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Gail V on Feb 16, 2024

We been here for 1 week and enjoyed everything about this resort. If your here just to relax and watch airplanes this is the perfect place to stay. We counted one day 8:30am - 5:30PM 59 airplanes landed plus 5 military helicopters. Staff is so friendly and helpful. Beach is across the street and a guard to help you across. We walked up town twice and no problem with the locals.

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Don't Stay Here

Jackie S on Feb 15, 2024

Just left our 1 week stay there. Worst place I have ever stayed at!! Stay away!! The hotel is outdated and broken- even in the newer wing. The food is boring and minimal and not great- except the omelettes; They were really good. They only have 1 a la carte restaurant. It is an "Italian restaurant" When we booked the lady at the desk didn't recommend it. She said people complain because it is like "Jamaican/Italian" I didn't mind it. It was a nice change from the same old food at the buffet. There are trip hazards everywhere! We witnessed 2 falls which required hospital visits. If you are hoping for a balcony, make sure you book an upgraded room. The social media marketing for this place is fantastic, but you don't get what you see. Very deceiving! They do not have courtesy rooms for late departures. If you want a shower you have to go to the beach and use the shower there which is cold water and in the sand. Bring your own soap/shampoo. The smoke alarm in our room was +10 years old and did not have any batteries. The shower will scald you or freeze you at any given time and the water pressure is awful. Customer service training is needed- some good people there, but many were clearly hating their jobs. Overall I would not recommend. Save your money and go elsewhere!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing and above expectation!

Helen D on Feb 14, 2024

We did not know what to expect we have never been to Jamaica before and we were not disappointed. When we arrived the porter was promptly on hand to assist with our luggage with a warm welcome. He led us straight to reception and offered drinks whilst waiting for our room/towel passes. The reception provided cool air conditioning and was clean and tidy. The reception staff again friendly and informed us regarding meals and drinks facilities for all inclusive this included written for our reference. The room was spacious, cool, clean and tidy with beautiful views of the gardens which included a resident parrot which gave us many laughs throughout the stay. There was no issue with bugs or mosquitoes, the windows in the room could open however we did not keep these open as this would encourage bugs in the room. The room was cleaned daily with fresh towels and water for the room. The meals well what can I say! Absolutely delicious. Breakfast had plenty of options from pancakes, omelettes, continental to fresh fruits. Essentially had an abundance of different options. We had fresh omelettes made for us every morning and the chef cooking for us was pleasant and catered to our requests. Lunches consisted of burgers, hotdogs and toasted sandwiches no complaints portions were plenty. Bars located at beach and pool area were great. Provided soft drinks, beer and cocktails. Cups and plates were cleared regularly. Staff worked hard to ensure the areas remained clean and tidy. Evening meals consisted of traditional food which I was happy for, who wants to visit a country and eat the same I have at home. There were many choices to cater for everyone. Different meats, rice and vegetables and tasty deserts. Staff again were attentive providing water and alcoholic beverages if requested. Entertainment and music was great and provided games and music at intervals throughout the day and evening. The only disappointment would be on one evening the entertainment was a screen on the main stage Super Bowl ! Usher was great but other than that I didn’t think this was necessary on holiday. Other nights there was amazing singer and bands provided for entertainment with a disco/bar after. The piano bar was also great requests by holiday makers and we all joined in with singing made a great atmosphere. We also took advantage of the glass bottom boat which was good value and provided snorkelling around the coral reefs which was an amazing experience. Overall we absolutely loved the atmosphere, the traditional ambience of the place that wasn’t over commercialised and would definitely return and well worth the almost 10 hour flight to get there.

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mikesQ2282UZ (Herriman, Utah) on Feb 12, 2024

I liked the uniqueness of this place and I like that it is a smaller resort. The buildings are older and cool and the grounds are really nice however it was not a great experience. During our week here I believe we had interactions with only 3 people that seemed like they cared about anything. The general attitude was not good at all. Our hot water was hit and miss and when we did have hot water we had to run it 20 min before for it to get hot and the water pressure was horrible. They were doing construction on the floor above us so every morning at about 8 a.m. the hammers and saws started. There was a storm that came in one night and most of the exterior windows and doors on that upper floor didn't have anything on them to keep them closed and the inside doors had no knobs or locks on them so all night there were multiple doors and windows slamming. We notified the front desk and they said " thank you for that information". Nobody really seemed to care much. The service wasn't good, you'd sit down for breakfast and be about done eating before anyone stopped by to give you any coffee.. The coffee however was delicious. Over all the food was not great, it is buffet food which is buffet food but any of the beef, goat, chicken anything had so many bones in it, it was a tedious task to even eat. They do have an omelet station every morning which is really great though. The Italian restaurant was really bad. The service was decent but the food was not, im not even sure how to describe it other than it just did not taste good at all. The international restaurant that you pay for was also really bad. The shrimp cocktail came with pace picante salsa, not cocktail sauce. Tomato and mozzarella salad was 2 slices of tomato and a slice of mozzarella cheese, not fresh mozzarella which is what is usually used in that type of salad. Filet mignon tasted good but i'm not sure what cut of beef we actually got, but I do know it wasn't filet mignon. Banana split was a very small banana cut in half with a scoop of strawberry ice cream in-between the 2 halves. Once you make your reservation they have you fill out an order form and select the dishes you want however the dining experience took 3 hours. The bar would run out of vodka frequently, they ran out of white rum and beer at one point. They don't make mimosas. This place is right next to the airport so the commute is nice but you have planes flying over head all day, which is cool to see however it's noisy. The beach is nice but it's really small and it's across the street from the actual resort which isn't a huge deal but it's something that I did not know until getting there. Over all I'd just have to say the place was disappointing.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Come for the beach, not for the food or the service

emferrari_ny (Concord, North Carolina) on Feb 12, 2024

I recently stayed at this property and wanted to share my thoughts on the overall experience. While there were some fantastic aspects that made my stay enjoyable, there were also a few drawbacks that affected my overall satisfaction. The Best Things: Efficient Air Conditioning: The air conditioner in the room worked flawlessly, providing a comfortable and cool environment throughout my stay. This was especially appreciated during the warmer days. This is the FIRST HOTEL I HAVE EVER STAYED IN THE CARIBBEAN that the A/C works. Stunning Beach: The hotel boasts a truly breathtaking beach, offering pristine sands and crystal-clear waters. It was the perfect backdrop for relaxation and leisurely strolls. Amazing Plane Spotting: The unique feature of plane spotting added an exciting and unexpected element to my stay. Watching planes take off and land provided a unique and memorable experience. Friendly Service at the Beach Bar: The staff at the beach bar were consistently friendly and provided excellent service. Their welcoming demeanor added to the overall positive atmosphere of the hotel. The Worst Things: Poor Lighting at the Restaurant: One notable downside was the inadequate lighting at the hotel's restaurant. It created a less than ideal dining atmosphere, impacting the overall dining experience. Lack of Kid-Friendly Food Options: Families with children might find the food options for kids lacking. A more extensive and diverse children's menu would be a valuable addition. It is way too focused in Jamaican food which for some people might be good, but it is not for everyone. Compared to other resorts in the area, this was a huge disappointment. Absence of Frozen Drinks: Surprisingly, the hotel lacked a variety of frozen drink options. This was a disappointment, especially in a warm beachfront setting where such beverages are typically popular. I couldn't order a Bob Marley or Ziggy Marley. Restrictions on Kids in the Hot Tub: It was disappointing to find out that kids were not allowed in the hot tub. Families traveling with children may feel limited in their enjoyment of certain amenities. Chilly Pool: The pool temperature was uncomfortably cold (even in warm weather), making it less inviting for guests looking to take a refreshing dip. Adjusting the pool temperature could significantly enhance the overall pool experience. Narrow Beds: The beds in the room were notably narrow, which may affect the comfort of guests, especially those accustomed to more spacious sleeping arrangements. We asked before booking if they could provide a rollway bed and the response was yes. When we checked in they declined. I requested a supervisor but the supervisor never showed up to speak with us. Mini bar: The minibar isn't stocked. They leave 2 bottles of water and getting more it is a truly pain. You have to call 4-5 times to get water, this was absurd. Maintenance and Service Issues: Unfortunately, I had to request maintenance multiple times to address ONE issue. The toilet was loosen. On Saturday morning I went to the front desk and spoke with the staff. The maintenance guy showed up at our door at 9pm. We were about to go to sleep when he started fixing the toilet. He didn't finish until close to 10pm and the repair wasn't even completed. This impacted the seamless experience I expected, and a quicker resolution would have been appreciated. Delayed Delivery of Pillows and Blankets: Despite multiple requests, pillows and blankets were never delivered during my stay. This was a frustrating aspect that affected the quality of sleep and overall comfort. In addition we were in 4 and they only provided 2 towels. I requested more but I had to call 4-5 times (if not more) to get them. In conclusion, offered a mix of positive and negative experiences. While the beach, air conditioning, and beach bar service were highlights, improvements in restaurant lighting, kid-friendly options, frozen drinks, pool temperature, bed size, and service efficiency are needed to make this hotel truly exceptional. I would stay there again, but, I would probably go eat somewhere else. The beach here is very natural and not man made like more expensive resorts like Hilton and Hyatt, but the food options is a truly disappointment.

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