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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.0
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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Beautiful Ocean View

april312023 on Jan 26, 2023

Great hotel with easy transit access to many things including downtown. It's too bad that there is no sun on the lower pool decks until about 1:30. Equinoxes deck was great though. Friendly staff. I only came across one staff member in the restaurant who didn't like to smile, but sometimes life is just that way so I am not going to mention her name. Virginia our cleaning lady was Fantastic and soooo helpful. We miss Fabians surprise drinks in the afternoon!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Friendly Staff

GCollins32 (Halifax, Canada) on Jan 26, 2023

Friendly staff who were there to assist. rooms were clean and well maintained the staff respected your personal time but checked in to ensure your stay was comfortable. Good gym and met the needs of a workout.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

First Baecation

carlena m (Arizona City, Arizona) on Jan 25, 2023

I wouldn’t recommend this for young couple buh for a family with kids it would be best buh the hotel doesn’t get much sun only at the kid section of the pool. There was a section available for adults only but of course you had to pay extra per day. Better food in downtown area!! Which the hotel isn’t too far from aprx 15/20 mins.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Some important problems, but strengths to outweigh them. I will return.

slimkoppie (Cape Town Central, South Africa) on Jan 23, 2023

Trip was Nov1-10 2023. Note that I have many contributions to tripadvisor. reviews from people who have never reviewed anything else should be taken with a grain of salt. We are a couple with one 6yo little girl. Time of her life. Made a couple of besties for a few days each. It took me a long time to sit down to write this because of such mixed feelings. Ultimately, I wanna go back and stay again! But, the negatives were not small. I gave a generous 4 stars for the sake of the hotel, but I will elaborate on negatives as well as the positives for the sake of the reader. The size of this resort attracted me and was perfect for us. I didn't want a massive mega-property where Im nervous to lose my kid, or too lazy to return to my room for something. Easy to get around here and when my kid was out of sight for a few moments, no sweat she was getting an orange juice from the guys at the pool-bar. I was also tolerant of some shortcomings because, while not cheap, it is the most beautiful smaller property I could find at this price point. It's gorgeous and the photos are absolutely accurate. Could even be better in person. The most important among the many staff and services, to us, was around the pool - so good. Friendly, Attentive, fast, personal. Even when really busy they hustle. Drinks and snacks galore. Vibey music playing at a reasonable volume. Enough to keep others from playing their own music, but not too loud. It was a vibe. The main pool is the perfect size and has a cool shape and was the focal point of our entire 9 days. It has an equally beautiful adults only pool which we never used, and a kiddies pool tucked safely in a courtyard. This is cool if you want to sneak away to grab something and know the kids cant really wander far...not that I really leave my kid alone, but a few kids older than mine, I might. The shade, due to the orientation of the building, was problematic for some people as I read in many reviews. In November, proper tanning-sunshine is only at the pool from 1:20pm. This was a slight worry to us, but turned out perfect. It's plenty warm enough to swim and play earlier, just not to sun-bathe. We used the morning for leisurely breakfasts, trips to town (avoiding afternoon heat) and back in time for lunch and pool time. We found several afternoon hours of sun gave us a wicked tan and was all we needed. The food... The buffet was decent and our regular choice for breakfast lunch and dinner. We are foodies who love flavour and great food, if that makes me sound credible here lol. As with any buffet, there are plenty of items that aren't great, but always several good things to eat. Nobody can fault breakfast. Great breakfast. "western" or Mexican. Custom omelettes or custom quesadillas (my favourite breakfast). Lunch and dinner always had one or two tasty good quality proteins like a great roast beef, or roast chicken pieces, some fish... Remember that it's catering style food. Not a la carte. Ive eaten lots of catering and this isn't bad at all...but it's catering. The problem comes in when you are after fine dining or anything close. The Italian restaurant upstairs doesn't allow children (ridiculous) but the Mexican restaurant does and allows you to order from the Italian menu. Well, it was the worst Italian food I've ever eaten. Utterly tasteless, tiny pretentious portions that try hard to be fine dining but fail hard. We literally left afterward and went back to the buffet to eat something substantial. The seafood restaurant El Pescador, was ok. Fish tacos were yummy and I'd order them again, but by far nothing to write home about. Order two portions per person from the start, because if you wait to see the portion, the next one will come to your table long after you're ready to leave. Pescador is good for a little break from the buffet. The poolside food is so handy for the kids and while you're having drinks and soaking up the sun, you can kind of get over the slightly-worse-than-school-cafeteria- quality of their offering. Fries cant go wrong. Thin processed factory burger patties - ask for two on one bun, salt it and dress it up yourself from their condiments...not terrible! Mushy hotdogs-avoid unless you're a kid. Popcorn. Something they called pizza. Nachos with the worst quality processed yellow cheese sauce. All that said, your kids will probably love all of this, and you wont mind it when you are hitting some drinks and just want a snack. For the hotel staff who read this, I think you could do so much better without much cost to you. Offer shredded cheese for the nachos. Find a slightly better burger patty. I'll bet you'll see the costs of this will be offset by a reduction of diners at the restaurants because they will eat plenty at the snack bar. In fact, great quality burgers at the snack bar would almost certainly reduce the hotel's food costs from the restaurants. Noisy wedding problem: 5 weddings during our 9 night stay! These weddings are a direct conflict of interest for the property. It's a takeover. Blaring music. Absolutely blaring. When we were on the 4th floor of the older side (which is farther from the weddings area) on our first night the pounding music blew our minds until after 11pm. This is because it came from outside AND through the open air lobbys nearby. We were moved to a higher floor and on subsequent wedding nights, it was tolerable, and did seem to end at 11. We sleep by 9 or 10 on vacation and rise early. I spoke to other guests who were on the newer side nearer to weddings who were absolutely distraught over the noise. It's a real problem the hotel must address. If I return, I must insist on a high floor on the older side. I have video from inside my room on the first night. All that said, with a positive attitude and a little tolerance, you can have a great time at this gorgeous property. I really liked the staff. The beach is gorgeous and clear, with boulders for visual interest and climbing on. at standing depth, over near the boulders, I used goggles and saw many schools of tropical fish. I swam daily at this lovely beach. It's an important part of why I intend to return. IT's private and small and cozy and clean. I brought my own Stand up paddle board. I wouldn't do so again because the bay is never really flat. Not that the waves were unpleasant. They were perfect. The day that I used it, I paddled around the corner to the left to some gorgeous rock outcrops and caves, where many boats were gathered with snorkelers. I wish the hotel offered kayaks! The closed sit-on-top kind. They would be perfect here. 10 peso bus ride to the romantic zone. Easy and fun. 270peso Uber ride. Easy, and we found the distance from the core to be perfect for us. If you don't sleep early as we do, or, if you have family suites on the older half of the building, then the possibility of weddings should not worry you. If you opt for their normal rooms on the newer side, and need peace in your room in the evening, you should be worried about weddings. If you don't have really high expectations for food, the buffet has items as decent as you'd find at a good wedding (but not a great wedding lol). Excellent breakfast. Certainly good enough for all kids. You can have such a good time here. I want to go back but must insist on the right room, and just have to pray that there are only a couple of weddings. one or two would be fine! 5 is crazy. All of the above did not interfere with us having a great time. I might be crazy but I might just go back. Mainly because it's a gorgeous smaller property with enough entertainment for adults and kid without being too big. Did I say the beach was awesome?

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Family Getaway

Trail23432885333 on Jan 23, 2023

The resort ,restaurants & drinks were wonderful.. We had a nice relaxing week, activities around the resort, went down town and the people were very nice, great entertainment, shopping, food and drinks as well....Very SAFE place to walk around as well....

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