Loreto Bay Golf Resort & Spa at Baja reviews

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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 3.5
  • Value 4.0

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Female Solo Great Experience

USMMA22 on Jan 06, 2023

My parents always say Mexico is sketchy never go. So of natural being the gen z that I am, I went — as a solo female traveler. It was great. It’s like little Canada. America has Florida, and Canada has Mexico. I felt very safe here at the resort. The other reviews I read before were negative so I was worried. But like great room. Great people. Learn Spanish before you come. I didn’t. Oh well. My fault not theirs. The shower head was a rain shower head and I had a balcony in my room.

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Not recommended

Emily W on Dec 03, 2022

We were excited to stay here after camping for a month in Baja. I chose this resort for the hot showers, hot tub, and laundry facilities. Unfortunately, we were letdown after staying one night and ended our stay early. The room was spacious and had warm water (although not very hot). The cable TV was very fuzzy and we couldn't watch it. There was room service that was somewhat timely. The food was good too. Overall, the hotel was pretty rundown with broken cabanas, fewer amenities than advertised, and poor service. However, after arrival we learned that the hot tub was out of service (broken and empty). We also were charged over 50% more than the price we had booked online. In the morning we were told that the laundry was also out of service. When we called about breakfast in the morning we were informed there was a buffet included with our stay so we cancelled our order. Once we arrived at the buffet they charged us for it (even though it was included in the price of our stay) and they charged us for a breakfast we canceled and never received. We learned at 11 am that there was laundry service that day, but it was now too late to get our laundry done. They allowed us to get one load done for the price of $67 USD. They lied and said the hot tub was not out of service. I had watched them fill it that morning and it was ice cold. Our van also got broken into during the day. Once all of these things added us, we decided to end our stay early. We had originally booked 2 nights. They only refunded about 25% of our stay stating that "the first night costs more". I do not recommend this resort. They are not honest and will overcharge any chance they get.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Golf Course is Awful

jameshuegli (Portland, Oregon) on Nov 27, 2022

First trip here. Loved Loreto, the people and the food and scenery. The fishing is world class and the weather wonderful in November. The golf course seems an afterthought. We rented clubs that Good Will would not take. The sets were not even complete and were a mix of Nike and other brands.The fairways were terrible, no pro shop, golf balls were $26 per sleeve for Noodles (you heard me), the the discount price of $180 was crazy. The staff did not seem to know or care much about the course. The scenery was nice but clearly not a destination course or worth the money. Skip this one completely.

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NOT bad, just tired

sarahc19982017 (Bend, Oregon) on Oct 19, 2022

After having a mishap with our lodging we ended up here in Loreto Bay. The rooms were ok, grounds were not kept up and not much cleaning around. (trash cans filled, no one cleaning and lots of staff waiting around) I am sure with a little love and attention this resort would be filling up- Resort had only a handful of guests.

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Great Place to Relax and get away from downtown.

MissGdog on Oct 16, 2022

I stayed here one night. It was easy to access from the Airport with a rental car. Very relaxing and has your bases covered for a 1-Stop or longer. Good bed/bedding/linen. Good food and beverages. Great views especially in the morning. It all depends what you are looking for. I found the ages of guests varied but the majority was an older demographic, 55 or older.

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