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Bad vacation

Michele C on May 25, 2024

I don’t know where to start! This was probably the worst vacation in the books. Of course we make the best of any situation, the hotel had many things that need to be addressed. The food issue to start! Every time we sat in a restaurant, the waitress would always start out by saying, “let me tell you what we DO NOT have”

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Best yoga ever!!!

Amanda M on May 24, 2024

I recently attended a yoga class with Lady Jay, and it was phenomenal. Her warm and welcoming presence set a positive tone from the start. Lady Jay's instructions were clear and easy to follow, with perfect demonstrations and gentle adjustments. She catered to everyone's needs, offering modifications and promoting a safe, inclusive environment. The class balanced stretching, strength, and relaxation, ending with a soothing guided meditation. Lady Jay's expertise and passion made the session truly transformative. Highly recommended!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Yoga Class!

Patty Page C on May 24, 2024

Jay in yoga class was amazing! Patient and helpful! Love her sense of humor. Made it so fun! Would love to take more classes with her! Haven’t done yoga in a while and she helped encourage me to push into it further! Thank you! Namaste! Feeling so good now!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Stay at your own risk.

stephanie3238 on May 24, 2024

I would not recommend this hotel. I traveled with a group of 12, some rooms smelt moldy, 2 rooms had a flood, the water in one of the rooms was coming out dark yellow. At times the water came out green...YES GREEN. Maintenance came to the room; the water went from dark yellow to light yellow. My room flooded so bad that we had to change rooms and our keys no longer worked. We had to wait for security to let us in our room. Keep your suitcases zipped because some rooms had big roaches, not all. The next day, our keys still didn't work. If you're traveling with a large party, the hotel can't accommodate your group. Even after you've made dinner reservation prior to you arriving. The food was ALWAYS cold. Each restaurant did not have food items that were listed on their menu. It bad enough that we notice. This was an issue at EVERY restaurant. From the restaurants, to buffet, right down to room service. The 5 days I stayed in Royalton Antigua, I had warm food once. If I could, I would give this hotel a negative zero, I would. The staff at the front desk had horrible attitudes. You almost felt like you were bothering them. The only staff that were friendly, welcoming, and lovely were the staff located in buffet and Hunter's steakhouse. If you paid for special accommodations a head of time, make sure to check your receipt when you check out. My friends back home paid for a cabana with chocolate covered strawberries prior to our arrival. Guest services confirmed when we arrived this was paid in full. Those items were listed on my room bill when checking out.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Worst resort I’ve ever been to.

Dustin G on May 23, 2024

Worst resort I have ever stayed at. For starters rooms are supposed to be available at three. We checked in with a party of three other rooms at 2oclock, one was ready. No problem. Go back at three they have no answers for why our rooms are unavailable. Fourth member of our party shows up- boom their room is available! Wait until 4 o’clock and finally get rooms. BUT WAIT EVERY SINGLE ROOM HAS MOLD IN THEM!!! Back to the front desk we go! After checking several different rooms we were finally able to find something for each of us with LESS mold- not “no mold” just less. And when we didn’t like any of the rooms because the whole entire resort is filled with mold, the manager said it’s not mold and when i said ok I’ll start asking the guest if they smell the mold she said if you do that I will refund your money and ask you to leave. I said, put us in a new resort and she said no just leave our property if you’re going to complain to other customers. So that’s why we took our rooms and shut up. NO CASINO NOT KID FRIENDLY Kids club is never opened. And that jungle gym is fenced off and permanently under construction with no one working on it. Ever. It has been under construction for several years after talking with the very limited nice employees on the resort. The kids slides are very nice, perfect for younger kids. They’re suppose to be open from 7-7 But maybe you’ll get lucky if it’s open from 9-3. And they WILL NOT do anything to turn the water back on for kids to play on. Saw lots of kids playing on it dry for hours “during hours of operation” with employees walking past not saying a word. If you ask one person what time it closes one will say 6, another with say 5, and the third will say whenever the water is shut off. They don’t like kids. Every night at dinner they forgot my son’s meal. Every single time. Diamond club is a joke. You get one “specialty” building with 5 different food items to choose from and “premium liquor” (absolut vodka and captain morgan). You also get a breakfast at the Italian restaraunt on the water (beautiful view) but it’s the same food inside the buffet. Only difference is they serve you and it takes 2 hours to eat there. The restaurants are all below average. Expected. But it’s even bad for an all inclusive resort. Your best bet is the steakhouse. The “sports bar” as they call it has a very limited menu and the kitchen closes at 10, unless your kid accidentally breaks a salt shaker than the kitchen will not be open for you for the rest of your trip. They will make you feel uncomfortable there and proceed to remove everything from the table (ketchup, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper, etc….) upon arriving. Italian restaurant and Mediterranean restaurant have beautiful views, but that’s about it. We all got the mahi mahi at Mediterranean and half were edible and covered in oil, while the other half were so over cooked you couldn’t eat it. Italian is OK they have decent pizzas but definitely don’t get the steak there. Now onto the amenities- two bars one at the pool and one at the front desk, probably a half mile from each other. Neither are open at the same time. Also the only food by the pool is for diamond club members only. 1/4 mile back to the buffet- and no diamond club is not worth it one bit. The food is mediocre which is fine I don’t find any all inclusive meals to be 5 star meals- however the staff knowledge of what they have is unbearable. One waitress says we have ribeye and ny strip, but no ribs. Part of our other party asked for ribeye at a different table during the same time- no ribeye but they have ribs! So on and so forth. There is no communication between the staff. They don’t even have walkie talkies. I asked 5 different employees for a set of darts and a ping pong ball to play in their “teen club” which consists of exactly that- one ping pong table and 2 dart boards with no darts. Air hockey table is laughable because no air blows out. You’ll be Limited to four bottles of water from room service per day, god forbid you bring a baby that is still on formula you better rationalize your bottles because they truly do not care. Called for four water bottles in the morning, then called again in the afternoon because the bar didn’t have any and was given the rat race of “you have to call front desk” (they never answered the whole trip) than it was “call the concierge desk” than from then it was “you have to call room service.” The staff is just utterly and extremely rude. It was laughable at the end. The customer is not right. If you have a complaint they do not try to make anything right, they have to “look into it” for every. Single. Thing. FINALLY when it was time to check out, we called bellhop (who were the only people that were enjoyable on the whole entire resort) and when the door shut behind us we thought “let’s just go back in and do a final check.” NOPE- check out is at 12 and at 11:25AM neither mine or my wife’s keys would work to let us back in. We were told “have to look into that.” MEANWHILE JUST THE DAY BEFORE SOMEONE MISSED THEIR FLIGHT HOME BECAUSE THE DOOR LOCKED BEHIND THEM AND THEY LEFT THEIR PASSPORT INSIDE THE ROOM. over an hour later they finally got back in their room after dealing with the lady at the front desk trying to get a new key. (Side bar my key didn’t work for the first two days after trying multiple different ones and getting them all “reprogrammed”. ) Dont take the taxis first offer to drive you anywhere, they will give you some shpeel about how the prices are “government regulated” but within 30 minutes they came down 100 dollars on their price to go to Shirley Heights. 1 star for the beach and beautiful island.

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