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Discount codes

We recently made changes to our discount code system, so we’ve put together some frequently asked questions that we hope will help you.

You will always receive both a coupon code and a promo code, as they are required to receive the discount. If you’re booking online with a credit card or redeeming WestJet dollars, you’re only required to enter the coupon code (7 or 8-digits). If you happen to be booking via our call centre, or with a travel agent, you’ll require both (promo and coupon) codes to complete the booking.

Unfortunately, no, you will not be able to. The codes provided are valid for new bookings only.

"The coupon code entered is not valid for your selected itinerary. Please double check the offer details and try again.”

There are multiple reasons why your coupon code may be deemed invalid. They are:

  • The coupon code entered may not exist or was entered incorrectly. A common mistake is entering a "0" (zero) instead of the letter "O", entering a "1" (one) instead of the letter "I", or vice versa. Also, you may want to confirm that the code you’re entering is a WestJet discount code.

  • The coupon code may have certain blackout date restrictions. Please check the eligible travel dates for your code and try again.

  • Some coupon codes are only eligible for use on one booking and cannot be combined with another coupon code from a different or expired offer.

  • The coupon code you are using may only be valid for one guest.

  • If your coupon code is a limited or one-time use code, it means you cannot use it for more than one booking.

  • If you are booking with WestJet dollars, you may not have enough WestJet dollars in your account to make this purchase. Minimum redemption rates apply, visit for more information.

  • Your coupon code cannot be used because the code has expired. When available, you can refer to the original offer details for the expiry date. Please note; we are not able to extend the expiry date on discount codes.

There could be two reasons for this:

  1. If you received your discount code BEFORE February 9, 2016, there is a chance that your codes will no longer work for online bookings due to the changes we’ve made to our system. Rest assured; you can still redeem your discount by calling us at 1-888-937-8538. Please have your discount codes on-hand, as they will be required to complete the booking.

  2. If you received your discount code on or AFTER February 9, 2016, please carefully review the details you received and ensure you are entering the correct code when making your booking. If you are booking online with a credit card and/or redeeming WestJet dollars, you will only require the coupon code (7 or 8-digits).

No, discount codes are not valid on WestJet Vacations packages or group bookings.

Yes, but how you complete your booking may differ:

In fact, when you go to you’ll see the booking window on our home page. Simply click “Coupon code, WestJet dollars, All options” and this will open up a new window; from there simply check the box for “WestJet dollars.” Also, make sure you select “Apply coupon code” and enter your 7 or 8 digit code in the space provided. When you land on the departing and return dates page, be sure to sign in to your WestJet Rewards account in the top right. And, if you have more questions about all-things WestJet Rewards, please check out the frequently asked questions for this program.

After you’ve entered the codes and selected your flights, check marks will appear beside the fares that apply to your discount code. Once you select your flights, your savings will automatically display in the payment summary on the right hand side. If you’re booking with Westjet dollars, please note that your payment summary will display that a discount has been applied, but the total savings amount will only appear in the final payment stage. If your itinerary includes any blackout dates (refer to the specific details of the offer), the discount amount displayed will only be for the portion that is eligible.

Yes, you can perform as many searches for flights as you like in order to view your options and the discount amount. The discount code will not be officially used until payment is applied.

Discount codes expire at 9:59 p.m. Mountain Time on the "book by" date given unless otherwise indicated.

Coupon and promo codes are like paper - if they are lost, they are not retrievable.

Yes. Discount codes are only valid on flights marketed and operated wholly by WestJet (ie. code-share, interline or other airline partners). WestJet operated flights are indicated as "Operated by WESTJET" during your fight search. Other flight restrictions may apply, depending on the specific offer details.

Blackout dates are specific to the offer for each discount code.

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