Catalonia Bávaro Beach Golf and Casino Resort reviews

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  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.0
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TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Unhappy with the room and the response we received

LaShawn B on May 18, 2024

Room was outdated. Sink stopped up, dust on ceiling fan flying causing asthma flare, stuffy room cause allergies to flare. The air conditioning was just bearly working. Told guest service she just say Okay, I felt brushed off, Staff a 10/10

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing holiday

LucyLu82 (Hove, United Kingdom) on May 18, 2024

Just returned from my second visit to this amazing hotel and we had a fabulous vacation, it felt like we were visiting family again. The food is great in the buffet, lots of options to suit everyone's tastes and a la carte restaurants are amazing but busy, make sure to book your reservations on your first day. The rooms are spacious and super clean, plenty of water left every day and the grounds are beautiful and kept immaculate. But the best thing about this hotel has to be the amazing staff, Kenia, Oscar, Yohany (mamaguana) and Julissa in the buffet, the beautiful Sarah, Hector, Luis and all the staff in the lobby bar, Carolina, Felix, Raidon in the pool and beach bars and the amazing happy, friendly and energetic animation team Emmanuel, Richards, King Kong, Yery, Ricky Martin, Mildred, Fernando and all of the team and the rest of the staff here who work so hard and with the biggest smiles to make sure everyone has an amazing holiday. We met so many return guests that come back year after year to this hotel which is a testament to all the staff that work here. Nos vemos el año que viene familia ??

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Think twice!

Jamie S on May 18, 2024

Oh my. Writing this while on site. You should consider going somewhere else. The resort itself is nice. Check in (we are five rooms) took 90 minutes from the time we started dealing with someone at the front desk. Nice guy at front but couldn’t sort the rooms. Reserved all double beds and they were giving us kings. 90 minutes later had rooms. Rooms are decent and clean. AC in one doesn’t work properly. Tech came - looked at it but didn’t actually do anything and said it’s fixed. Second tech next day was coming in ten minutes according to front desk. 90 minutes later he came and actually did some work - hopefully it’s fixed. Food is not good. Buffet was the only place we were told was available first night. Overcooked meats, taste is just bad…breads were good because they are probably brought in. Most fruit was good. A stir fry station looked good but with only one chef and 30-45 minutes to wait, most don’t bother. They just throw out so much. Breakfast buffet was bad. How can you mess up eggs? Cold potatoes and other food that should be hot. Birds landing on lots of food , picking it up, dropping it back down. Guest services is non existent. They said they would make dinner reservations for our group for each night and didn’t. Now restaurants are apparently full - so back to buffet for the second night and same experience. Trying to find someone from guest services is also hard. One person working - sometimes. No one answers a phone. The person at Guest services station by pool was coming back in ten minutes and shows up 3 hours later. One guest service person working front desk and a line up to get to her. Spending money to take a taxi to a restaurant seems like best option at this all inclusive. The weather is great. The sun is hot. The pool is nice and guests are friendly. Things the resort doesn’t control are good. It shouldn’t be too hard to have better food and customer service. I was checking this place out for a larger group, but I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. Maybe things will get better for the next few days, and I’ll update, but I doubt it.

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Our 6th year Anniversary Starting off Bad

Trek65984131567 on May 17, 2024

We checked in everyone was excellent, got to the counter and the young lady could fine us in the system. After some help we got our room keys, only to have our room changed before we left the desk. The room has oder that is really bad and the dust on the ceiling fan is flying everywhere (to which dust I’m allergic)…..

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Not what we were envisioning…definitely not worth the Prestige upgrade!

anniet327 (Council Bluffs, Iowa) on May 15, 2024

I want to first preface that we ended up staying the entire week, but our first night was very rocky! The Resort itself is laid out very nicely and it is very beautiful as far as scenery, and all of the beautiful landscaping. Our first room when we arrived was very dirty, I mean, filthy. The walls were dirty. There was something that looked like mud, perhaps feces spread all over own wall.There was no light fixture on one wall you could tell it was missing because it was a blank spot there. The patio door did not lock, and there was filth all over the bathroom as well. The chairs also had questionable stains all over them, and the beds had not been made. I called our booking company, to see if I could get my money back since we had only been there for 20 minutes. I was going to try to transfer to another resort. It was not going to happen, the Catalonia resort was not allowing me to get my money back. So I would’ve had to have spent an additional several thousand dollars to get to another resort. They ended up switching our room which was a lengthy process, but this next room was at least habitable. Room issues were the following: The key only worked occasionally, the doors are very picky. One sink in our bathroom didn’t work, it would clog and take over 30 minutes to drain. One side of the double shower would stay cold, and the other would get very hot…neither side was in the middle. One side of the shower had a completely exposed drain, that side worked but the drain that did have a stopper took forever to drain! The robe provided (yes, only one robe even though two names were on the reservation) was dirty and smelled of someone else’s body odor. I’m still not happy with the fact that we paid for the Prestige package, and none of the stuff that we paid for was actually offered to us. When we arrived to our room, there were no beach towels, which is something that states they will be provided upon check-in. We did not have Butler service at all. We called one night for room service, they never came. Nobody ever called. Nobody ever came. Nothing came of our order. We didn’t have a hammock, and no one ever brought us one after mentioning it. Our housekeeper was very good, and very polite. But, as others have mentioned the towel situation was just bizarre. Some days we would have towels, other days we wouldn’t. We always had to call for refills on water and other beverages in our fridge with the exception of one time. The first night eating at the buffet was actually disgusting, and we were very put off by it. We ate at the Italian restaurant the second night and I would rate it maybe 7 out of 10, but I’m not a huge pasta eater. We ate at the steak house on the fourth night and it was the worst steak I’ve ever had in my life! Granted, I live in the Midwest, so I am very fortunate to be able to have pretty good beef most of the time. But the steak literally was cooked Incorrectly, and loaded with fat, and it was so tough that I couldn’t even chew through it. So we stuck with going to the buffet after visiting two of the four other restaurants. We figured out if you got there right at 6:30 PM when the buffet opened, it was perfect! And we had Hibachi every night after that and it was spectacular! I also want to notate that at the Pure Bar on the beach, we had the most fantastic bartender, Angela! She was the kindest, most attentive bartender on the entire property! She was fabulous and she was fun and she was absolutely personable! The daytime Pure Bar bartender was not as good, and she was grumpy the entire time. She would not help us because she was too busy helping people who were slipping her $$$$. But, I will tip where tipping is due, I won’t tip if the service isn’t there! The pool area was always packed, so if you want to get a good chair…arrive early! We spent our entire week on the beach, and that was lovely. I would rate this a 5/10 resort. I want impressed with the Prestige Package, I want impressed with the food, I wasn’t impressed that they didn’t offer any nondairy options for coffee/desserts (I’m allergic.) Angela literally made this stay for us, she’s a 10/10!!!

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