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  • Rooms 4.5
  • Service 4.5
  • Value 4.0

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should have listened to the bad reviews

StarPlace45 (Spartanburg, South Carolina) on May 17, 2024

Second time in Jamaica We stayed 6 whole days. Our room was fine. We got the suite with a ocean view but we were so far away from the ocean we couldnt hear the waves it is a partial view we had a perfect pool view with the ocean behind it.bathroom could have been cleaner. It is a small resort. Not much to do except go to the pool or beach. Water activities was a joke had to pay close to 60 dollars just for 15 mins of fun so we didnt do any water activities. Most of the water sports was not available. The beach water was not clear and had a lot of debris. A lot of jelly fish so be careful. The first day I went into the ocean my inter thigh ended up red and swollen it was a big red patch it hurt and was warm to the touch. And I am a nurse I couldnt figure out what it was about. It went away a few days later. I also developed a weird thing on my arm it was like a tiny hole. I dont recall getting bit by anything. The food was horrible we were often hungry because every restaurant and buffet had nasty food we had to leave the resort and buy dry food to keep in our room. The entertainment wasnt good. The pool bartender had me waiting for over 5 min for a drink He was servicing the white people I attended to give him a 10 dollar tip but I did not cause he kept acting like he could not see me. The drinks are water down. So we brought our own liquor when we left the resort. We mostly stayed on our balcony watching people in the pool and getting drunk. That was the best part. The people trying to sale us time share became rule when we told them we were not interested and they was always in the lobby area so you had to walk by them they made me very uncomfortable by the way they would put this negative aurora in the air when we walked by and they made sure you felt it even without you looking in their direction and going through the lobby was the only way to our room. They even made fun of me when I said we are going off the resort to the store they laughed and told me who do you know in Jamaica? little did they know the driver that drove us to the resort gave me his card and he would take us where ever we wanted to go at anytime. The Grand Palladium lady Hamilton resort was the best. The workers who worked there were not pleasant not even a hello when you passed by them. What I liked was the beach was private. I will not recommend this resort to my enemy let along a friend. Dont go to this resort over priced and terrible. Should have listened to the reviews.

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It’s worth it

Tyrisha4 (Spartanburg, South Carolina) on May 16, 2024

Had an amazing time they were very friendly made sure I was comfortable as well as my partner and friends

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Review of secrets st james

evelaura2024 on May 16, 2024

I visited this resort b4, very excited to return, but was very disappointed with the changes that have been made

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Very nice..

juliancornwall69 on May 14, 2024

This all inclusive resort was amazing. We were celebrating my wife’s birthday and also our honeymoon so we had a perfect combination of romance, relaxation, and excursions! They have amstar in the lobby everyday to book tours, excursions, and shuttle buses. They also have many bars, pools, and activities to choose from!! They have taxi drivers on property that are on stand by. If you want to get off the resort I suggest you do it, the drivers do not leave you, and will check on you often! They will even walk you into stores alot of the time and stay with you. Another thing we loved is the club, desires. It was a great venue with seats and a dance floor, and a bar you can stand around. The music was awesome, they played both Jamaican, and American music. The drinks were awesome and they don’t seem to have a limit as long as you drink responsibly and aren’t being a nuisance lol. We really enjoyed our trip! I would just say avoid the lauded service, it’s a bit steep in expenses and they did mess up a few of our garments. The food was great and you may experience some stomach pains the first day just because they use all fresh ingredients and it will clean you out of our terrible chemical filled food!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

A weekend trip

Traveler22152866536 on May 14, 2024

First off, I must say, the friendliness and genuine care of the staff was the best part of the stay. Minus a few, everyone, in all positions, were so kind and helpful every day. The resort was well maintained. Sure, there are some updates that could be made here and there, but it is well kept and clean. No issues with anything in the room. The drinks were average, nothing special, but good enough. The beach and pool were both lovely. The activities were great each night. The food is the biggest area for improvement. The specialty restaurants have great presentation, but the food itself is sub-par. If there was an effort to make actual authentic dishes for each restaurant, it would make me want to go back. The options are good enough for a 3 day stay, but anything longer, I'd want to eat elsewhere. Overall, it was a great stay at Secrets. I'm happy to have visited and had a good experience.

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