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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.5
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 4.0

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Christina M on Sep 10, 2023

Lengthy review- I have traveled around the world to many destinations and stayed in many hotels- this is by far THE WORST hotel I have ever stayed in. On the very first day, our room was changed four times due to incorrectly placing our group. We needed two queen beds- twice they put us in king rooms, the third room had a broken ac and alas we moved onto our fourth room which was outdated like the others The buffet was disgusting. The food was not edible. I had food poisoning after the first breakfast I had there. The restaurants however were decent but you are only allowed one reservations every three days which is ridiculous. The customer service was horrendous. Check in was a disaster. Some people at the front desk and guest services were not friendly. Very few people were nice and helpful like the waiters and waitresses we had. The pool was nothing special. Expect to wait 20 minutes for a drink while other rude guests are on top of you yelling their native language for a drink on the spot (which they of course get). I felt very unsafe at the hotel. There were no cameras in the villas while you walk up to your room or really anywhere. I did not see one camera and very few security guards around the resort. Even though all people are “guests,” there were very questionable people who “stayed” at the resort who made us feel very uncomfortable and we questioned our safety multiple times. At of the four days we stayed, we saw about 30 roaches. In addition, our legs were swollen from all the mosquito bites we had. I am not exaggerating when I say I had over 40 bites. One thing I did observe, however, Americans were not treated nicely here. The workers clearly favored their natives or anyone who spoke their language. Many workers do not understand or speak English. So if you are from America, do yourself a favor and stay somewhere else. Run far away from this place. I don’t even know how it is approved to be a hotel. Disgusting.

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Very nice resort, food was great!

Eloy E on Sep 05, 2023

Very nice place, affordable too. For the most part everyone was friendly and helpful. One night we had reservations for the Asian restaurant, we were 15 people. They messed up and only made the reservation for 5, they wouldn't accommodate us, so our plans were ruined for that night

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A total blast

Timmy D on Aug 20, 2023

Bahia Principe is legit my happy place!! Always find ways to get involved and get out of your comfort zones whether you’re shy or outgoing. The staff make me laugh, and I learn great music and listen when I get home. And I meet guests from all over the world. A lot of Spanish speaking people and I don’t speak a lot of Spanish. I always manage to communicate because instead of using the translator I have a buddy back home who took advanced Spanish in high school and I’m able to talk to people. I even met a group of people from Canada who I still talk with to this day. I’m legitimately out and about all day. Definitely recommend. Many great memories that I will cherish forever.

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Room needs renovation

Explorer38490729381 (Miami, Florida) on Aug 15, 2023

Rooms with everything broken, the door with a tape, the phone, the freezer. Bad service. I have to congratulate Manulka at the buffet, she is a very nice girl with an exceptional people skills. Emilio at the pool bar was ver nice and had a good service. For the rest of them I don’t have the same opinion. Rooms needs improvement and were full of mosquitoes everyday.

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Bahia Principe Bávaro bug infestation

honoretm on Jul 30, 2023

I am absolutely livid! Can you believe what a hellish nightmare my so-called "vacation" at Bahia Principe Bávaro, room 79301, turned into? From day one, we were greeted by a swarm of creepy crawlies – bugs of every damn kind infesting our room! My poor kids had to endure sleeping on a bed of these vile creatures every freaking night! It was like a horror movie brought to life! So, I decided to raise hell and complain to guest relations, supposedly represented by "Maria." But guess what? Their response was a big fat joke! All they could come up with was to freaking exterminate the bugs! As if that would make up for the six agonizing nights my kids had to suffer through this disgusting ordeal! And to add insult to injury, they outright refused to offer any refunds, hiding behind some lame policy excuse. And their solution? Oh, just email some customer service black hole where they'll likely ignore me! What a load of garbage! As if the bug infestation wasn't bad enough, my poor son got freaking sick during this nightmare! We don't even know if it was because of some damn bug bite or some other repulsive reason, but he was vomiting and having diarrhea! Now, I have to deal with the anxiety of taking him to a pediatrician and waiting for test results, all thanks to this disastrous vacation that has turned into a health hazard for my family! And let's not forget the hefty amount of cash our group forked over to this hellhole of a hotel! We were part of a Punta Cana baseball tournament, and we rented a whopping 59 rooms for seven nights, totaling a massive $224,200! You'd think with that kind of cash rolling in, they could at least provide a room free of goddamn pests! And here comes the icing on the cake – the laundry service they provided was an absolute disgrace! I handed over four innocent white shirts for cleaning, and what did I get in return? Stained, ruined shirts! When I dared to complain at guest services, they played the role of wannabe detectives, investigating if the shirts were already stained and pointing fingers at who washed them. Who the hell cares about that nonsense when my precious shirts were ruined? All I asked for was a simple apology and for them to re-wash the damn shirts, but oh no, they couldn't even manage that! So, after all this infuriating drama, I had to leave the Dominican Republic without my four shirts, because these incompetent fools couldn't even find them or bother to fix their own damn mistake! The level of sheer negligence and pathetic customer service is absolutely mind-boggling! This whole damn experience has left me seething with anger and disbelief! It's beyond comprehension that we wasted our hard-earned money on this nightmare of a vacation, dealing with a hotel that couldn't care less about its guests! It's an absolute disgrace, and I'm fuming just thinking about it!

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