Bay Gardens Hotel

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Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services.

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    Good place to be

    Reviewed by Trip46081858141() on Feb 11, 2021

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    Had to quarantine for 2 weeks but was a good experience with really nice staff, good food and great that you can go to the beach every day! Rooms could do with a refurbishment but they were clean and good size

    Terrible ! We will not return !

    Reviewed by Heli G(Newtown, Connecticut) on Feb 06, 2021

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    Terrible does not even begin to describe the Bay Gardens Hotel. The place is run down but clean. The staff are arrogant and nonresponsive. One might call them as lazy as can be. The food was a horror show. Aside from the fresh salads, everything they seem to have was very dry. Food was cooked to death whereby you could play pingpong with the catch of the day and the chickens might have died a thousand times. Regarding beef dishes, one can take it to the playgrounds and play soccer with it after they are done cooking it. Despite the "all-inclusive meal plan" that we purchased, We ordered takeout from outside of the resort and of course paid for it as well. When we dared to complain about something, we were made to feel as if we were the ones who were the problem! The staff is definitely confused about who are the guests and who are the staff! The resort is located 1/2 mile from the beach, where they have another place called Bay Garden Beach Resort. if you stay at the Bay Gardens Hotel, you will have to take a shuttle to the beach. It is only 1/2 mile, but you cannot leave the resort on your own due to Covid 19, per St. Lucia's rules, so you must use the hotel shuttle to get to the beach which leaves according to their "schedule, " which is every hour. In other words, if for any reason you need to get back to your room for something you might have forgotten, it will take you two hours to complete the journey to your hotel room and back to the beach. Despite the 20% capacity at the Bay Gardens, they will NOT change the schedule and have the shuttle come to pick up guests more frequently, even though the driver will be sleeping on the bus between the trip back and forth. The beach is beautiful with white sands and very clean. At the beach resort you will find the bar, where you have on most days the bartender named Roger. Roger is a horny, sexually- motivated young bartender who does not have a distinction between staff and guests. If Roger takes a fancy to your wife or your female friend, he will act like a horny teen who is in heat and will not serve you your drinks, or will simply ignore you while you wait at the bar to be served, even though I tipped him at the beginning of our trip! He is a strange dude. The only folks who were helpful and pleasant were a waiter named Helena ( i could not say enough nice things about her), a bartender at the Bay Gardens Hotel named Terry, and the lady that cleaned our rooms every day in room 307. Those were the only folks that we felt like deserved the tips.

    covid regulations are creating problems

    Reviewed by john s(Palmyra, Virginia) on Jan 31, 2021

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    Skip traveling to St. Lucia until covid is over. Because you have to stay in the hotel and NOT allowed to travel elsewhere, problems occur. You can not go outside to shop and if you were planning on purchasing food and drinks for your kitchen room, forget it. Instead you are forced into the all inclusive which is a lot more expensive and might not be to your liking. Taxi rides from airport take over an hour and most drivers are driving like crazy men. The beach at Bay Gardens was beautiful, yet the locals can go onto the beach and their trying to get you to buy something is a pain. Also we had about five guys wanting us to get them drinks. WHY. because all the alchol stores are closed because of covid.

    Christmas New Year

    Reviewed by Wedderburn(Greater London, United Kingdom) on Jan 10, 2021

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    Stayed during covid, It was not where we should have stayed as our original destination stopped travellers, but staying here to celebrate my husbands 50th was lovely. We were initially booked into Bay Gardens Inn, arrived all looking dark we were then sent to the Hotel where we had a free room upgrade. A managers cocktail party was in full swing so complimentary cocktails on arrival. The small amount of traffic noise in the room had us move next day, the available rooms being smaller we paid extra for an adjoining room for daughter. The rooms were lovely spacious clean with quiet A/C and ceiling fans. A small kitchette. Breakfast service because of covid was chaotic but staff managed to get us all served with an adequate choice which changed daily. The shuttle bus your lifeline to getting out was busy and occasionally more frequent when getting guests to outside restaurant bookings. Reduit beach was lovely with the non motorised water sports available, for free. Really enjoyed taking the Hobie Cat dinghy out. Tried water skiing which I had not done for 20 years. Like riding a bike it was. The hotel very quiet 3 pools but close to strip if you were allowed out. I preferred this hotel to the beach resort as atmosphere there was a lot busier and the restaurant there not a reason to eat there. Christmas Day Santa visited wearing a mask and visor. My daughter received some locally made jewellery as a gift. I enjoyed staying here, we were looked after and very comfortable. Great chocolate milkshakes and cocktails at the poolside bar.

    Stay during Covid

    Reviewed by andreaetienne() on Jan 08, 2021

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    Booked for 14 nights, had to stay in quarantine in the hotel for the duration of my stay. The benefit of staying at this hotel is that a daily shuttle is provided every hour to take you to the sister hotel, Bay Gardens Beach Resort, where you have access to the beach. The staff at both hotels are very friendly ensuring our stay was comfortable even though we were in quarantine.