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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.0

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Cruiser442163 on Sep 12, 2023

We stayed at the Corals Hotel which ran out of water on day 2 of our trip. We could not even use our refillable water bottles because the water stations were dry. The Corals had an overall musty smell, but the other hotels did not. The Casino was lacking the "experience" the food was over priced, but very good. The water park was fun but a little dirty.

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1st Family Trip

Lizzy P on Sep 11, 2023

This was our 4th family trip, but first with our baby. Normally, we stay at Harborside with the rest them, but wanted our own space. Felt some of the staff was being inconvenienced when asking simple questions. Marriott status means nothing. Overall, the excitement and the experience with our daughter outweighed the issues we had.

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Advertise the Room Correctly - Not

Bhommey (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania) on Sep 07, 2023

I booked 2 rooms at a large expense. Advertisement of the Garden view was a roof top. Late check in on one of the rooms. And when available door would not open and close properly - had to push hard, and slam. Off the hinge - but no one at front desk was of service, neither was management who approved a room change in the morning. Then when I went to check on the room change, management called and denied request. Toilet did not flush well, seat crooked, urine stains on floor. Front desk just will give you the run around without any consideration as to your concerns.

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It's Not better in the Bahamas.....

Julie H on Sep 07, 2023

Horrible!!! It's a Tourist Trap!!!!!!!!! #BADHAMAS #ITSNOTBETTERINTHEBADHAMAS We were charged$4.00 to warm up food.( That was purchased at The Coral) You are charged for to & gratuity with Every transaction. The majority of Staff is neither deserving or gracious forget hospitable!!!!! I used my bank card twice once at the Front Desk then at the ATM dimwitted there was an attempt to take money from my account in the amount of $1294.00 (FRAUD) When I went to the Front Desk the attitude was very lackadaisical attitude. The charges originated frIom the Coral at Atlantis. No one could explain thank goodness the attempt was unsuccessful. ??? I purchased a cup of cranberry juice from the bar located in the lobby area (Carlon) $6.25 (tip included) very Very Very Rude not courteous and some to me with disdain. Walked outside to the pool purchased another cranberry juice $5.00 (TIP included) less than 50 feet from the inside lobby. I guess the employee gets to decide who/ if they'll charged you the extra money. I asked for a cup (Carlon) EYES rolling ducked his teeth and with full attitude then gave me the. I'm sorry to bother him by asking him to do his job and he deserved a tip with gratuity. I think Not!!!!!! So being it was day 3 I asked his name as he wasn't wearing a name plate needless to say he didn't tell me. When I did find out his name, I told him I was going to say something about his demeanor his disposition was I'll still have a job!!!! That says a lot of the employee mentality!!!!!!! I wanted to rent a CABANA with 5 hours left for pool access the rental is $500.00 I wa like cool with the price (there were 10 of us) including my 86 year old mother in law. However, there were no towels available it was 2 o'clock. So I stated why would I pay for a cabana if there are no towels????? SHE said well there are no towels what would you like me to do!!! How do you run out of towels &your 10 p pools and a Waterpark. You want me to to pay for a luxury, yet I can't the basics of what I've already paid for AKA Towels! I'm back home 4 weeks now I'm still awaiting my wrist band. Upon our arrival we were told to to the Towel But for our wristbands.(gives you access to all hotels and towels) Followed the instructions to no avail you guessed it they didn't have any Wristbands We were told the printer wasn't working but just use your room card. For our entire 8 day stay the printer didn't work. So I'm still waiting on my WRISTBAND!!!! My sister in law was charged $15.00 plus V.A.T. plus gratuity (tip included) to clean the room. Mind boggling??? We went to eat at the breaks buffet $45.00 pp (tip included) great assortment of food. Purchased a carafe of mimosa for 6ppl at breakfast. You get 1(one) glass per carafe, I was told??? Astounding!!!! My mother in law went to breakfast was ch charged a tip & gratuity. Yet she had to toast & butter her own bread!!!!!!! I was filled with anxiety interacting with staff. The staff, the demeanor of staff, the self righteousness, the abominable service & down right money grab. Left us All not wanting to ever go back. I literally could go on how distasteful disrespect disingenuous with a blatant disregard for the guests we saw, experienced & were subjected to. Here's one more No water in your room so you purchase the same bottle of water (size & brand ) $5.00 in one location $10.00 in another ( All at The Cove) explanation each are owned by different entities???? Baffled Vacation should be relaxin, fun and enjoyable. I went to down money not be taken advantage of!!!!! We had a great time inspite of The Cove at Atlantis!!!!! Our general consensus is if it was free we would not go back. #BAdhaMAS #ITsnoTBEttERINTHEBAdhaMAS

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Atlantis weekend

GoPlaces275570 on Sep 06, 2023

The CORAL, one of the ATLANTIS sectors is certainly one of the best hotels on Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. It has great offerings catering to various interests. It hosts the island's largest aquarium and a great water theme park. Guest services were very satisfactory.

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