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Started great but lack emergency preparedness to deal with disaster

IamNoypi (Surigao del Norte Province, Philippines) on Jul 13, 2024

Our trip started great. Most of the staff work their hardest to try to please their guest. There are some staff that are very stiff and unapproachable. Management team like Bruce showed stellar customer service. Service and food went downhill during and after the hurricane. I have to say that staff and management working during those times were great. They tried their best to accommodate the needs of their guest, however I would look at Moon Palace of not providing enough resources to accommodate their guests on a disaster event. Moon Palace is a multimillion dollar hotel industry. They have resorts and hotel in Mexico, Europe (Baglioni), Jamaica and Dominican republic. Setting aside funding for disaster preparedness should be part of their budget. From what I have seen there were no planning that took place. Or they may have plan but they can not execute it due to lack of resources provided by Moon Palace. Come on Moon Palace with the million of dollars of revenue you get from the hotel and the membership you cannot provide enough resources for your guests. The night before the hurricane due to lack of staffing the sheltering process took hours. It was so unorganized, there were yelling, shoving in a hot, cramp space. Food is terrible, lines take hours and by the time you reach the food it run out. The best food we can get fot 2 days were chicken nuggets if it does not run out. The night of July 4th the lines was long, were talking hours and we ended up with 1 roll of bread and a spinach with no dressing for dinner. There are so many guests did not get their dinner that night. We were charge $200 emergency rate per night. I felt sorry for guests that were paying full rate. During those time, there were no electricity on most areas, no wifi, no AC, no water most of the day, elevators are not working. Imagine yourself climbing 15 floors on hot humid temp. Felt sorry for those that have kids and strollers. Most of the guests cant wait to check out and since there was no electricity, they have to pack in the hot dark room. Moon Palace should refund all guests on those days as their vacation turned to nightmare!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Hotel has steady gone downhill

aphidity (Brooklyn, New York) on Jul 12, 2024

This was hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had at this hotel and I’m a regular soon to be someone who never visit again and I’m a member. We were a group of 27 people and unfortunately was there during the hurricane. While a hurricane hitting isn’t their fault, how it was handled was. There was absolutely no communication!!!!! We had to go to a shelter the night prior at 10pm and it was total chaos. We had to sleep on beach chairs. The food was lacking and not properly cooked. How do you serve raw chicken nuggets knowing children would be eating it. The fact that people had to pay $200 each night if their reservation was up during the hurricane is inhumane and robbery. Where were they to go? Would you throw them out in the hurricane if they refused to pay? Airports were closed flights were canceled. The generators kept going out. If you know anything about generators you have to test them continuously even when not needed and I don’t believe that was ever done. Building 2 needs to be seriously renovated. The day following after the hurricane only the buffet was open imagine the line to get food. Only one bar open imagine the line to get something simple as water! I wrote management in the member side no response. It’s a damn shame but this hotel or membership won’t be receiving any more of my money unless some accountability is taken and some offering is made to the guests affected.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

No AC, water and electrical outages

lesliefY9583DA on Jul 11, 2024

Prior to traveling from the US to Jamaica, on 4/7/24 I called to ask and was specifically told that the property had: No water interruptions Air conditioning in ALL the rooms No electricity interruptions because the property was on generator power and that while the public areas were warm, the Air Conditioning was being rerouted to the guest rooms. This was not the case. Shared a very detailed complaint with management by email after no resolution in person. I will update this review with the resolution.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Rude staff & they run out of food everyday

MMCalitoNY on Jul 11, 2024

Let’s start with the fact that there’s only 1 buffet which led to hangry guests and constant long lines. Next, the WIFI service was horrible and the AC kept breaking. Imagine in this heat trying to sleep in a humid room. The floors are slippery and my nieces and nephews were slipping and sliding bumping their heads every day. We had to lay towels down all throughout our hotel room because our children kept slipping and sliding due to the condensation. Third, the rooms and the bathrooms were so small it’s like they tried to squeeze as many rooms into this place as possible. I’ve never been in such a small room and again with kids this is just not ideal. Did I mention the AC broke several times!!!!! Lukewarm water & on the last day only freezing cold water No electric city. Entertainment canceled our reservations were canceled without so much as to an explanation of why. Not much staff working the front desk to field inquiries. No elevator service so we had to carry our baby strollers up and down the stairs and be careful not to slip as the floors were slippery all throughout this place. Moon Palace I am saddened that I allowed you to talk us into spending our one and only family vacation at your establishment during the one and only time my family and I are able to gather like this in the year. We spent close to 10k with a certificate you said would give us a discount & for what to watch my nieces get trampled over by the other hotel guests as families scavenged for scraps of food (chicken nuggets & fries) every single day of our 7 day nightmare vacation. As frequent all inclusive vacationers we were all in shock at this experience and I write this as I sit in the buffet with our plastic forks and cups and paper plates. Imagine paying 10k to eat nuggets and fries with plastic utensils. Don’t even get me started on the customer service. We felt like an inconvenience to the majority of the staff we came in contact with & this was before the hurricane hit. At times I would rather just go and get my own drinks and grab the utensils myself because they came across as annoyed & overworked all the time. I plan to never return to moon palace Jamaica but will need to return to Jamaica with another hotel to completely reinvent my experience here. I do not want to remember Jamaica this way. The jerk hut ran out of chicken every day. The buffet ran out of eggs everyday. They even told us they ran out of water bottles at one point. Imagine our disbelief as we were a family of 13 (7 children under 10 years old) We had to wait in a line over 30 minutes for simple foods like pancakes and they even ran out of the batter while we were in line. This place is an unorganized mess. Seriously, everything that could be wrong with this place went wrong and is wrong. Not sure how this place got 4 stars because this is functioning as a 2 star hotel. Do not stay here.

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Colleen and the jerk hut team

Lisa N (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on Jul 10, 2024

Fabulous place! My favorite was the Jerk Hut and Colleen and family!!! Best jerk I ever had!!!! She not only cooks the best food but treats you like a long lost cousin!!! I smell the Jerk in the AM and ate it everyday!!! Lots of love!!! Can’t really to return and wish I could take her home with me!!! Love

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