The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa reviews

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Great Beach Front Hotel

beachbums789 on Feb 01, 2023

We spent a week here in late January. The beach is absolutely fantastic, the hotel has plenty of loungers, in addition there are beach chairs which add to the beach experience, great for watching sunsets with your toes in the water. We checked in on a busy Saturday afternoon, took a total of 4 minutes and our room was ready - totally exceeded expectations. The bartenders at the pool bar and the lobby bar were excellent as were the wait staff. We ate at Ferdinand's for breakfast, lunch at the beach and pool bar, and dinner one night at the Beach House - all were very good with plenty of attentive staff. The hotel is located on the best part of Seven Mile Beach, with plenty of nearby restaurants within walking distance. Would highly recommend the Westin, and to repeat - the beach is fantastic.

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Horrible staff service + rundown hotel, overpriced, crowded

contrib12 (New York City, New York) on Jan 29, 2023

FIRSTLY, I would like to point out that I came here 3 years ago and was great, couldn't have complained about most of the things then but now I realized a lot could change in a hotel in a short amount of time. Every day this hotel had a convention for the 7 days I stayed at this hotel. This was extremely disappointing because the hotel just shows how much they do not care about their actual guests looking to vacation. These guests that were part of the multiple conventions were mobbing the breakfast, taking the seats on the beach, and some very disrespectful. Secondly, half the staff was extremely rude and ruined my time while staying in the hotel (I ended up staying with friends at the kimptin, ritz, and the palm heights). The staff would give me a dirty look at both bars when I would request the most easy and simple thing as if I was asking on their break time, a water with ice!! I was extremely disappointed with this service and is unacceptable for a rundown hotel for $800 A NIGHT!!! When I ordered lunch the hotel provides us buttons on the umbrellas to get a server. I had to wait 10-15 mins JUST FOR A SERVER TO GET TO MY LOUNGE TO ORDER!!! On top of that the staff would complain that I pressed it more than once, I was on edge because I only pressed it once once I found out their watch would buzz when I press the button. Some servers as well as some bartenders had an attitude which was making me question how they got hired. The rooms looked like they were falling apart, I had what looked like mold in my shower AND by my refrigerator area, which again for $800 a night at a hotel with mold is unacceptable. The elevators would slam on the first floor when going down which is always a jumpscare which needs to be fixed. Beach and pool was crowded on another level to the point where we went up to our room. Another MAJOR problem I had while staying at this resort was when I was sleeping and woken up AT 2:30 IN THE MORNING!!! There was electrical workers SCREAMING BY THE ELEVATORS AND NOT DOING WORK!! I had to scream at them to stfu before going back to bed. Horrible experience and don't bother staying here again, stay at the Kimptin, The Ritz across the street, or even better The Palm Heights which is pricy but sooo worth it. They have 2 amazing restaurants (Paradise Pizza and Tillies), amazing amount of shade and magnificent rooms.

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Very Disappointed

Feldrob (Roslyn, New York) on Jan 26, 2023

Used to be a nice Hotel years ago. Now they mostly cater to Corporate groups & they do not care too much about couples or families. The beds are old, sagging & need to be replaced. The beach lounge chairs need to be repaired, the fabric is all ripped and everyone at the beach were complaining about the bars in their back. I am very surprised that they do not even consider repairing or replacing them. Out of 250 lounge chairs, only 5 were in good shape. Too expensive of a hotel for these accommodations. Also, the ocean view is Not worth the extra money unless you are lucky to get the rooms up front.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

This is a family resort, not so much for couples

Andy E (Dallas, Texas) on Jan 24, 2023

The price is not worth the experience. I will focus on both the positive and negative in this review. 1. This is a family resort not geared for couples, kids were running everywhere, in the elevators, halls, the pools and the beach. Don't get me wrong, I like kids but when traveling to what I though was a romantic beach destination, this was a big bummer. 2. Price- we were here (4) nights in a partial ocean view suite and spent well over $4,000. Again, I am not opposed for paying for a nice room with a view, but when it comes with loud families, really not worth it. If I were paying, $400-$500, this room would be more in line with my expectations. 3- Check -in was packed and slow- Compare to a nearby resort we also stayed out, it was comical how inefficient the process was. 4-- Nice spa, nice restaurant and good service by the beach. I thought he menu offerings were top notch. 5- Overall, the property is a little dated and rundown. I was in the gym each day and the equipment was broken on in disrepair. The water cooler was out of order (2) of (3) days and it was always pretty hot. As my review states, this was an average property, but for the price it was extremely disappointing.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Overrated, Overpriced, Underwhelming

MDRoach1313 on Jan 23, 2023

Hate to write long and not so great reviews, but I always want to know before i book. Lots of ups and downs with this place. If it werent for the phenomenal beach and location I would probably rate this place much lower. There are plenty of staff who are friendly and helpful but the front desk is not one of them. Everything is extremely overpriced here. I suggest going elsewhere for a bottle of water or coffee. The spa staff was very kind and enjoyed our experiences there. Elevator takes a long time; take the stairs if you're able. We had to wait several hours for our room to be ready. The restaurant wasnt taking anyone, the bar wasnt open, and it was raining so we literally had to just sit in the lobby. The hotel is centrally located which is nice to not have to take cabs because they are expensive. It was nice having a pool/hot tub/restaurant/bar all in one place, but the food wasnt very spectacular other than the beach bar mahi bites & spicy shrimp. The pool was way too cold to really swim in and the hot tub had so much sand and coral in it felt like you were getting chewed up. Liked having access to the chairs & umbrellas on the beach, clean towels each day and the staff working the beach are really polite. Having a closed off area to swim was nice to have. The front desk staff are rude and unhelpful and offer no consolation when your keys are constantly getting demagnetized. The rooms smell musty, but i'm sure thats partially because of the humidity. For what you pay the rooms are basic, beds arent very comfortable and it doesnt offer much in amenities for the rate.

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