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Beautiful resort, false advertising, bad customer service

Jennifer T (Oahu, Hawaii) on Jul 04, 2022

Our group of 2 adults and 2 kids visited Dreams in July 2022. The resort is beautiful and has nice views of the ocean. A few reasons for my 3 star review: 1) the pool is not young kid friendly as it’s 5 ft deep with not many shallow parts. They also charge $50 for floaties in the gift shop, so bring your own. 2) Their website advertises a Sip, savor and dine program where you can visit sister properties for free, pending availability. We were excited to visit Secrets which is 20 mins away. When I went to the Preferred Club to book this service, they had no idea what I was talking about and tried to upsell me on an evening pass for $60/adult and $30/kids. Only when I pulled up their website to reference the program did they agree to call Secrets. The representative spent about 15 minutes on the phone asking me for information to book our reservation. When she hung up she informed me it’s not possible for Dreams visitors to go to Secrets but Secrets visitors can visit Dreams because Secrets is a higher category hotel. She refused to budge even though it clearly says on the website they offer this free program. I expected better customer service from the Preferred Club. What a frustrating experience and a waste of time! They need to update their website and train their employees better. 3) The week we stayed the hotel was at full capacity. I woke up at 8am to save pool chairs for our group. That early there already are some chairs reserved but still was able to find some near the pool. Later in the day when I come back after my frustrating experience at the Preferred Club I found someone’s stuff on one of my pool chairs. I moved their stuff to another chair to reclaim my chair. Someone working at the pool explained another family came down and needed chairs so he squished our chairs together to add another chair and took one of our chairs to give to them! I got upset and said I had woken up early to reserve 4 chairs and he needed to respect the fact that people do that and it’s too bad for people who don’t wake up early. The other family comes and proceed to yell at me for my bad attitude. Again ridiculous. 4) like other resorts, they are understaffed so it takes a while for waitstaff to come around for drinks, menus, etc. All in all the kids are having a good time but those frustrating occurrences left a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t know if we will back.

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We would definitely go back!!

vergeneco on Jul 03, 2022

We truly enjoyed our visit at the Dreams resort. Staff was very attentive and personable, which is very important to us. Our room was kept clean and the fridge was restocked daily if needed. Food and drink was always tasty. Beautiful, clean, resort.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Would not recommend - personal safety issue

L5748GZangelag on Jul 03, 2022

We paid over $6,000 for this trip. I could go on about the issues such as the filthy room, slow service, incessant attempts to have us attend a time share breakfast but the worst part was on three different occasions we were served alcohol (twice from the main lobby bar) that made us feel as though we had been drugged. My husband had one rum and coke one evening and we immediately had to go back to our room as he said he felt odd. When we got back he immediately passed out for 12 hours (and no we were not drinking a lot preceding this incident. Maybe a glass of wine with dinner). Another evening I ordered a gin fizz from the same lobby bar and sat on the steps to watch the band play while my husband went up to our room for something. Unfortunately he had taken my phone with him as it was in his pocket. I took three sips from the gin fizz and immediately felt like I was going to pass out. I was unable to call him to tell him what was happening so I stayed on the staircase of the lobby (I couldn’t stand up myself) where the band was playing and just prayed my husband would return asap. Once he came back I told him I felt like I was going to pass out and we had to go to the room. Thankfully I had only a few sips of the drink so the feeling passed within a half hour. This happened again when I ordered a mango margarita from the beach staff one day. It was only my 2nd drink all day but I was so messed up I couldn’t even get up out of the sun chair. We have heard these stories about bad alcohol or people being drugged in other resorts but I didn’t expect it to happen at a Dreams. We have travelled numerous times to various places in Mexico and have never had a bad experience. We both felt incredibly unsafe at this resort. We will never return there. And we will no longer stay at an AM resort again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Very disappointed

casseyjusi (San Diego, California) on Jul 03, 2022

Brought my family of 16 here to celebrate our big bdays since COVID made that impossible. I came here 3 years ago and told my fam this was the resort to go to however we were alllllll very disappointed. From the moment we checked in, everyone looked very annoyed and didn’t greet at all. I remember last time I went we were greeted with smiles, this time was not the case. It was a nightmare from even checking in. They got our room wrong and ended up with a double instead of king although that is what we booked and requested. They said they will be able to move us the next day around 3pm. We go into our room for the night and it smells like straight sewer! The couch was dirty and on top of that! I was disgusted but knew they would switch us the next day. The next day comes around and I didn’t join on any excursions with family because I knew I needed to stay and switch my room. 3pm then now 4pm comes and I haven’t heard a thing. I call the front desk and asked what was going on and they said ok, we’ll switch you. We switch to the new room and again something was wrong. The hot water wasn’t working. I had dinner plans so I had no time to go to front desk so I took a super cold shower and they didn’t fix the shower literally until Thursday to get hot water. We got there Monday so for four days I was dealing with horrible rooms situations all while getting the run around to get to a manager. One front desk guy even said “for what?!” When I asked for a manager. Everyone seemed to be so annoyed and not accommodating. Next, my aunt had made reservations prior to arriving to the resort because we had such a big party. Concierge said they would be able to make that happen for us even though usually they don’t take reservations but since we were a big group they said they would help us out. First night we go to portofino because concierge set us up there at 9pm. The host said to us “does it look like we have room?! Come back at 10” VERY RUDELY!!! We then speak to Yamieth at concierge who said they would take care of us but again we weren’t seen until 10 then they rush us out because they close at 10:30. Happened again on Thursday our last night… they said they were unable to take us very rudely until we again spoke to concierge. Everyone was very rude at the resort. It was so disappointing considering I was the one who spoke so highly of the resort only to disappoint my family. We were supposed to come back in December however customer service is horrible! Definitely reconsidering.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Dreams Los Cabos

193alysonf on Jul 01, 2022

We LOVED the entertainment crew! Ricardo and Marcos especially kept our family busy all week! Bar staff was great, poolside lunch service delicious. Some of the restaurants had slow service, but that might be because of large parties. Grounds were very clean. Housekeeping was very responsive when we called with requests.

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