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Do not stay here

Shannon T (Atlanta, Georgia) on Jul 05, 2022

Horrible experience! We are still here trying to get a refund so we can change hotels. Took over an hr to check in yesterday. Finally get to 1st room and it was filthy. Dirty counters, toilet hadn't been cleaned, used cans of soda on the counter. Change rooms. Room 2 no curtains at all. Well that's not acceptable. Finally get to 3rd room. It will do. It was at least clean. This process was over 3 hrs. Go down to get food as this is all inclusive. Nothing opened during certain hours. No where to eat AT ALL. They advertise room service yet no one ever answers. I was feeling exhausted this morning and sent my spouse down to get me food. They insisted I had to be in the restaurant. Unacceptable. The point was to eat in the room. Go down to the beach. Seaweed everywhere. Hotel cant control that. Ok sit and listen to the waves. Wanted to get lunch by the beach. Nope you cant get food by the pool or beach. You have to go to the restaurants. Never have I stayed at an all inclusive that didnt have food service by the pool ! And no, not due to covid as I have been to 2 other Mexico resorts this year. Certainly not a 4 star hotel by any means. Choose elsewhere.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Excellent place with a brilliant chilled out atmosphere

Dale G on Jul 03, 2022

!!!! PLEASE PEOPLE READ ALL NEGATIVE REVIEWS THEY WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH AND CHEER UP YOUR DAY !!!! honest review Arrived on 17/6/22 welcomed by polite gentleman from concierge, check in was quick and smooth around 10min. Received wristband which is also the key to room, worked every time no problem for all duration of 14day holiday. Got to room spotlessly clean with balloons and folded heart shaped swan towels with rose petals all over bed as it was my birthday and anniversary the next day, concierge brought cases up after about 10min. We had room 517 over looking pools and sea lovely views spot on, yes you hear air conditioning off next hotel but you get used to it no problem. (Cant see that being hotels fault). Oh and if I wanted to be petty the balcony door was a little stiff to use. During our stay air conditioning stopped working told reception and it was repaired and back working within hr.Cleanliness of resort excellent. Room was cleaned and mini bar restocked every day,All staff friendly and polite. Food was great and there was plenty of choices and always something to eat even better if you don’t mind trying different things. My wife who suffers with Crohn’s disease, got watch what she eats didn’t have a problem with anything. St trop restaurant food brilliant the Gaijin restaurant great food good laugh had by all.(a must) Season restaurant food beautiful highly recommend. Frattinis restaurant excellent Zango buffet restaurant always something there to eat plenty of choices I suppose it could be a little repetitive if your a fussy eater but always something to eat. Room service plenty of choices always found them polite and very friendly, and quick service. Oops they did mess my order up one night they gave me Diet Coke instead of regular coke. Lol. Swimming pools great big shout out to all poolside waiters who always make sure you got a drink, they don’t stop, and the poolside pizzas are brilliant. The entertainment staff were brilliant and worked very hard around the pool and at themed nights. They try (and succeed )in to making everyone enjoy themselves keep up good work. Also big shout out to Flávio in bar one he done the best cocktails every time. Well done !!!!! Already arranging our next visit cant wait to return. Well done sandos keep up the excellent work ????????

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Awesome show

David S on Jun 20, 2022

Service excellent. Show simply amazing. Would highly recommend We had a great time. Wait staff very attentive and made sure we were taken care of. Would definitely be back again. They put on a very good show.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Masquerade dinner

Djl1256 on Jun 20, 2022

Wonderful show with the masquerade dinner. It was one thing after the other… the talent was excellent. I didn’t expect anything like quality like what I saw tonight. Highly, highly highly recommend this show.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Sandos sickness resort..

vickiisqueaks (Dorset, United Kingdom) on Jun 18, 2022

Sandos review .. Where to start.. my partner and I stayed in the Sandos for two weeks from 3rd June for my birthday and our anniversary. Having been to Cancun before and staying in another beautiful 4 star resort, we had extremely high expectations of staying in a 5 star TUI Platinum hotel! Upon arrival to reception, we were given our wristbands, told to pay a $25 beach cleaning tax and they wanted to hold a $250 USD charge on my credit card incase we trashed the room. We were then pointed in the direction of the lifts and that was it! No welcome drink or introduction to the resort, just processed and dismissed. We had been awake for 25 hours so were just looking forward to a bath and a good sleep. As we got into our room, you could immediately see that the room was very run down and dated.. it looked nothing like the pictures advertised on the TUI website. I began to run a bath to realise that there was no hot water, so that was that idea out of the window! We tried to switch off our TV to realise the remote did not work, so had to unplug the TV as it just lit up the room. We had no robes and slippers and only one coffee cup, the basic amenities they advertise.. As I’ve climbed into bed, I’ve then noticed what looks like a dried up vomit down the side of the bed! (See attached picture). I went down to the reception and made them aware of these issues, I was assured that someone would be up 10 minutes later to rectify the issues. Nobody ever came.. We reported these issues to the reception and concierge desks at least 7 times over the next few days and nothing was ever done about them.. including the vomit! Staff were very dismissive and you were treated like an inconvenience if you asked for basic things like milk in your coffee! I’m the end we just put up and shut up. The grounds of the hotel aren’t much better, the pools seem to always have a thick yellow/green scum around the edges and you don’t see them being cleaned very often. Now moving on to the food .. the buffet restaurant is just plain nasty. There is one hot plate that has about 12 random dishes on it - nothing that particularly goes together and it’s usually dried up and congealed. The breakfast in the buffet isn’t too bad, but it’s definitely no 5 star. The Japanese restaurant is pretty good, they put on a good show and the food is fresh. I also recommend the Italian restaurant, good portion sizes and good food. The staff in St Trop are probably the best part about the Sandos hotel. Vanessa the restaurant captain could not do enough for us during our stay, in fact she is the only reason I saw a doctor when I came down with food poisoning! So fast forward to Saturday 11th June, I’ve woke up in the early hours and have had to run to the toilet with bad diarrhoea. This got worse throughout the day and the nausea and stomach cramps soon followed. This continued to the following day when I got to the point where I was struggling to stay hydrated. Vanessa arranged with the concierge for a doctor to visit me. I paid around £130 to see the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics and painkillers for - doctors own words - a bad infection of gastroenteritis likely caused by bacteria in food. My partner also began to have diarrhoea and stomach cramps, as well as another girl we had made friends with in the hotel. One evening I got talking to another couple and it transpired that they had become sick the same day my partner and I had, with similar symptoms and they were still struggling. They had not left the resort either. I spoke to another guest whilst waiting for the hotel shop to open so I could buy some Imodium and he stated that he and his wife had also got sick .. on the exact same date. The number of guests that were coming down with food poisoning was definitely on the rise and the hotel paid for the affected guests to see a doctor and get their medication. Surely that is them admitting some sort of liability? Myself and a group of affected guests were due to meet with Marta the hotel manager, when we had Eduardo the concierge manager approach us to try and deal with the issue. He tried to tell us that it was not the hotel and none of us had the same symptoms or illnesses! He was incredibly rude and disrespectful. At one point when I challenged the fact that I had to pay to see a doctor yet everyone else saw one for free, he stood over me, trying to intimidate me and would not let me speak without him interrupting. When another guest tried to help me get my point across, Eduardo snapped at him and stated “you are not involved in this conversation!” We eventually saw Marta, who in fairness listened to us and took notes and promised to get back to us with her findings before we went home. Unfortunately she did not get back to us before we checked out, but promised she would email us with her findings - watch this space? Marta arranged for me to have my money for the doctor refunded which was a kind gesture, however this meant that the hotel wanted the original copy of my medical report from the doctor - which with GDPR I find quite odd? I stated I would bring it down the next time I was in my room. I tried to do this that evening however was told that Eduardo had finished work and he had to be present for me handing it over. I went out of the hotel for the day the day after this to come back and find out that Eduardo had been harassing other guests trying to find me and calling my room trying to get the certificate from my partner whilst I was not present. The last few days of my holiday, after reporting everything to TUI, the hotel suddenly started to make an effort in its hygiene and cleanliness. I saw the pool being cleaned for the first time since we had arrived, the dried up vomit on the floor of my room was cleaned up (only took them 9 days!) we also had robes and slippers provided! As well as this, anyone who had got sick were being watched like hawks by the staff in the hotel which was incredibly daunting, they wasn’t very subtle about it either. The Sandos hotel is far from luxury, and my holiday was far from relaxing. Do yourselves a favour and book somewhere else if you want to have a nice holiday.

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