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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.5
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 4.0

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Kaity M on Feb 24, 2024

Not clean. The floors and the shower floor clearly haven’t been cleaned in a while. Found patches of dried down glitter in the sheets. Furniture is super nicked up. Spots of product all over the walls in the bathroom. Layer of dust on almost all surfaces. Super disappointing. Also, looks like they may have doubly charged us for the room, still sorting that bit out.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Gambling with client satisfaction.

Loverly4u2 (Panama City, Panama) on Feb 24, 2024

This is more of a room factory than a hotel, and that factory needs some fine tuning. So a couple of pieces of advice: 1. The hotel will urge you to proceed through their automated check-in service so that you can save time and frustration. If you have a tight timeline and think this might be a good way to save time, we found out the system broke down twice in three days. 2. The express check out is even worse. I was billed for drinks we never had, parking fees when we didn’t have a car, and other expenses unknown to us. In all fairness, these were removed when contested, but if you were expecting « express check out » then this is a « fail ». 3. Check everything upon arrival. We had booked a superior king size bed with Strip view. We got a double twin overlooking the parking lot! So they said to come back next day at 6pm for room change. But when we did, they said they released the room because they were expecting us at 3pm which was obvious miscommunication. They finally provided an upgraded view, without strip view and without the courtesy of a complimentary drink. 4. Cheap service. If you think the hotel provides a bottle of water, or a couple of coffee doses in the room as any de ent hotel does, hold your horses. There is no such thing as « complimentary » at Caesar’s. Even the bathroom amenities are limited to one cheap bar soap and one liquid soap. 5. Going as a couple? Two cell phones and two laptops? Watch out for internet. Two connected devices are included in your room. Add a laptop and it’s $14.95/day. 6. If you like clean sheets and you’re staying more than a night, beware that Caesars encourages no room service at all, but if you insist, they will service your room every other day, no more, without changing the sheets. Hey, this is a 4 star hotel. Falling stars for me

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Would never stay at Caesars again. Absolutely awful front staff service and laughable “upgraded room”

GrandTour64904824846 (Southington, Connecticut) on Feb 24, 2024

My wife & I had stayed at the Venetian resort for three days, and then made the move over to Caesars Palace for one night. We chose Caesars from the recommendation of a friend, and we had a show to see that night very close by. Furthermore, it being our first time in Las Vegas, we thought it would be nice to mix things up a little. Boy were we wrong! We arrived at around 12:45pm to drop off our luggage and then go out to lunch and walk around for the afternoon. We had no expectation that our room would be ready that early, but of course you ask because you’re already there storing luggage anyway. The front desk staff was extremely pushy about paying an extra charge to have an advance entry to check in. I thought this was very strange since I booked our February 2, 2024 one night stay, all the way back in October 2023. Why would I be interested in paying more money for an advanced entry to the same room I already booked and paid for ? We declined that and were told to return around 3pm as our room may by ready by then. We weren’t in a huge rush as we were enjoying the local attractions, so we returned back to Caesars at around 4:30pm. Our room was not ready and the woman we spoke to couldn’t have possibly cared less about that fact. Repeating over & over that the rooms are not “guaranteed” to be ready at any certain times, and asking me on two separate instances if I paid the extra charge to expedite the room. I reiterated to her what I said to the front desk staff, “why in the world would I need to pay extra for entry into a room I had already paid for”? She went on to say that not only was our room not ready, but that she couldn’t give any estimate at all of when it might be. I asked if we could simply be contacted once the room IS ready (text, call, email), and was told “NO”. We would need to pay the extra charge in order to be notified. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH THIS PLACE ?! A common courtesy of notifying you when a room is ready is an up-charge ?! I couldn’t believe the lack of care /customer service, but somehow we managed to keep our cool, and kept conversation courteous - but made it clear that we weren’t happy. We left for the remainder of the day (went out to dinner, etc), and then came back to Caesars at around 10pm. We were told that our room was not ready and that there was no timeline for if/when it would be. At that point we demanded a comparable room as we were exhausted and ready to call it a night. We were given an “upgraded room”, and based off of the lovely pictures attached - you could see what an “upgrade” it was (torn bedding & chewed up furniture). I’ve stayed in dozens of $150 hotels that would put that ($300) room to absolute shame! For our troubles we were offered an $80 food voucher to be spent on Caesars property. Very helpful when you have a morning flight out of town. Take your $80 and shove it Caesars ! You’d be better off using that money to upgrade your customer service … or lack thereof. Would never stay there again

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Iconic vegas strip Casino, watch for all the fees..

LinoDaSpinete (Toronto, Canada) on Feb 24, 2024

best sports book on the strip, great central location, restaurant staff was excellent and food decent(pricey even for vegas). ceasars has become unaffordable and it's unfortunate there are attempts to gauge extra fees at every opportunity (2 wifi devices only?), crazy mini fridge policy and fees 75$usd... all a bit unnecessary since most guests pay a premium for the rooms, spa, shows and usually end up leaving a donation at the casino proper. classic venue, but be prepared for fee gauging. better options on the strip without the silly fees.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Not good

Deborah T on Feb 23, 2024

I left necklace in room by accident .i called next day to lost and found I was told that they do not take thing that are left in room right to lost and found they wait till they have a bunch of stuff .i was still in Las Vegas when this happened .tomorrow I am going to Caesar’s palace and ask them in person to go to look for me .i just don’t understand why everything is not turned in daily after house cleaning day is done

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