VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort

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    Fun get away

    Reviewed by 528staceyannr(Freeport, New York) on Oct 20, 2019

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    Stayed here from 8/17-8/24 and had a good time . We arrived at around 5:20 Saturday afternoon and were starving but were unable to get anything to eat as the last place ( beach bar , forgot the name ) closed at 5:30 and they were pretty precise with the time . It was also a holiday , so the food places at the nearby strip mall were closed . We were able to get tea until the buffet opened at 6:30. It would have been nice to have some amenity in the room or even a vending machine where you could purchase something to hold you over if you arrive when there was no available food . Our room was on the second floor of one of the towers there accessible by climbing a few stairs . Bell hop took our bags thankfully cause I would have been pissed having to drag luggage up stairs on an empty stomach . Room was adequate but floors picked up a lot of sand constantly because floors are tiled and outside has a lot of access to sand , so we used towels to wipe our feet or just kept shoes on in the room . They were very stingy with towels , like I had to ask for wash rags and got them 2 days in , one hand towel and basically you would pray that they had towels to switch out the basic two you were handing in to change each day . On multiple occasions I was told , housekeeper will bring by later . The bed was low and hard and the tv channels offered 2-3 English speaking channels . Not one movie we tried watching was in English , so needless to stay that was disappointing .There was a lot of food at the buffet , but we were disappointed with the fact that we had so much American food to choose from and far fewer Dominican dishes to experience .We wanted to eat Dominican food and there wasn’t very much of it throughout our weeks stay . We had avocado once during our stay courtesy of me buying one on the street and brining in , where Rosa cut and dressed it up nicely for us , as I have mentioned before not even a little guacamole, ripe plantains one day , just not much Dominican food period . I would say the highlight of our meals were Rosa and Felix who would always make sure we had a table under a fan , our glasses were never empty and tried teaching my husband some Spanish and were fun and gracious hosts each day . Mini me from the entertainment dept is like an energizer bunny , but he made it all fun encouraging participation in the daily /nightly activities . The banana mama with or without alcohol is a nice refreshing drink . I would suggest you open every item on the steam tables just in case the item is actually something you want under a different name , as it took us till Friday to realize the “ hot chocolate “ we weren’t interested in having , was actually what we know as chocolate tea in the Caribbean , and so spent the last two days having lots during breakfast . We went to the beach early in the mornings because as the way wore on the sea got extremely rough and already had lots of stones and moss in certain areas . Basically swim away from the immediate hotel , or at least not where the areas are dark unless you’re interested in the rock formation . The first two days had a lot of locals as there was some kind of special given to them , but hotel drastically emptied by Monday afternoon . There is free WiFi by entertainment area but connectivity can sometimes be sketchy . The quiet pool Was a joke with kids screaming and splashing every time we visited , but in a child friendly environment it is what it is . We ended spending most days away from the property and only using amenities for sleep and shower , breakfast and dinner after experiencing the first two days of just relaxing . As we were already there , we just decided to make the best of it . All in all it’s an ok place , and they were quite hospitable especially given then climate of fear most tourists have regarding tainted liquor and recent deaths in the country . Bottom line is we came to relax and learn about the island ,have some good food and for the most part , we got to do just that . I forgot the name of the bartender who works days in the lobby bar ( older short guy) but he was very attentive , and always was ready to re-up our drinks even if we weren’t ready . But it was a good experience . Thank you

    My honey moon

    Reviewed by Colombianita2619() on Oct 16, 2019

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    It was a great experience., excellent customer service, friendly and family oriented ..??????. I will be coming back soon., the shows were great and entertaining.. especially Alfonso, Juan Carlos, Luis coco loco ..and Rayson. .. the rooms very clean . The food was excellent.,and very caring and attentive!!!!:)

    Amazing stay - Family owned hotel

    Reviewed by DionisR1() on Oct 16, 2019

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    We have been coming to this hotel for over 10 years now and I can say that the experience just keeps getting better. We have done stays with our children as well as a couple and both experiences have been amazing. The staff at the hotel is very welcoming and they do not have a high employee turnaround (we keep seeing the same faces every time we visit). I would like to give special thanks to Salomon (food/dining), he always makes us feel welcome and goes above and beyond to make sure our stays are wonderful. To him you are not just another guest, he is attentive and always has a friendly smile. I cannot say enough good things about him. This treatment is not just with us, I saw him talking and making sure everybody was having a great time. The same goes for the guys at the buffet, Joel, Raul, etc. If you are looking for relaxation, low key vacation, this is your hotel. Is small compared to other resorts in the area, but that just adds to the pros of staying here. We will be definitely returning.


    Reviewed by elidela1(New York City, New York) on Oct 14, 2019

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    The picture on the internet are very old. Hotel is nothing like what you see on the internet. Got there and was not pleased. Left the following morning. Hotel agreed to refund the rest of my money. The food is excellent. I mean really great. I might be to go back once they remodel the hotel. Staff is not friendly at all

    Puerto Plata VH Gran Ventana

    Reviewed by jubranie_() on Oct 13, 2019

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    The beach was gorgeous and the staff was really friendly. The food was pretty good and there were always a variety of options for everyone. The resort was live with music and games that awarded prizes for the guests which was really nice. The staff members Luis Alfonso, Coco Loco and Raison were especially kind and kept the energy up at the resort! My family and I had an amazing time here!