company and they refuse it, we had to wAIT daytime and see dr, unfortunately dr English was not enough but it was clear we were poisoned, we got injection electrolytes and when come to paying they sad no visa machine we have to pay buy cash, i was afraid we will die there, but survived. Unfortunately we booked two weeks reading hyped reviews, please don’t trust them. If i try to describe this vacation in simple words it would be ; DIRTY, STARVING, UNPLEASANT, UNPROFESSIONAL, NOT WELCOMING, INSECT INVADED Ps. Ocean is heaven but beach is not cleaned even once during our two weeks

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Observations from a first timer to this resort

413russ (Winnipeg, Canada) on Jun 01, 2022

I spent a week at the Roc Barlovento in May of this year. There were a lot of reviews from repeat visitors which I feel are slightly skewed so I will share my observations. First the food. If you are going to Cuba for the food you are going to the wrong place. I rate the food on my pervious 8 trips to Cuba. I did not try the el a cartes so this is limited to the buffet and snack bar. the food is adequate, not great but there is something tasty enough to satisfy. The omelets in the morning are fresh, the pasta for dinner is tasty and the chicken is well done. There are a few fresh vegetables and fruit. That works for me. The trick for good food is to change a little Canadian cash to pesos( I got 85 pesos/dollar) and head up to El Ranchero in town. It was 970 pesos for a large mug of chilled beer and a large grilled lobster or about $11 Canadian. The room they gave me had an excellent view of the pool(301). It was clean and the cleaning staff were Great! The save is easy to use. The fridge is small but works. The A/C worked wonderfully. If I had a complaint it is that there was not even slightly warm water for a shower. Not the biggest deal as the weather was so hot but it would have been nice to have a little bit of warm water at times. The beach is perfect, lots of seating with shade everywhere and always room around the pool. if you want good booze bring your own, lots of beer on tap and rum though. Staff overall is excellent. I have never really had an issue at any of the resorts I have stayed at in regards to poor service. Would I go back? Yes if the price was right but I have stayed at other resorts with more comfortable rooms so it would come down to the deal.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Another great vacation at the Roc Barlovento!

796jaynas on May 27, 2022

We had another great vacation at the Roc Barlovento! We have been there 6 times and have loved it everytime! Joined some great friends there in April and spent 2 weeks. Always enjoy the sun and the beautiful beach & ocean but what really makes it so great is the staff!! Special thanks to Klaus, Lia for inviting us to the May 1 celebrations, it was a awesome experience! And thankyou to all the bar staff for putting up with us, LOL. You are so much fun and make everyone feel welcome. And of course all the other staff from the maids, to the restaurant staff, pool, grounds people, your all great. Hope to see you soon!

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