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Club Kawama is horrid!

dubkay on Feb 15, 2024

This is the absolute worst place to stay. It is less than 1 star. The overall conditions of the building are dilapitated but that was the least of the troubles. Moldy rooms, doors that don’t close, no hot water for days are just a few. Most of the staff was so terribly unfriendly and unhelpful. The manager during the week chose to argue and disagree on things we requested. Such as an extra bottle of water after we came down with food poisoning. If you are a regular quest you get extra water otherwise it’s 1 litre for 7 days. Poor Sanitation and cross contamination was the norm. I get that Cuba is in a crisis as far as food , but for an all inclusive I got very sick of cabbage, papaya, pineapple, bread and minimal meat. If you were at the resteraunt within an hour of opening, you had a better chance of getting meat. Booze was rum, beer and champagne. That’s all!!! If you were hoping for a mixed drink or a specialty drink , not happening at Club l Kawama. I can’t stress enough that you should not go there unless you pack a suitcase full of food, medicine for food poisoning and your drink of choice.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Don't go

Joan S on Feb 12, 2024

Where or what to start with. Let’s go with the check-in. Firstly, I'm in the Hotel industry and I know it's important to smile and say welcome to guests. Here, no manners, no smile, no interest and above all no welcome! You ask a question and they don't answer you immediately, they prefer to talk among themselves before looking at you and then maybe giving an answer. Amazing! Most of the time they don't know anything. Continuous lack of toilet paper in the bathrooms at reception. No seat cover in women's bathroom at reception! They gave us a room with windows and doors with shutters, that 1: impossible to open them and 2: to see outside. In addition, the air conditioning did not work. In the bed: ONLY a sheet! But what is this??? NOT ACCEPTABLE! Next morning, the offer us another room, and we accepted. (of course after insisting to change). However, the hair dryer does not work. The door creaks horribly to go onto the balcony. No glass to drink bottled water. One UNWRAPPED mini soap in basket NOT REALLY HYGIENIC!!! And with one mini bottle of don't know what for 1 week for 2 people. The towel bars are very rusty. The bathtub definitely needs to be changed. The ceramic is stained. The windows are extremely dirty. Dust accumulates in large quantities under the curtains. The chairs on the balcony are not adequate because the “bamboo” seats lack slats, therefore impossible to seat. There are only 2 hangers in the wardrobe. Not enough lights, only 2 lamps and if we want to plug in our cell phone, there is only one left! Restaurant buffet, no choice, always the same thing, no pasta, only 'parts" (?) of chicken and pork and no soft drink in the morning and sometimes no cola at all!!! The plates are always soaked and the utensils dirty. The plastic placemats are wiped and not cleaned with napkins so thin and small that we see the marks. The glasses are not clean. The coffee is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. The snack bar open 24 hours: they only have plain omelets and mini sandwiches with ham (a mini slice) and cheese (already chewed) which are not edible! Measures approximately 3cm x 5cm, what a joke. All hotels mention that wifi is $ but in reality it is free or included everywhere, restaurant, swimming pool, lobby, but not at Club Kawama. We really have to pay and operate only at the reception! Do drinks include? Only Cuban beers, soft drinks (when available) with rum and no pina colada! But in other hotels, yes. Everything is available. The only positive point: the swimming pool. Cold but well maintained. For the price we paid, we are very dissatisfied with this hotel.

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Great Hotel

TorontoOne (Toronto, Canada) on Feb 11, 2024

The people are absolutely wonderful here! We had issues with our room on day one, but we spoke to the manager Machin and we ended up being moved to a better room. The hot water was fantastic, and the location was much better. Keep in mind that this hotel is almost 100 years old. It’s very historical which is beautiful. It almost feels like you’re experiencing castles from another era. The food was ok for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We did run out of rum, vodka, wine and gin which is quite normal and we had to drink beer, but only for a day, it was quickly replenished the next day. The pool is cool and the beach is stunning. The lobby bar staff; Aliana, Yilian, Osmel are an incredible team to converse with… nothing but smiles and friendliness. Beautiful people! We met a lot of great people from all over, and made new friends. There are stores at the resort that you can buy some necessities from if need be. The lobby bar; you will need to be seated in order to be served most time. They will serve you drinks, and coffee. Before noon they bring out sparkling wine and they always have water with either different fruits and/or mint. Very refreshing and welcomed. I highly recommend this resort if you are looking for a family or couples getaway. You will be treated with kindness and love.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Decent place if you go in with the right expectations.

Chris A on Feb 05, 2024

A solid 3.5 place for Cuba. We went in with very low expectations which were met or exceeded. Got an ocean front room (after trying to be given a regular). Fantastic view and super convenient walk to everything. Doors need work as the main and bathroom both scrape horribly on the floor. Also needs a bureau of some kind to store clothing. The staff is fantastic. Liquor did tend to run out toward the end of the evening but this wasn't necessarily always a bad thing :). The food is plain but was plentiful. This was actually a plus for us as my partner has Celiac disease and never got sick once this trip. A previous poster brought up red welts on some ladies legs and I'm sure it was my partner and our friend. I ended up with them myself. Not bed bugs, definitely sand fleas. We were warned by a returner to wear pants at night and should have listened. Late night and early morning walks on the beach aren't recommended unless you're prepared for them. Also watch out for the many jellyfish that wash up on the beach.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

91buddyh (Sidney, Canada) on Feb 03, 2024

The Good: The beach out front of this hotel is FABULOUS! A-1 location! The Pool is well maintained, I know a little about pool maintenance. We maintain our own hot tub/pool. The Bad: The lobby check in staff, rude they just couldn’t care lets, they are more worried about their outer appearance, their neatly pressed clothes! than the customer you! Heaven forbid if you have a question, customer complaints are met with pointing fingers in both directions. The Ugly: The FOOD I would say if you’ve ever watched prison scenes showing dinner time from 3rd world countries like the movie Papillon. They could film the sequel here at the Club Kawama buffet! If you’re looking to lose weight this is the place for you. Our room was disgusting, I met with many other guests complaining of bug bites, I saw huge red welts on some ladies legs, those were from bed bugs. Beds linens are never cleaned or changed! These bites were not from mosquitoes, they have mosquitoes, but these bites were absolutely huge and some were the size larger than a toonie Shocking! The bar ran out of Cola for 4 of the 7 days we were there! They just didn’t care! They have NO milk for cafe latte or any coffee or tea. No MILK whatsoever. SUNWING get off your butt and go and see for yourself what’s going on here before someone gets deathly ill!!!!

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