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Relaxing and easy to unwind!

Barbara S on Sep 23, 2023

One of the members of our group is wheelchair bound and blind. The facilities at this resort were most accommodating to our needs. The boardwalks through out made it easy to navigate from our rooms to the restaurants, the pool and especially the beach. The staff were all so friendly and helpful, especially Alejandra & Gabriel at The Grill, Judith at the Pararito, and Domingo at Adelita & Toscana Restaurants. The food was wonderful with lots of great choices. The bartenders at the beach/pool area kept everyone happy with their great attitudes. Facilities and grounds are clean, relaxing, and colorful. The staff at the front desk were very inviting and helpful with any questions or concerns.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing staff, especially Raul Coto!

marcw770 (Radonice, Czech Republic) on Sep 16, 2023

After having visited Catalonia Playa Maroma the previous year we stayed 16 nights this time! While everything was perfect we would like to highlight the exceptional service of Raul Coto, our beach waiter, who made our vacation even better! Raul took care of us from day one and never stopped to amaze us with his care, constant attention and dedication to make sure the customer is always cared for. It is safe to say that due to him the already sterling service of this resort was even better than expected and made our vacation better. Raul is truly an asset to the staff and we cannot wait to come back next year and see him again! Once again thank you for everything! All the best from Prague! Marc & Kristyna

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Absolute Disaster From the Start

AustinoC75 on Sep 14, 2023

I wish we had read deeper into the reviews before booking this place. Nothing at all was 4 stars. This was a disaster right from the start. My wife and I booked an expensive room since it was advertised as having a bathtub with hot water. Also because it had a personal pool with an "ocean view". There was no hot water in the room, you could barely see a sliver of the ocean from the room, the pool was falling apart with dirty water and tiles that were falling apart. We booked the expensive room because my pregnant wife needs a bath for her back that was injured in a car accident. We would not have booked this hotel had we known there would be no hot water. They tried fixing it, but could never figure out how. After two days with no baths or showers, sleepless nights and having to be stuck in our room while they tried to fix it, they finally moved us to a downgraded room that they were able to get the water to be somewhat warm for. The neighbors who stayed next to our original room ended up not having any hot water either and they had to bathe in their pool for the week and a half they were there. They also got locked out in their pool area on the balcony as the glass doors apparently automatically lock when closed. It took them an hour to get anyone to help them get off the balcony. We were promised a partial refund over and over again, however we never received one, even though we were in a highly downgraded room. All of the drinks, including the soda was watered down. It is not all-inclusive as advertised either. Alcohol wont be served until after 11am, and you are told to only pick one food item to eat when the portions are tiny to begin with. You also need to schedule a reservation for most of the restaurants on Sunday at a certain time, otherwise you wouldn't be able to book your reservation at the desired restaurant at all. There is only one resort pool, meaning it will either shut down entirely if a kid defecates in it, and/or swimmers will end up getting E. coli. In addition, the beach was dirty and the water was full of seaweed and sea lice. People we spoke to had giant rashes from the sea lice. Every single day I asked the front desk for an extra blanket so I could stay warm at night. They would tell me they would send one over, but every night would fail to do so. Things were so bad here, that it eventually became comical. A 4 start hotel should not have any of these problems, let alone all of them. When you ask for a fresh towel at the pool, they would lie to your face and tell you they were all out, yet there would be a stack of clean towels right behind them. We would point to them and ask about those and they would say something like, "oh, those towels aren't brand new". But they were fresh and clean so we would have to talk them into switching out towels out for them. Every single day this happened. Most of the food was good, but some of the dishes were served cold. I really wish we had taken the time to sift through the first-time resort goers reviews and read the reviews from people who have been to an actual resort before because it is clear that this resort is falling apart, dangerous in some cases, a rip-off and you will never get a dime back no matter how awful your experience is. We will never stay here again.

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An experience I wish I could forget

Lara F on Sep 14, 2023

I have stayed at 10+ resorts across Mexico and they have all been wonderful. However, the Catalonia Playa Maroma delivers the opposite experience, and was unfortunately pretty bad. To start, my family and I paid for 2 of the most expensive rooms on the property, the privileged suite ocean view and swimming pool rooms. My parents arrived about 5 days before we did and on their first night, their room flooded from the tub not being connected properly. To top it off, their room had no hot water so they were left to bathe in their swimming pool. The swimming pool is pretty disgusting with broken titles and bugs everywhere. My parents were trying to make the best of their time so failed to tell us about the hot water issue before arriving. If they had told us, we would not have come and found us and my parents a better resort. On arrival, being 5 months pregnant and having back pain from a car accident, I discovered our room did not have any hot water either. The reason I booked the room was for the bath tub because the bath helps me manage my pain. I called within a couple hours of arrival and they told me they fixed the hot water. They did not fix it and continued to say they were fixing it for the next 2 days. Also, the room is advertised as having a hot tub AND a pool. Well, the pool used to be a hot tub but it can only operate as a pool. False advertising. We kept asking for another room with hot water but the hotel kept refusing, they said they had no types of our room left and I said I don’t care about the pool or view, I need hot water and a tub. They finally moved us because my family and I were so fed up we both threatened to leave. The room they moved us to was a privileged romance deluxe room which cost over 100 less than the room we had booked. Veronica in management promised me the resort would issue a partial refund and said that it could take up to 3 weeks. It is now 6 weeks later and I never received any refund. So, the management are liars. I will also tell you that multiple rooms and buildings were without A/C in their rooms in the middle of 90 degree days. You can verify this by reading through reviews. The resort’s management is aware of all the issues with no a/c and no hot water, but will never fix the issue. They will keep booking guests and causing them to have miserable vacations. They will tell you they are fixing it while you are there and it won’t be fixed. I strongly urge you to find another resort. The good is that a couple members of the staff were extremely kind - Juan and Ruben at the front come to mind. The food at the restaurants was pretty good, although don’t expect everything to be hot. They will serve you luke warm food. Beloved was the best restaurant by far with amazing views, good food, and helpful staff. I wasn’t going to leave a negative review but being lied to about a refund when you are moved to a room that costs more than 100 dollars less than the one you paid for is ridiculous. That’s over 700 dollars they should have refunded us. Not to mention having to stay in a room for almost 2 days with no hot water. Please do yourself a favor and book at one of the other hundreds of beautiful resorts in the area that will provide a/c, hot water, and an unforgettable Mexican experience. Mexico is such a wonderful county!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Best place to rest and taste good food

karolru2023 on Sep 13, 2023

Hotel is located away from city, it make private atmosphere. Beach is covery clean with beautiful palms. Without see weed water has great Colour. I can recommend privilage option, due to we could eat every time at a’la carte restaurant, where cook prepared fresh meal. We were treat there like In good resteurant, and everything was In all inc option. Hotel has great option with fresh juices spot, and really good cafeterie. Only one thing was irritating - moscitos. So repellent is necessary.

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