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Slap in the face

454natt on Jul 04, 2022

I’ll do positives first. Food here and at Tao Beach Club delicious. Massage was wonderful! Ms. Sofia was fabulous and the servers at dinner as well were great as well. Shoutout to house cleaning that I’m pretty sure cleaned my room like 3 times a day. Plus I met some wonderful people staying at the resort. Now… the issues that literally have me writing this review. The staff wasn’t knowledgeable about things happening. Like telling me the flea market wasn’t open when it was. No knowledge of any type of tours happening. And there being no one in the lobby when you come in later in the evening. Those I could have rolled off like whatever. BUT when it was time for me to get to my 730am flight and I said I would need an airport shuttle I get to the lobby. Empty. I’m yelling hello hello, nothing. So I just call an Uber that is 17min away… I sit down and someone comes in the lobby, Israel, doesn’t greet me. 5 min later comes up to me like do you need help. I tell him I did but I already called my Uber. I’m sorry but for $400/night apologize and offer a water or something. He sits down and says nothing. I see my Uber at the front gate but he’s not coming in. I call him and he’s said yes I’m coming in and yet still wasn’t. I go to Israel and ask why aren’t they letting my Uber come in. I took mostly Ubers on this 5 day trip so I know they let them in. Another man, RUBEN, appears out of the back saying I owe money. So they’re not letting my Uber in because I have to pay these outstanding charges. So, I’m confused, like I paid for my trip in full. I’ve been sitting here for the past 20min, 15 of which Israel was in the room so why would you wait until my ride is here to say I owe you 4000 pesos. Apparently it was the tips and the ride there. No apologies, no thank you for staying, nothing. Waiting for Ubers are very slow at that time of morning so now I’m rushing and flustered I’m gonna miss my boarding because this is all taking extra time. So shoutout to my Uber driver who was racing to get me to the airport. I don’t take disrespect lightly, Ruben and Israel totally dampened my view of Casa Velas and I absolutely not will be returning or recommending.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Wonderful stay late June 2022

Jonathan W on Jul 03, 2022

Casa Velas is a wonderful quiet retreat. This is not a party resort, but rather a place to revitalize and experience your inner zen. This resort is about the food and drinks. They are one above any other high end all inclusive we have experienced. We were there for 8 days and the only complaint is that with only two restaurants, a bit more variety would be nice. That being said, every night they do a themed special to keep it interesting. What makes this place above and beyond is the wonderful staff they employ. This list is far from exhaustive but for us, we have some names that stood out. Let me start with Armando, the bell boy who first greeted us, drove us around to and from the club and went to the pharmacy to get a much needed prescription for me. At the pool bar, both Ramon and Gerardo were very attentive and really cared about making us happy. The wait staff at Emiliano were all great, but Daniel waited on us most often and got to know our wine preference so well that he would have the bottle waiting for us as we sat down. Cesar was the fun one, always wanting to make you a special coffee with a show. Often present at breakfast, Oscar made us feel like a member of his family. At the main bar was Jerry, a true mixologist. He would make all is cocktail ingredients himself from fresh fruits, herbs and flowers. His Mezcal cocktails were nothing but superb. Down at the pool club, David the manager was funny and attentive. Thank you from the heart. Colleen and Jonathan

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Heaven, Could it be heaven?

bezerk (San Antonio Tlayacapan, Mexico) on Jul 02, 2022

Oh, the delight of pulling into the scrolled iron gates at Casa Velas. I am once again, home. Stress already leaves my space. Tranquility and pampering begin. This is a ladies' trip and my friend is in awe at just the check-in process. Such welcoming delightful staff and surroundings. She feels she too. has found her place away from home. We check out our room which is an Ambassador Grand 2 bedroom. Like a perfect condo. Living room and large screen tv, Dining room, mini bar, coffee area, kitchen area. No Stove, yay! A half bathroom downstairs and up a tiled winding staircase to two bedrooms upstairs. A master suite with a balcony, kind size bed, bureaus, nightstands, and a full bathroom with vanity, huge shower area and a Jacuzzi as well. The other bedroom also lovely, has two full beds, bureaus, mini frig., coffee maker as does the master. Plus another bathroom with double vanity sinks and also a large shower area with rainfall and hand held shower faucets. This room is just perfect for us. I almost forgot to mention the patio out back, with a cedar table and chairs, two loungers and yes, you guessed it our own plunge pool. Maybe we are in heaven. It has been a long ride, a good 6 hours with traffic so despite our desire to unpack and just take in all this room offers we decide to go enjoy lunch first. First, I almost forgot to mention, the awesome amenities in the bathrooms, L'Occidental brand, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, face and bath soap, sewing kit, shower caps, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor and shower gel and even mosquito spray. You want for nothing here at Casa Velas, even slippers are provided for your use while enjoying your stay robes and beach bags. More on our room later, let's walk over to Emiliano's Restaurant for lunch. As we amble along the stunning and beautifully manicured grounds alight with blooms, palm trees, Koi ponds and turtle ponds along with many Pond Lilies. I feel like we are walking in a Colonial hacienda surrounded by the sounds of nature and tranquility and peace. Words could never truly explain the sense of delight you feel while here at Casa Velas. My friend is sure she has gone to her happy place, I know I am home away from home. I forget all about the masks all the staff are wearing for everyone's safety from Covid. Yes, I am wearing mine when in public areas, which is optional. Up at the back side of the lobby, are the outside lobby tables and chairs, overlooking the huge, heated pool with swim up bar. Onward to Emiliano Restaurant. We head inside, it is hot and humid out. My friend is loving the beautiful tiered restaurant with AC. Though I let her know there is also romantic dining outside in more temperate weather times. ( Not a romantic vacation for us this trip anyway, my husband had to work.) We had a nice lunch and enjoyed an hour and a half or so. I was introduced to the new manager, Miguel, a very friendly, nice man. I hope he treats Casa Velas with all it deserves, it is a hidden gem of adulthood. Oh, did I forget to mention it is adults only!! I am enjoying bringing a new visitor here as it makes me reopen my eyes to everything at Casa Velas, even things I may have at one time not noticed quite as much as my first two or so visits, I have returned year after year after year, sometimes more than once a year, for over decade now. After lunch we were thrilled to return to our room, 504. We unpacked, took a quick plunge in our private pool and even took a short nap. It can be overwhelming to arrive in "heaven" at first. Lots to take in! Love to delight in being pampered with luxury! Our evenings were spent in Emiliano's restaurant dining inside. The whole atmosphere speaks old-world luxe. Beautifully carved chairs, white linens, and colorful glasses gave a Mexican and happy touch. The chandelier is a must-see, with its tropical animal vibe. The tiered dining areas. Just fabulous and with amazing top-notch food to make it even more special. We enjoyed such foods as Calamari Rings, various Salads, Tempura veggies, grilled Shrimp with Risotto, Chicken options, Surf and Turf with Shrimp or Mahi Mahi and a Filet that was cut like butter ( that one was one of my favorites), Rib Eye or Arrachera, Creamy Soups, or Tortilla soup, and Onion soup, Fettuccini Alfredo with Shrimp or Chicken, and various themed choice menus like Mexican, French, Spanish, Indian etc., nightly. Lots of delicious foods, all presented beautifully, a delight to the eye and senses. Service was 5-star in every way, Danielle was our primary waiter and has true waiter and people skills. Desserts such as Churros, a traditional Mexican option with chocolate sauce, Tiramisu, Cheesecake, Brownie with Ice Cream of various varieties, and Sorbets that were very unique like basil, cardamom and my favorite maracuja ( passion fruit). Plus drinks of every style under the sun. Along with wine for wine lovers. Each dining experience was our best! Each having great food, drink, dessert, presentation and service. Who could ask for more?! Our days, we started either sleeping late or enjoying reading on our terrace, chatting or having room service breakfast. The breakfast room service menu is quite varied with all kinds of options from Eggs to Pancakes to Eggs Benedict and on and on. All received nicely on phone, delivered timely and hot and set out on our table in the dining room, beautifully, with white linen napkins, of course. Breakfast room service was high caliber for sure. ( Good time to mention, sleeping in was commonplace, once you sleep in the beds of a Velas resort, with fine bed linens and their mattresses and pillows, well sleep is like a "cloud"). Oh, the luxury just never ends. Room service is, by the way, 24/7. As they say at Casa Velas, it is my pleasure! I meant to make time this trip for a massage and yup, I forgot again. For that matter I had such a relaxing time, I totally forget about the lovely Spa and the great Gym overlooking the beautiful grounds. Next trip!! Our days were spent by a pool or beach while at Casa Velas. The large heated pool on site is a favorite of mine in Puerto Vallarta. Every day we had poolside service by Gerardo and Ramon, excellent waiters. Remembered our drinks daily. Always paid attention to our needs for food and drink. The Aguabar poolside menu is great. We had such things as Shrimp Burritos, Arrechera Nachos, Hamburgers, French Fries, and Onion Rings made special to order, just because I asked if they had them, & Vegan Burgers. No, we did not get thru the whole menu but close. Hehe. All kinds of drinks, alcohol and not. We did eat a lot. We also found time for swimming, floating and chatting in the water and we saw a few creatures of nature. Iguanas, an Armadillo on the golf course, a very persistent woodpecker, who pecked away at a light on a post, a green gecko who lost his tail, a very large lost Crab and Koi and turtles. Oh, and beautiful ducks, that rested a bit on the edge of the pool. I cannot recall the type of duck, but we named them Polly and Penny. We lounged in cabanas or umbrella covered teak loungers, like ladies of luxury and we were, for sure. Ages of guests varied from honeymooners to anniversaries of many years for some, less for others, it seemed young work conferences and the crew that hung at the swim-up bar were of the thirty to forty age group, even some celebrating divorces, so all ages go, but no children. Bet you thought all the food reviewing and fun was over, surprise, not yet! We spent a day at Tau Beach Club, also known as Casa Velas Beach Club. We were driven over by Casa Velas air-conditioned shuttle to yet another scrolled gate much like the entrance to Casa Velas. Heaven! Just reminds me of heaven! You walk into the lobby of Tau and see right thru to an infinity pool with the ocean beyond. ( a 3-minute drive or a 10-minute walk but not in the humidity of June). I hope I mentioned that when you stay at Casa Velas you have use of it along with Tau beach club and Velas Vallarta, the sister resort on the beach the whole time. Tau is also open now as a beach club for the public, by reservation, a true treat for those who just want a day on the beach with pampering, good food and drink. Tau beach club has a restaurant and poolside or beach food and drink service. Cabanas are set up on beach sand and there are cabanas and loungers by the infinity pool, small in comparison to the pool at Casa Velas but also quite cozy and special feeling. There are also tables set up on the first and second floors for dining. Towels, bathrooms, changing areas and showers are available for use. The music is played softly so it remains a place of peace and tranquillity but on the ocean in the Bay of Banderas. Service was fantastic and I found the "infamous" Benny the bartender, waiter, extraordinaire there. We enjoyed a great day there splashing in the ocean, ankle height. Swimming in the pool and admiring the surf and sand, was beautiful. Lounging and yes eating and drinking more. The menu is Asian-inspired but has your usual burgers and such. I had Fish tacos with grilled pineapple, coriander and onion, along with sharing Spring rolls and my friend had a Vegan Burger on a Blue flour bun. It looked fabulous and different, I love different. It was a great fun-filled day of beach fun. Thought I would never end, bet you were thinking, well just a tad more. The all inclusive here is fantastic. Worth every penny and can compete with some of the best restaurants in town or anywhere. The staff is beyond amazing and I need to mention two staff members who made our stay, just exceptional. The concierges, Miguel and Ricardo just blew me away with my never ending changing of times for dining, needs and wants. They made sure my mini bars were filled daily with exactly what I requested pre- trip, our snack baskets filled with treats, that maid service and turn down happened at times I requested, that ice be delivered at hours requested and that our stay was as near to perfection as possible. They surpassed any expectation without ruffling a feather from before our arrival to departure. The rooms, are contemporary Hacienda and the grounds just fabulous. They offer nightly early music in outdoor lounge which we never enjoyed this trip. It was too humid. They also have a beautiful lobby and lounge area with a reading nook and TV station inside the Air conditioning. Whatever you want it is here at Casa Velas, be it a food, drink, beauty, tranquility, fun or whatever. No children though, adults only. Just heavenly and I will end on that note with hopes to return very soon with my husband next time. Five-star experience for sure.

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Relax. Rejuvenate. Repeat.

lauri7347 (Guadalajara, Mexico) on Jul 02, 2022

The moments the gates opened I knew this would be an unforgettable experience. We were greeted at the stunning front entrance, given towels to refresh and checked in with every attention to detail. This was a girlfriends trip and our two room suite was beyond amazing. The dining room was lovely, the wait staff quickly learned our taste and were prepared before we even arrived. We had wonderful days by the pool and we took the shuttle for an afternoon at the Tau Beach Club. Casa Velas is the perfect location to unwind, relax and rejuvenate, I am already dreaming of my return. Hasta pronto Casa Velas!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Beautiful & Relaxing

nofusspot (Norwood, Pennsylvania) on Jul 02, 2022

We stayed but just a few days celebrating our anniversary. The staff was amazing! We recieved a complimentary bottle of champagne and chocolate strawberries that came as a surprise. Thanks Miguel! Stellar service and food at Emiliano from Special coffee to a decorated dessert plate giving us a farewell on our last night. Every meal was excellent in presentation and taste. Front desk staff helped us in many ways. Tau was closed for repairs so they helped us make a reservation at a sister hotel. It was our anniversary and it was so wonderful and special. Pool staff as excellent and attentive as well. There are so many people that made our trip beyond special. I hate to start dropping names and feel like I'm leaving anyone out. Every single employee deserves kudos. We have to thank Daniel Cesar Oscar Reuben Armando Ariana & ALL. They made our trip and anniversary more special than anywhere else could even imagine to do so. The staff here is genuine and caring. We felt like we were leaving friends behind when we left. I enjoyed The perfectly quaffed landscaping as well as the botanical garden. The birds fish turtles and all wildlife so amazing. Our room spacious and very clean. My only gripe is our tiny pool could have really used some tlc. There were tiles that were either missing or loose. It also had alage growing. We were positive the pump was not working and I had to skim out petals leaves and whatnot daily. So many positive things to say on our most relaxing trip to Mexico ever. I feel as though I'm only scratching the surface In this review. I would hardly recommend and hope to return someday.

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