Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa

3.5 star rating

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    Good Resort

    Reviewed by JamesH658(Glasgow, United Kingdom) on Aug 21, 2019

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    Family owned timeshare and as they couldn’t make it we went. It was me and my 14 year old autistic grandson in a one bedroom apartment. Booking in was easy although parking near reception was a nightmare but you expect that. We were allocated building 6000. Just a word of warning as they are building nearby the access road behind building 6000 is very busy/noisy from 0700 hours. So if your looking for a bit of quiet early morning you have no chance. Apartment was dated but clean. Full functioning kitchen, washer drier, as arrived on a Friday cleaning on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. If you want or need anything in between just phone and ask. Nothing appears to be a problem. Plenty of pools and things to do within the complex. Water park was free for us due to family’s timeshare. Water park is ok. Restaurant on site and they deliver to your door. Bit more expensive but you expect that. Good ice cream parlour too. Convenience store too but a Walmart at the end of the road. Great for all you need. Plenty of restaurants on the 192 about 2 mins away. Disney is a few minutes away and so is the I4 to Universal. It is a place I would return to. There was no hidden charges and I was a bit wary when they took a swipe of my credit card but I didn’t need to worry as there was no charges made on it.

    Horrible Experience

    Reviewed by Williamsfamily414() on Aug 20, 2019

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    We got invited by my father in law to come to a property where he was staying with my mother in law, The Westgate Lake Resort & Spa. Before even arriving for weeks, approximately 3, they cancelled our online reservation 2 times and it had to be “rebooked”. This should have been red flag 1. Then from about 5 days before all the way up to 1 hour before we arrived we kept getting a message saying “ travel documents were not complete”, so we would complete them several different times. This should have been red flag 2. Upon arrival we had no clue where to go once we parked our car since the directions in the email did not specify any kind of solid check in directions. So we went to the front concierge and asked and they directed us to the guest check in line, where we waited for around an hour just to get to the counter and be told we were in the wrong line and we would need to go to the welcome center. Truth be told, While we were in the check in line the young lady behind the desk did check us in to the room but we still had to visit the welcome center to finish our check in process. Once in the welcome center “Dana” was a breath of fresh air. She was very helpful and I wrote a good review for her on the spot. Once we got to our room we saw it was gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous. The grounds were great and navigation of the property was pretty easy. It seemed as if anyone at the property who drove a golf cart for any reason drove carelessly and did not seem to give any guests any kind of right of way. So while on the property our experience is that there was 00 customer service or hospitality. Then to top the cake while on our “tour” our sales guy is name Ahmir, you can’t miss him he has a robotic hand. We told him that we were very unhappy with our stay and the odds of us buying today were zero to none, all because of the service we had received. He told us, verbatim, “I am an owner and I will personally see that you receive the funds back t your card within 48 hours because that is unacceptable”. We told him at this point we would be open to coming back for another visit but still would not purchase today. Long story short, when I check with the welcome center to see if my funds had been returned, or were at least in the process, I was told that the funds would have been deducted if I had bought. I explained that is not what Ahmir said and insisted they call him and he would straighten it all out. They did call him on the spot and he told them he never said anything about a cash refund, AND THAT IS A LIE!! I AM BOLDLY TELLING YOU AHMIR IS A LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!!! This bad review is NOT about the money, it is about the integrity of all the lowing, lazy, rude, half brained staff at Westgate with the exception of a few. Dana in the Welcome Center is awesome, Ivana in the sports bar was fantastic, and well that is about it. Everyone else falls into the categories I stated earlier. After we left this resort we went to LEGOland Resort and let me tell you got 10000X the service Westgate could only dream of. We vacation in Orlando every year for a week at Disney World, at a Disney Resort so we really do know what customer care looks like. I wish this place was better, it would have been perfect for our lifestyle!! —Donald Williams

    Terrible atención

    Reviewed by Ana20031976() on Aug 20, 2019

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    We stay at westgate lake from August 13th to August 17th to celebrate my birthday that was August 15th I been owner of westgate since 1998 In this 21 years I used my unit only 6 times so I waste 14 weeks plus maintenance etc. My frustration was that every morning they called us in the room to participate to this meeting about westgate development and construction of new area etc. and promises us gift card of $100 only to listen the seminary for 1 hour. On the last day of our stay we decided to attend it and after to listen the program for more of 1 hour they didn’t give to us the promise gift card because the alleged we are not owner anymore since this year. We want came back again to the property as normal guest but after this indisciplined action of agent like Adrian, and mostly Jeffrey and Yassan that was the one calling us earlier every morning our room we want do this anymore. Jeffrey and Yassan are the one at welcome desk the one to give gifts card. After all the money that I waste in this 21 years a $100 was going to be for westgate a gesture my loyalty (my last year maintenance was more of $1300) It is ashamed for all the money that I waste in your property and you don’t going to have a great review on TripAdvisor and yelp. Actually Jeffrey was the one that told me that this meeting is different from the past just listening 60 minutes new development etc just for us to give good reviews on TripAdvisor and yelp. Just a another big lie!!! I will never recommend westgate to any of my close friends and Family anymore!

    90 minute sales pitch my ass

    Reviewed by Natalie R(Bermuda) on Aug 18, 2019

			TripAdvisor users rated this property 
			 out of 5

    I recently got back from spending 3 weeks in Orlando with my four boys. The first two at Marriott resorts and our last week at Westgate lakes resort & spa. (Marriott sets the resort life to a higher standard IMO). Checkin was really quick and easy (we got there just after noon). 2 rooms were readily available - we chose the room on the second floor 924A. Very close to the market place, restaurant, lobby, pool (1/7). So very convenient location. However, you are able to hear everything from the pool staying open until 11 on one side of the room and the giant checker game on the other that doesn’t have a time limit to play on. (Some nights people were up at 3 a.m. playing with it). First impressions when you walk into the room are great. Nice big open spacious rooms. Master suite has a king size bed, jacuzzi, separate shower and toilet. The second bedroom had two double beds and attached to the bathroom (outdated appliances). Everything was nice and clean. Queen size pullout leather couch that two of my sons slept on. I got on to see how it feels and the mattress is very thin, not very comfortable and wouldn’t have been able to survive a week on it as an adult. My sons (9 & 7) didn’t complain. Kitchen had everything but a kettle. Glass dishes, glass bowls and glass coffee cups. I ended up buying paper plates and plastic reusable cups as I have 4 young boys. Large washer and dryer and a table to sit 6 people to eat. They give you two free packages of detergent to use. TV - maybe we did something wrong but there didn’t seem to be as many channels (as the Marriott) and at times everything would just be ‘snow’ on the screen. We would’ve liked a TV guide of sorts to have as a guideline of what was available. Also there were vertical Venetian blinds hanging over the sliding doors that led to the netted verandah that seemed to be my sons playground...they easily fell off with a tug but were just as easily to put back up. 924A is connected to 924B via the front door main entrance/foyer and both used the same doorbell. So when someone stayed in room 924B and rang the door bell it would also ring on our side and vice Versa. The only activity we explored was the one pool near to us and the miniature golf (which quickly got interrupted by a thunder storm). My boys eyes were red from the amount of chlorine in the pool. So they swam once and that was it. This is a very large property with a lot of guests especially the first two days we were there but seemed to quieten up a bit after that. Westgate seemed to cater to lower income young families, I didn’t see many over 65 people around. (It could just be the time of year (August) that more families come at these times. We went to the sales pitch...NEVER AGAIN...not worth the $75 for a “90” minute presentation with a ‘free’ breakfast served on plastic plates in a huge cafeteria style room with approx 100 people getting the sales pitch at the same time. My older boys went into the activity room but my two year old had stay with me as he wasn’t potty trained yet. 90 minutes after your breakfast turned out to be three hour ordeal...with a two year old in a congested cafeteria. Not pleasant, couldn’t focused and was already uninterested as we have a timeshare with Marriott. Every time I said ‘no’ he’d turn it around to another deal. I must’ve said ‘no...not interested, we are happy with Marriott at least 5 times. I get that they are trying to do their job and my guy did it well but there must be a limit to the amount of ‘no’s!!! We did get some good prices on dinner shows and seaworld from their gift/ticket department. They must tell you different prices depending on whether or not you went to the sales pitch. (They did this to me until I told them that I went to the sales pitch and showed my ‘receipt’). Starbucks coffee at the Sid’s bistro was nice and steaming hot. I also ordered something online and got it delivered...cost me an extra $5 to receive it and I could only receive items between 8-4. If it’s out of this time concierge tells the sender to come back the next day. So I’ve only given it 3 stars.

    Awesome Gabriella

    Reviewed by Nate F() on Aug 12, 2019

			TripAdvisor users rated this property 
			 out of 5

    The trip was great and we met Gabriela at Drafts and enjoyed her service! Even though the bars was out of the Tiki cups, Gabriela conversation was enough to keep me drinking at the bar! She has awesome customer service and a very positive attitude!

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