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  • Cleanliness 4.5
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.5
  • Service 4.0
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Great resort for the price

krstnattt on Jun 23, 2022

This resort was beautiful and we had a fantastic experience overall. The rooms were lovely and clean. We had a beautiful view of the pool and the maids did an excellent job every day. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful, shoutout to Eddie the entertainer - he was so energetic and lively. Nighttime entertainment options were repetitive and could improve. The buffet was really good but options were very repetitive. One complaint about the food would be the poor signage indicating what everything was. We don't eat pork and we found a lot of pork dishes were not identified properly, there was also a LOT of pork options, so more chicken/beef/fish options would be nice. The a la carte restaurants were the best part - delicious food, great service and lots of variety. The resort has a great gym you can use and all the other amenities were great. The only thing that was disappointing about this resort was the beach - it smelled disgusting and there was so much seaweed you had to walk over half a foot of seaweed to get to the water, and the water itself was covered in seaweed you could hardly swim. The pools/chairs/cabanas were maintained well and always clean. I constantly saw staff cleaning/rearranging/organizing the pool and beach areas. Overall, this resort would be a 8.5/10 for me. It was an amazing experience for the price.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


Danielle H on Jun 22, 2022

To all my friends, family, and fellow travelers…. DO NOT ever stay at this resort. I had a the worst experience, they ruined my birthday as well as my trip. Total waste of money. They are rude, unhelpful, you do not feel safe, they hang up every time you call (if they actually answer) this is a 1-2 ?? resort at most. I’ve never wanted a vacation to be over in my life. In 5 continents and over 20 countries I’ve never had such a bad experience. I walked out of most my dinner reservations as I couldn’t get service, they have the cheapest garbage alcohol available. As we have a huge network of fellow travelers especially solo, PLEASE share, word of mouth, change your reservation if your going. I wouldn’t want my friends to have this experience.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Never again

megntaylor16 on Jun 20, 2022

I would never book at this property again nor would I recommend it for a number of reasons. Prior to even arriving, I checked in but could not log into my second reservation. This was because of an input error on their end. That said, I tried calling and emailing multiple times to get this straightened out with no help. I found out on my own that in order to log in, I needed to use the first name on the other reservation (not my last name as indicated during log in). While trying to get the second reservation taken care of, I was able to log into my first reservation to make dinner reservations; however, I could not connect it to the second room (and could only make dinner reservations for 2 people not 4 people). Again, I called the property and was directed to send an email. I emailed multiple times and was told this could be taken care of at check in upon arrival. Fast forward to our arrival— I was told there was not enough room at the restaurants for our total party of 4 even though I had tried to rectify this prior to arrival. While trying to “accommodate” our party, the only options were to change locations of our dinners while also eating very late at night. I was also told to call guest services that evening at 5pm to see if they could get all 4 of us at the desired restaurant that evening. I called both extensions provided at 5pm and continued to call until about 5:45pm and no one picked up the phone. That seemed to be the general consensus for anytime one of our rooms attempted to call the concierge for the entirety of our trip. No one answers the phone. In addition to our check in and dinner reservation issues, the place is not well marked making it very difficult to locate buildings (buffet, lobbies, restaurants, etc. which are also very spread out). The entertainment nor the food is not up to par with some of the other all inclusive resorts I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. While there are several staff members who made our stay enjoyable— Smerlin, Edward, Jhonatan, Summeriel, and Juan to name a few, this would not be a resort I’d ever recommend nor visit again. And talking to several other guests, it did not appear that our party was the only party with issues that have deterred us from returning.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Worst stay I have ever had. Do not stay here.

Liz1543 on Jun 19, 2022

Our room wasn’t ready and we waited 45 minutes after check in, then our room was used and dirty. (We requested a room with two beds on 5/2 and 6/13 confirmation has been received.) I understand this is a request but unnecessary and unprofessional to have us wait 45 minutes for a room with two beds AFTER CHECK IN. No one updated us and seemed to really care that we were dying of heat just waiting in the lobby. We had to ask them three times for an update. Now onto the first room- no towels, no shampoo, no lighting in the room other then one reading light by the bed. The beers were opened in the minibar, the tub was dirty and stained and the room smelled of mold and mildew very strongly. It looked like someone had just left the room. Like checked out or something. We went back to the front desk, and had to wait another hour in the heat. New room- We got a new room and the toilet was leaking in it. Then the safe locked and would not open after we used our code we made for it. The room was brighter and did smell better. Same night- this resort has 13 restaurants and we walked into one because we were starving from the long day. We were turned away because we didn’t have a reservation. They told us to go to the lobby and talk to guest services. Back we went and the guest services employee tried making reservations at ANY restaurant for that night and the next three nights and all the restaurants were booked!!! Guest services told us that we needed to make them FIVE DAYS in advance!! We had no idea, no one told us and the information was not given to us. Thuraday, we went to the beach and got all the way there, on other side of the resort, and couldn’t get towels because we did not have a towel card. The emoloyeee said at check in they should have given it to us in our key packet. We had the packet with us and showed him we never got it. I started crying at this point because we would have had to go all the way back to the first lobby to get a towel card and go all the way back. The employee helped us and gave us two towels because of our situation. The kicker is last night and today. Last night after a great boat ride- we went to the buffet (only place we have been able to eat with not being able to make reservations). We both had bathing suits but a cover up that was long enough and covered everything- looked like a tube top dress. When we walked in- they wouldn’t let us in because she had a string bikini but a cover up tube top- literally nothing was showing. I gave her my shirt and we were seated. Keep in mind - every other girl around us had a spaghetti strap dress or shirt and had everything out- stomach, midriff, breasts- everything!! It was so crazy. Check out today- we reviewed the charges and asked becsuse if every issue we have had if our room service (that made us sick until 230am). The employee said we should have called to guest services about the room service. I told her it was 12am-230am and literally couldn’t get to the phone. She refused to do anything. Coming from the hotel world- if a guest is unhappy you can try to make it right by doing anything- comping a meal, getting management anything to let the guest know that they are heard and truly sorry. Nothing was done. She could be do anything. My friend was starving. She went to the restaurant after we put the balance on her card. The employee said she needed to come back and sign for it. I told her that the buffet is closing in five minutes, because this check out mess took so long, and I was not going to get her. I signed, three times, even the reciept that said no firma required. She said it needed to be signed. She then looked and said our complaints have not been logged anywhere. LIKE WHAT!! I told her the two front desk employees know about everything, guest services, the employee at the towels and by the beach, and i have been messaging and emailing the hotel for three days and no response. THREE DAYS. And it shows they read the message. Travelocity has been trying to call them and get a refund request since Wednesday night, but Travelocity has told me for the past two days, they are trying to reach the hotel and not having luck. Keep in mind at the airport coming here- I tried calling the hotel 13 times to ask about the shuttle that is advertised on the website and noone answered. It just was ringing. Fast forward to standing in the lobby- you can hear the phones just ringing and ringing and noone is answering. When we complained to the front desk, twice, guest services, the towel guy and a restaurant employee- The staff members told us that we have been treated unfairly and understand that we have had a bad experience after a bad experience. It’s been the WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. The staff and and management does not communicate, everything has been completely unprofessional and downright rude AF. Never stay here. I have been feeling defeated since our first night and cried every day. I will say that the pros were the boat ride through Pachanga party boat (not hotels company) and the entertainers at the pool were amazing. The buffet food was good despite getting singled out trying to have dinner last night. Everything else awful. 0/0 stars. If I could get negative stars I would

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing vacation!

Y7992VXjuliac on Jun 04, 2022

I went to Aquamarine in May with a friend (we are 27) and her parents (mid 50s). We had an amazing time! Bahia Principe is a very large complex of 7 hotels all in one, and Aquamarine is the Adults-only mid-tier one. In my opinion, it has the best entertainment and is the most worth it. There are about 15 RESTAURANTS across the complex that you can choose from and all the ones we tried were good, especially the Greek and Mikado. The buffet and Las Olas, by the beach, also had really decent food. There is more option at the buffet. You do have to pay extra for nicer liquors, but if you don't mind (we didn't), then the drinks are great. The BARMANS will listen to your needs and are all very friendly, especially Jose and Jhonathan by the pool. The HIGHLIGHT of our trip: the ENTERTAINMENT team. Thank you to Walter, Eddy and Ranger for making our week special. They offer a ton of different activities by the pool and the beach all day and those change everyday. There is a lot of music and dancing by the pool which makes it really fun. The shows at night next to the lobby were all great (Burlesque, White Party, Karaoke, Las Vegas, etc.) and the entertainment team kept making the nights fun. They are very friendly and helpful. The DISCOTHEQUE reopened on May 22nd, and there is also a sports bar and a casino that are all opened until 2 or 4 am. This is where you go after the show at the hotel finishes (11 pm) if you want to party, and this is all at the entrance of the complex so you will not be bothered by the noise if you wish to sleep and not go out. It is not a calm resort, but you can still go to the smaller pool further from the beach and the music will be less loud. You can hear music from the Ambar hotel pool when you are in the Aquamarine section of the beach, but it is not too bad. Aquamarine has a private section on the BEACH for Adults-only which is good. We could have used more palapas for shade. On the week we arrived, there was a lot of seaweed which made us not really want to go in the water in front of our hotel... but we did walk a couple of minutes to swim where there wasn't seaweed. The hotel passes with a sort of tractor to clean the beach. We met people that arrived the week before us, and no seaweed at all! So it depends. And it's not the resort's fault anyways. Since it is a large complex, Aquamarine is about 7 to 10 minutes to the beach by foot. Nothing that really bothered us. There is a shuttle service with long golf carts that passes on the roads from the beach to the last hotel of the complex every couple of minutes, so you can use them to get around. We didn't really wait for them since we like walking. The resort is very CLEAN. Nothing negative to say about it. The rooms are not the most updated, but still nice and the bathroom and fairly recent. Ask for POOL VIEW, or less you will look at the side of the hotel next to Bahia Principe and it definitely isn't a good view (it's a dumpster). The CHECK-IN process was pretty long because they drop off everyone all each hotel. They drop you off at a small lobby for Aquamarine and Ambar, and then a cart brings you to the main Aquamarine lobby. From then, it was pretty fast and Manuel was very helpful. We were surprised that a lot of travellers speak Spanish and so, most employees are not fluent in English, and definitely not in French. We made it work though, but it is something to remember. The head of the entertainment team, the lobby employees and the restaurant waiters can all speak good English, but for the rest, good luck. Lastly, we did the Holà catamaran trip that was booked with our Air Canada representative. We do not recommend it. The transport was excessively long and there wasn't a lot of time on the catamaran for the price. Try to look at other companies online. All and all, we had an AMAZING time!

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