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Coach Dad: Father’s Day Surprise

WestJet surprise Coach Dad Troy and his 13-year-old son Darian by bringing together some of those who mean the most to them.

Father’s Day Surprise

Watch as we Surprise Marc, a hard working dad, with an early Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day Surprise: One Year Later

Check out what the Grimard family has been up to for the past year.

How we support

WestJet makes Ronald McDonald House Charities® Canada soar. Through flight support for families, administration and fundraising, WestJet helps RMHC keep families close to their sick children and the care they need to heal.

WestJet’s gift of flight donations to Ronald McDonald House Charities…

  • help ease the financial burden for families who need to travel for medical appointments for both urgent care and ongoing treatments for their sick child.
  • help to raise much needed funds for the 15 Ronald McDonald Houses, 16 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms and 1 Ronald McDonald Care Mobile across Canada so that they can help more families each year.
  • bring families together when they need it the most – no matter the distance.


Anyone who has been away from their family and friends for three to four days, let alone for a prolonged length of time, knows how good it feels to reconnect with them. Imagine being separated from your 10-year-old daughter and your extended hockey family for more than two months while you devote yourself to caring for your 13-year-old son as he undergoes treatment for leukemia. For the Hunt family, this is their reality. They are one of the more than 25,000 families that call Canada’s 15 Ronald McDonald Houses and 16 Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms home each year.

Inspired by Troy and his son Darian’s story, we teamed up with Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada to give Coach Dad Troy from Clarenville, Newfoundland an early Father’s Day surprise – actually a couple of surprises.

In 2015, Ronald McDonald House Charities® Canada and WestJet created a memorable Father’s Day for a Ronald McDonald House family. The idea was to surprise a father, who stayed behind in one province working to support his family and caring for one son, while his wife and ailing son were at a Ronald McDonald House in another province closer to the treatment he needed. When a crisis hits, a family is affected both emotionally and financially. We wanted to ensure that when we brought the Grimard family together, we did so without disrupting the family’s means of financial support.

About Ronald McDonald House Charities® Canada

RMHC Canada is the national foundation of support for Canada’s 15 Ronald McDonald Houses, 16 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms and 1 Ronald McDonald Care Mobile across the country. Collectively, these programs support over 25,000 families each year, providing access to quality health care and enabling family-centered care. All by keeping families close – one family at a time.

No one ever expects to be a Ronald McDonald House family. Just when it matters most, families have to leave their families, communities, jobs and support systems so they can travel to a children’s hospital to access treatment for their sick child. RMHC’s mission is to ensure that families can stay together and are supported during their healing journey.

The 15 Ronald McDonald Houses across the country provide a home for out-of-town families whose children are being treated at a nearby hospital, while the 16 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms offer families a place to rest and recharge right inside the hospital. Completing our circle of support is 1 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles, a mobile health unit that brings medical care to underserved communities in Alberta. Together, these programs support families from across 1,800 communities each year. Follow @RMHCCanada and visit for more information.

Thank you WestJet for Mason’s first flight and for bringing our family together when we needed it the most. Mason and I spent a lot of time talking about where he would like to fly next (once he was all better) and he had great suggestions but he would always say…as long as we were together, it didn’t matter where we go.”

- Ronald McDonald House Family

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