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Not what I expected

25HannahP (Chicago, Illinois) on Jul 02, 2022

I was hoping for better after we booked the resort based on good reviews from a family friend. First, they need more staff at the front desk. Check in was painful and when my wrist band key would not work to open our rooms, I had to wait in line for a very long time with two screaming kids while other people who spoke Spanish cute in line and no one seemed to care. Second, not being able to speak Spanish seemed to not get us much service. I had multiple people cut in front of me and I’m not sure if language was the issue but they really need to enforce waiting in line.. Third, our toddler got hand foot and mouth disease on our fifth day at the resort. I get it it is a common summer viral infection but this resort has had multiple cases reported by parents since reviews going back to 2018. The pool needs to be better cleaned and adequately chlorinated as this is a highly infectious disease and gets babies and toddlers in trouble with dehydration from poor oral intake. It causes very painful sores inside the mouth and dehydration in this heat is a real risk. Fantasia does have a higher concentration of kids so I’m not surprised but it needs to be letter dealt with as it is an ongoing issue that can potentially land babies and toddlers in the emergency room. For a resort that is advertised as 4 or 5 stars, our rooms were outdated with mildew in the showers. There was a lack of towels everyday - no wash cloths. Our rooms were cleaned earlier during the day during the beginning of our stay but towards the end of the week, we would come back around 2-3 pm and it was still not cleaned and our kids could not take a nap and we left for the day around 9 am on average. I will not be coming back to this resort. For a resort advertised as family friendly, it just did not meet expectations. That said, the evening entertainment was good. I thought the specialty dinner restaurants were overall great. The app did allow me to request extra towels and other concierge services without issue. The frustrations of the resort however outweighed the benefits for us with two young kids. I booked the resort hoping for a stress free vacation with young kids given that it was advertised as very family friendly but I just feel wiped out at the end

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United Kingdom, family of 4

Fayeelizabethburnett on Jul 02, 2022

We stayed at the Fantasia, Punta Cana for 3 weeks in May 2022 and we had the most amazing time. Our room was lovely and clean, the beds are only doubles but we managed. Drinks and crisps daily in the mini bar. We left tips at first but didn’t seem to make a difference so we stopped. All restaurants are lovely apart from the gourmet (various reasons) the service is slow at times and sometimes we had to ask for a drink or for them to take our order, the servers didn’t seem to know who they were serving and there wasn’t really much organisation but it didn’t spoil our holiday. The buffet restaurant was the best we’ve ever had for all inclusive, so much choice. Everything you can think of. Entertainment every night, kids disco followed by a show in the theatre. Kids club and entertainment staff were excellent. Thank you to Nicky and Yamilka in particular, they really made a fuss of our daughter (6) and son (4). They were so friendly and the kids loved them. Always had big smiles on their faces and lots of energy! We hope to return here in the future!

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Good hotel overall, please read the full honest review.

Józef S on Jun 28, 2022

First of all the overall feeling of this holiday was positive. We booked as a family with a 6 year old daughter purely for the kids experience and to be honest the hotel delivered. Food wise - the hotel delivered pretty good, the buffet restaurants had a large variety of foods available at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The a la carte restaurants were pretty good, the Mexican restaurant, the Japanese and the brazilian were very good. However when you get to hotel it’s very hard to book into an a la carte restaurant each night as they book up with in minutes of being available. Out of 11 reservations we managed to secure 7. Also beings the Bahia Principe resort is so large there can be a bit of walking involved, there are carts available to ride on a main strip from top to bottom of the resort but they literally only go on that strip and no where else. The dining room can get very noisy at busy eating times, rather like a school canteen so it may be better to eat outside for a bit of peace. However during the mid day heat it is nice to have a bit of AC. Staff wise - entertainment staff are great, so fantastic with the kids and the evening entertainment was good. Waiting staff are very hit and miss, the odd staff member are on top of their game, seating us with smiles on their face and sorting out drinks promptly. The majority of the staff seemed they couldn’t be bothered and would rather serve Spanish speaking hotel residents first. We even had an experience of sitting at the table, having eaten our meal still waiting for a glass of water whilst our waiter moved around every table in sight except ours. After 30 minutes of waiting we gave up. Front desk was great when we first checked in, however not so good when we needed the keys to the room redone. My wife and child stood at the desk for nearly 20 minutes trying to get seen, with staff again rather sorting Spanish speaking residents over them even though the other guests had got there after. We did find that if you tipped the staff they were a lot more inclined to sorting you before anyone else. Room - the rooms are pretty nice and spacious, fridge restocked everyday and new linen every day as you would expect. We did have one day when the maid turned up at 6pm to do the room but that was a one off. The air con in the room worked, but due to the power for the whole room being controlled on an occupancy sensor ( great for energy saving ???? ) the AC never really managed to get below 20 degrees so the room felt cooler but never cold. There was a ceiling mounted fan to circulate the air but without that I think we may have had hot and sticky night times. The hot water took a while at times to come through the pipe work so had cold showers more than most, and I would bother with the jet bath as it would take an hour to fill to even use. Our room was on the 3rd floor of block 99 and we did find that the balcony door could be opened even when locked. A few other rooms were reported with the same issue. At the beginning of the holiday we were issued a room in block 98, which was great until we realised that we had paid an extra £250 through TUI for a ‘castle front view’ and we were given a ‘castle view room’ there is a big difference in this especially if you have young children that want to watch the castle light show from the balcony of an evening. So please be mindful of this. Reception did eventually allow us to move rooms for the view we paid for but they didn’t seem very happy about this. Pools - the main pool is very nice. The pool at the “front” of the castle is the quieter of the two, all the entertainment is at the rear. So if you’re not into loud music and dancing after 12pm I’d stick to the front pool. The Kids water park was great, our 6 year old loved it ! I did however see a few exposed through bolts sticking out of the ground under the water without protection on so be careful of your kids toes ! Also a couple of loose grates where kids ankles could come to harm. Towels are available poolside from one of the kiosks. Beach - lovely beach, clean and tidy. However the beach here suffers a lot with seaweed, there is a continuous mound of seaweed on the edge of the sea so if you’re looking for pure shores this may put you off. Also this is on the Atlantic Ocean so there is a constant tide and chop on the water. Small Kids need to be kept an eye on because the pull of the outgoing water can be a bit strong. The Caribbean Sea on the opposite coast is far more calm and mill pond like. However I can imagine the hotels over there are a bit more expensive due to everything looking like it’s straight out of a “come to the Caribbean” advert ?? ?? The general condition of the hotel was ok, the decor was pretty good throughout. However being an electrical engineer by trade I noticed a lot of exposed electrical equipment, covers missing from enclosures, light fittings hanging off/out of the walls, exposed wires where garden maintenance have accidentally cut through them. Fortunately they are 110v ! The hotel features WiFi throughout and was very easy to get on to, speeds were very good allowing ease of streaming any videos ( Netflix etc ) The hotel also has a helpful app to help with navigating around the resort to restaurants, booking reservations, looking at entertainment programs and room service etc. The castle light show was very good, my little girl absolutely loved it. …when she was awake. The hotel features two light/projection shows, a small one at 8pm and the main show at 10pm. This to me seemed to be backwards as kids are generally tired out by the time 10pm rocks around with being active in the heat all day. One real annoyance of mine was that every single table we sat at was wobbly ?? not like a slight wobble, it was a full on inch difference rock. A massively high recommendation is to bring plenty of sun cream and medication ! The hotel charges anything from 25 USD up to 40 USD per bottle if you run out, the same is to be said of the medication, a tub of 20 paracetamol will cost you 9 USD. You can haggle with some of the shops, we did manage to get 4 bottles for 80 USD but that was still very expensive for budget suncream. We found the same stuff on the internet for 8 USD for 2 ?? Hawaiian Tropic will set you back around 30 USD for a bottle, nearly 40 USD for an aerosol type can. The hotel also states that you cannot reserve sun beds / day beds. But most hotel residents come down between 5/6am and throw towels across sets of loungers so be sure to grab them whilst you can. After 10am you’ll be lucky to find something, especially with kids in tow. Inflatables are allowed and are sold on site. But again bring your own as they are $$$ A la carte restaurants state a formal dress code but I personally wore a nice pair of shorts and trainers, or long trousers and open toe sandals. No contention was met with these options. I can imagine if you rock up in a football shirt and gym shorts you may get turned away ??????? Excursions wise we booked a dolphin experience through a guy called Darlin who works around the pool at the hotel. Lovely guy, and very good English ???? I would highly recommend the dolphin trip ! You’ll be picked up at 7.30 am outside the hotel and 30/40 mins open bus ride to the Caribbean Sea where you’ll be taken out by boat to dolphin island. Well worth the money ( 360 USD - 155 USD per swimmer, 50 USD to observe ) We also went to monkey land, another worthwhile excursion. This was booked from the hotel but through a TUI rep called Isreal. The trip cost ( 208 USD - 79 USD per adult, 55 USD per child ) but again well worth it ! To sum up; we had a good holiday in the Dominican Republic. I don’t think we’d stay in this hotel again but the overall experience was good ??

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Not recommended.

Ellemoi (Horsforth, United Kingdom) on Jun 25, 2022

We had a fantastic holiday but I think that was more due to the fact we were in the Dominican Republic after being grounded for 2 years because of Covid. The sunshine was fabulous and we loved the beach/palm trees etc. it was very tropical. The grounds of Fantasia were well kept and looked good. We enjoyed the swimming pools. Especially the quieter pools behind the castle. The water park was great for the kids, but it was difficult to supervise them and we ended up running round and round to keep up with them. The sea was warm, the water was calm, there was a lot of seaweed but we just got on with it. We booked the kayaks but you have to book them a day in advance which was annoying. They should have more kayaks available so you could go whenever. Our children were 3&4. They went to the kids club accompanied. The staff put a lot of effort into the kids. The air conditioning didn’t work well so the kids got hot and bothered. We had hoped it could be a place where they could cool down. It was exceptionally hot. We took 15 bottles of SPF 50 and used it all. We also wore long sleeved swim wear. It was extremely easy to get burned. We used Avon skin so soft at night on the kids to repel the mosquitos. We used jungle formula. We still got bitten but not as badly (husband didn’t use any first night and got 15+ bites). The food was quite bad. The buffet was cold. We ended up eating omelettes and pasta which were cooked fresh whilst you waited. The A la carte restaurants were terrible ! The food was awful ! Especially the Italian. We all got bad tummies on several occasions. The service at the buffet for water and drinks was terrible. We often waited 30 minutes for water. Sometimes I got it myself but the staff didn’t like that. We also struggled to get coffee and tea at breakfast. It did ruin the meal times. They should make it self service if they aren’t going to serve people in a timely manner. When we arrived the mini bar was empty so we had no water. We asked reception but no water was delivered. We had to go to bed without water as had travelled 24 hours. It wasn’t a good start to the holiday. Check-in was the worst I’ve experienced at any all inclusive resort. It took over an hour queued up before they checked us in. It was too hot. Very unpleasant. The staff spoke poor English. They gave us no information as to where to go or anything detail about food, rooms etc. we couldn’t understand why it took them so long to process 3 families . All they needed to do was give out wrist bands. We also appear to have be robbed. I had packed jewellery and new rayban sunglasses x 2 in my luggage. We dumped the luggage In the rooms and went to get some food before the buffet closed (our flight was delayed). We left the room for 30 minutes. Then went straight to bed. When I went to unpack the next day my jewellery and raybans were gone. I thought it was too far fetched that someone had entered the room and stolen from me. I assumed I had left it at home and hadn’t packed it (despite remembering I packed it). So I didn’t mention it to the hotel assuming I would find it at home. I also didn’t want to ruin the first day getting upset and trying to sort it with the hotel when they spoke such bad English. Unfortunately it wasn’t at home. By then I was out of time to report it to insurers. I lost £700 worth of jewellery and sunglasses. If it wasn’t stolen at the resort, then it was taken somewhere on the journey from Manchester airport. I cannot say for certain but having read other reviews and comments about the hotel I note that other people have been robbed in their rooms. Especially after just checking in. Whilst we had a fabulous holiday, I would not return to Fantasia. I think TUI need to reconsider offering it as a 5* hotel. I think 3* would be more accurate. We paid £1800 pp x5.

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Summer break

Sue L on Jun 24, 2022

The hotel is everything you would want in a hotel. Staff are friendly helpful and go out of their way to give you a great holiday. From arrival to restaurants bar staff gardeners they are all so helpful. Food amazing. Towels in sunbeds only issue.

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