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Honest review on Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro

Rolando A on Jul 20, 2024

Details -Resort: Bahia Principe -Internal Hotel: Grand Bavaro -Room: Junior Suite Superior(cheapest) -Stay: 5 nights, 6 days. 07/14 to 07/19 -People: 2 adults, 2 children Review -Food: 4/5 no matter what you like, you'll find an option for you. Great desserts! Perhaps a little more variation among days would given full points. -Snacks: 5/5 great main snack bar, you order on a touch screen and wait, be aware to grab your things when your order is ready b/c some people grabbed whatever they saw on the counter. Burgers, wings, onion rings, fries, sandwiches and snow cones. -Drinks: 2/5 I sticked with beer mostly, the cocktails were not great, you get very small glasses, few frozen options. -Room: 3/5 you get what you pay for. This room was close to the theater, village, lobby, one of the pool and buffet but very far away from the beach, main pool, snack bar and water park. If you want to be closer to those, Perhaps a more expensive room would do. We had to use the karts to move around the hotel, not too bad of a wait b/w stops but you'll need like 30 mn to move around places. -Hotel Logistic: 5/5 you get the hotel experience for sure, good entertainment, good activities, you get 2 dinner reservations for a la carte dinners, you even get an app to check activities and so, the service is fine, don't expect a preferential customer service for such a massive hotel. -Pools: 5/5 great pools, if you stay at Grand Punta Cana, Grand Bávaro or Turquesa, you have access to all those pools. Other inner hotels like Ambar, Esmeralda and Fantasia have their own pools. But still plenty of options to choose from. -Beach: 2/5 a lot of sea kelp on this time of the year(they say oct-feb is better). We had to walk like 5mn away from the hotel front beach to get better looking waters. Final score 4/5. Great experience overall, great facilities, If you got the money go to higher cost rooms, great food, good entertainment. I would definitely return and try a different inner hotel.

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Total Disaster

gloricelyd on Jul 20, 2024

In February I visited the hotel with my partner who had never visited the Dominican Republic. I had very high expectations and it was a total disappointment. The hotel is large and very beautiful but it is very neglected. The staff is very friendly without a doubt. The buffet area had a rotten smell in the morning and we sometimes saw sewer flies. The evening entertainment was very weak. In the room, the cleaning was very poor, I even found cockroaches in it. I will never return to this hotel again.

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Susan D on Jul 16, 2024

My family and I are currently at this “resort” and I am warning you; do not come here. Cancel your reservation as soon as possible. This is not a vacation it is a nightmare!!!!!!!! The rooms, service, grounds, and staff (with the exception of a few employees) are subpar at best. And no one cares to help any of your issues. Save your money, time and aggravation. More details, photos, and videos to come.

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Would never come back!

Tatiana M on Jul 15, 2024

Stay away from it!!!! Long review! Read it before booking!!! The location is great. Beautiful beach and pools. The place has so much potential but it’s really not well managed Lobby There's definitely a lack of staff. I had e-mailed way in advance and requested at the time of our reservation to have connecting rooms or at least next-to each-other’s rooms and they simply did not even look into my request. When we mentioned it and requested a change to be made, the staff disappeared to talk to his manager and left us waiting forever! Staff: Less-than-attentive service. Nobody seemes to care about anything Some drivers are friendly but most look miserable and appear to be annoyed and hate their job. The pool. They ran out of towels every single day! Every time you asked they answered “came back in an hour”. The staff would literally say whatever came to their mind because they just didn’t care Despite daily housekeeping, the service was very superficial—mostly limited to bed-making and trash removal. One day, we returned to find one of the beds with only a fitted sheet. We called the front desk and it took forever for someone to bring us a bed sheet Food- While the buffet by the beach was nice, the main one was disappointing. It lacked air conditioning and had an awful sewer smell at the buffet at all times; flies walking on the food and even dead flies by the food. My kids and husband even saw cockroaches outside of the dinning room. Thank goodness I didn’t see them because that would’ve freaked me out big time! The place is outdated and definitely doesn’t look clean! Did I mentioned nobody wear gloves while dealing with food? The food setup was very disorganized, exemplified by long waits at the juice station each morning, manned by a single staff member who NEVER wore gloves when she should’ve! Plates and napkins were often unavailable. Everyday each buffet ran out of plates. People would stand and wait and when they brought out a stack of plates people were scurrying trying to get a plate (Often many of them would be dirty and you would have to go through many to find a clean one! ) Requests to waiters frequently went unfulfilled or were excessively delayed. The snack place by the pool was awful also. Super over-crowed and the food was disgusting! It’s a sin to call those “empanadas” empanadas! Specialty restaurants - food was mediocre to say the least! Worse a-la carte service we have ever experienced! They brought my husband a beer with ice in it! Not even joking! Would NOT come back or recommend it to anyone!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Worst resort yet

asha k on Jul 15, 2024

My family an I went on vaction here for 5 days. The service, rooms and customer service were beyond horrible. We waited an additional Two hours after check in to get a room. We were a group of 20 and rooms were not placed together. The buffet smelled like sewage, they did not offer wash clothes, mold was in the room, mosquiots, all over. I went to guest services multiple times and three rooms had to be changed. The electricity and air conditioning went out. I had a member who spoke Spanish and was able to move her room. She was then asked to pay additional to move near the beach. Another family member paid additional and her room was a dream, no issues, wash clothes in room no mold smell however she speaks Spanish. The Italian restaurant was the worst service. They seated a family of 12 together but would not seat our party together blamed guest services. Stating they booked us 2 at time and based on people per room. When questioned if the party of 12 were all in the same room. Manager had no answer. Just it's not him. I would not recommend this resort at all. The photos and place looks great from the outside. The pool was very nice and a few of the staff members were very pleasant and helpful but most were standoffish and not pleasant. My family and I made the best of our stay but were glad to go.

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