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Nenaab05 on Jul 12, 2024

Felt that I needed to write a review as my experience at this hotel was not as expected. Lesson learned next time I will read reviews and take them into account when selecting a hotel to stay. Had been looking forward to enjoying my vacation stress free and it was not. First of all we arrived only to stand in a long line. We waited 30-40 minutes in the scorching heat to check in to our room. Once we got to the front of the line I overheard two guests tell the staff that once they went up to their room they noticed other guests were already given the room. They were very unorganized and were franticly trying to figure out what happened. They had to call out the room numbers so to not double book. Once we were getting ready to go up to the room I noticed from the corner of my eye that someone was waiting for us with a clipboard. I told him as politely as I could that we were not intersted. Right away he got very defensive and I told him again we are tired and do not want to sit and talk to him to go over a map and him try to get us to go to a timeshare meeting. I felt harrassed by this person. Very rude. My room was apparently not ready. They were working on the door. Once we went up to the room no one was there fixing anything. I did notice that the door looked damaged. Once inside my room noticed I had not one hanger and also missing both remote controls for the TVs. Once the brought the hangers they were mismatched. Seems liked they might have been left behind by another guest. The food from the pool area did not look appealing at all. My nephew was hungry so they got him a hot dog / fries – found out the “ketchup”. I told my sister in law that what she was pouring was ketchup. She did not believe me as it was cleary watered down. I was starving but I did not feel comforable eating either a hotdog or hamburger. Who knows how long they had been sitting in the sun. Tried nachos with the watery cheese, again disappointed. Non existent selection of beer and all they had were watered down drinks, FLAT sodas, gross tasting tap water. In the morning, we were on a hunt for ketchup but before we went to OXXO we stopped for breakfast. Again disappointed in the cold food they had. Once I was seated I noticed that the waiters were running to get people to come in. That is when my sister in law told me that there was a better looking buffet than this one next door. Not sure why they were practically dragging people in. Peeked next door once I was done and sure enought that place looked like it had more selection and cleaner. We definitely tried to make this hotel work but the last straw was going to the Concierge to make dinner reservation, it was about 8:30am at this point. We were advised that there were no more reservations available except for at the Sushi bar??? So we were told that people start lining up at 6am to make reservations. They allow you to make reservations starting at 7am. But they fill up fast as the lines are long and crazy. He was very rude and basically had the take it or leave it attitude. WIFI was horrible!!!!! I was done after this. I tried to make it work but this was a hotel to beware of. I immediately started looking for a new hotel to stay at. I didn't care to lose out on the money by checking out early. Not worth the stress in my opinion. Once in the taxi, the driver confirmed that everyone who leave that hotel swears never to return. He validated my feelings of the hotel. He said they overbook and are understaffed. Once we got to Sheraton Buganvillas and it was NIGHT AND DAY!!!! No lines…. Air conditioned lobby and rooms… pleasant staff… clean resort…. Clean and fresh room… Went outside to a taco stand making the most delicious Al Pastor tacos….Modelos AND coronas at the bars for the hubs…. Unlimited cold water bottles and cold sodas by the can (NOT flat!) I finally felt that my vacation began even though I was robbed of a day. I hope this review helps anyone else looking for a hotel. Stay away from this one!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


Nicole T on Jul 11, 2024

NOT A 4 STAR RESORT AT BEST this is a 1.5 star resort. I NEVER write reviews but I have to share our experience in case it can help anyone make a better decision before booking here under the false impression it is a 4 star resort. In my opinion… DO NOT STAY HERE IF you care about cleanliness…. Consistent good service…the taste/quality of your food… and/or a LACK OF/MINIMAL AC ANYWHERE– ****This is not my first stay in Mexico, we visit here often, I am aware it hot and humid it is – especially in July, and overall my expectations were not that high but this was my worst experience of any place I have ever stayed in any part of Mexico*** We arrived to this resort optimistic and ready to make the most of our 5 day vacation there. Unfortunately once we got there everything went downhill. We arrived to crazy lines to check in. We waited 30-40 minutes in the scorching heat to check in to our room. 1 of our rooms were not ready at due to a supposed issue with the door, so we had to wait and return to get this room later and wait again in a different line to get our 2nd room. This was already close to 4pm so this room should’ve been ready already. When we finished waiting 40 min to get 1 of our 2 rooms initially, there was someone waiting for us specifically, to attempt to take more of our time to “explain the map” but also sell us on a timeshare meeting im sure – we shot this down right away as we were already irritated that we had to wait so long in the heat to get only one of our rooms. This employee was clearly upset we did not want to meet with him and he became upset and aggressive that we did not want to meet with him… we left and tried to move on with turning our day around. We had given our room info to the bellman to bring our luggage to our room. We went to the 1 room that was ready, and waited 30 min in the warm room – still no luggage. At this point we went back downstairs to get our 2nd room, we waited in another line to get this room, meanwhile I noticed our luggage was still sitting in same spot so I let them know we were still waiting. He said he would bring it up right away. After another 15 min to get our 2nd room, still no luggage movement…. Bugged again… went up to our room to wait and finally the luggage came. INITIAL IMPRESSION – Aside from the check in experience, we were ready to turn things around and enjoy our stay. More things we noticed… elevator was very sketchy and closes so fast you have to rush in so the doors don’t close on you. Got to our top floor “Junior Suite w/ ocean view room” …. Hallways were covered in bugs and don’t appear to be well maintained… got in to the room and felt the room was not cleaned well – it was acceptable but not impressed. Room was warm and the AC was capped so we could not cool it down any further. Room was large, but not clean enough and seemed old. Refrigerator did not work. Little bugs crawling around. Just wasn’t impressed but did not complain to anyone as we were still trying to make things work. Decided to go out and get a snack – Got my son a hot dog / fries – found out the “ketchup” was what I thought was sweet and sour sauce? Sitting there in the sun. Was assured it was ketchup but… It did not look like ketchup!! It was watered down orangey color and I could not even bring myself to taste it. Also quick note – the burgers / hot dogs were made in advance and sitting there in the heat. Not made on demand so who knows how old the food was. Did not look appetizing….also tried nachos with the watery cheese… no bueno. So we decided to give up on eating anything and wait until dinner. Still trying to make most of trip so we went to the nearby store downstairs and bought a bottle of ketchup and some snacks. We had made a reservation earlier for the Chinese restaurant. So later we got there to be sat at the Sushi Bar. Apparently this was what our reservation was made for but we did not know this nor would have agreed to this as we are not fans of sushi. Luckily they sat us elsewhere as there were many tables available so I am not sure why the reservation was made for sushi spot?.... Food at this restaurant was okay. It was definitely acceptable and there were some good things on menu, and also got some good service here. NEXT MORNING – we went to get breakfast in the buffet, but we were stopped and brought in to a neighboring spot that at the time we were not aware wasn’t the buffet. Not sure why we were encouraged to go there instead. But unfortunately it was a struggle to find anything appetizing. Not a lot of options. Food was cold. Waited a few times for omelette station but it was unattended. Settled on a banana and some coffee. Overall disappointing breakfast experience. At this point we went to the Concierge to make dinner reservation, it was about 8:30am at this point. We were advised that there were no more reservations available except for at the Sushi bar??? So we were told that people start lining up at 6am to make reservations. They allow you to make reservations starting at 7am. But they fill up fast as the lines are long and crazy. SOOOO you mean to tell me we have to wake up extra early on vacation to wait in lines to make a single reservation per day??? Tried to take our son to the pool. IN MY OPINION – the “better pool” is in the front – which we found to be dirty. And turned out to be adults only. So that means we were stuck with the central pool that had no outside chairs, only chairs inside of the pool. No umbrellas that I saw/minimal shade areas. And honestly a dangerous set up with little ones. Whole time I walked around there I had to keep close eyes on my son to make sure he didn’t fall in – hard to explain but just not an ideal set up – again this part is just in my opinion and contributed to my overall opinion of the hotel. It was at this point we felt defeated by our stay at Krystal Grand. There were just too many issues and I found it to be too challenging to enjoy this resort. We waited all year to come “vacation” here, and it did not feel like a vacation. We wondered how we were going to enjoy the next FOUR days here. So we ended up calling Sheraton In Puerto Vallarta, packed up our bags, took a loss and left this resort. In order to leave this place we had to fill out a paper explaining why before they would cut off our bracelets… We got to Sheraton Buganvillas and it was NIGHT AND DAY!!!! No lines…. Air conditioned lobby and rooms… pleasant staff… clean resort…. Clean and fresh room… Went outside to a taco stand making the most delicious Al Pastor tacos…. It was like our vacation finally started. Made dinner reservations here with ease… much better experience in every single way. We also talked to many different people who had similar experiences/had heard about the issues at Krystal Grand. ALSO – it was nice to be so close to the Malecon and many different places within walking distance if we wanted to explore. We knew booking in Nuevo Vallarta this wouldn’t be the case – but we did expect to be able to enjoy our resort more for this reason, but we could not at Krystal Grand.

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Lewis D on Jul 09, 2024

This was our first experience with a Resort that we chose to experience the all inclusive features of that resort. Our plan was to rest, relax, and enjoy all of the features of the resort, ie. pool, restaurants, spa, and anything else that was available. The Pool was outstanding, it may be the best feature of the resort. The infinity view that leads into a view of the ocean was spectacular. The only downfall was that it was in need of some repairs next to the swim up bar. The food was excellent. I honestly didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. The Flavors were superb! Now when it comes to the availability of getting into eat at a certain place, the resorts policy of scheduling the place you want to eat at is a bit silly. They require you to make reservations in person at the Concierge desk, with those reservations starting at 7am. If you arrived at the front desk to make your reservations later than 7am, you would be at the mercy of a long line that would result in not being able to get in anywhere and needing to eat at the buffet for the evening. We had issues with the AC in our room and it took 2.5 days before we got it fixed, to make that process worse I could not get an anyone on the phone at the front desk and had to physically go speak to someone about it. The worse thing is that the resort has the worse WiFi that I have ever experienced in my life. We could not get any reception of any quality for the entire 7trip days that we stayed at the Krystal Grand. All and all we got the rest and relaxation we wanted, but we did not have the best due to the little things that we take for granted in daily living; the ability to make a reservation, or the ability to have quality if I in the digital age.

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Elixer, ignacio and Griscelda awesome

Mayela A on Jul 07, 2024

We had an excellent nightly experience with the servers at the buffet. ELIXER, IGNACIO AND GRISCELDA were polite, and quick with their service. They cleaned out the table super fast, made sure our water, coffee, and pop was topped up. They gave the kids extra treats and tried hard with their english. Always with a smile..

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Nice all inclusive resort, restaurants are very good for dinner

Steve H (Cedar Lake, Indiana) on Jul 06, 2024

After you part the check in (needs work) the hotel is nice, clean rooms, good staff, buffet for breakfast with omelette station very good, lunch and dinner just OK, 3 restaurants for dinner are awesome with friendly and helpful staff. The daily reservation process sucks by 7 am you’re in line to make a reservation, large groups may not get one. There is an upgrade to alliance status that gets top shelve liquor and you make reservations for dinner for your whole stay. Beach and pools are clean and appealing, breeze off ocean fills the open areas of resort making it comfortable, circus show was good, they have daily activities around pool and each night, ask for room nears stairs or elevator only on one end of building, could use one on both ends, Uber is cheaper then taxi in most cases. Good coffee shop open 7am to 10 pm, adult only infinity pool right on beach, great views, swim up bar, I’d go back local town of Bucerias is a good walk on trail by hotel or by beach, traditional local markets and restaurants.

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