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Family Vacation

Jemish P on Jul 02, 2022

everything was pretty good ,pizza 24 hours was best, beach was not that clean ,rooms were nice & clean ,very friendly people especially miguel by golf cart area at very front was really nice & juan at premium pool area was really nice & if guest buy premium package then they need to get that service , we did not get reservation at restaurants they always full but don't look like it, when we complained about it to desk clerk at premium desk guy Oliver i guess didn't care, he said we cant do anything DO WHATEVER YOUY WANT WITH BAD ATTITUDE. Other than that everything was nice

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Not impressed with impressive

celine m on Jul 02, 2022

Where should I start? Upon our arrival the first thing they ask is if we wanted to upgrade. We were already premium guests but said sure why not. So we upgraded to a to our room around 830 pm. Realized the AC wasn't working. After several back and forths with the lobby after many many calls to the reception finally someone showed up with a flashlight to see what the issue was. Took 2 min to look around and said he'd be back... Never saw him again. Had to go back to the lobby and call back the reception fuming at this point to finally be moved to another vila at 2 am. I have 2 young children with me. Already exhausted from the travelling let's just say it was not a good start. If you're expecting to be served by the pool or by the beach you're dreaming. There's absolutely no service whatsoever. No one comes around to ask you if you want to drink something. The pool needs much loving and caring. The paint is off... The ceramic tiles are broken. I felt disgusted by swimming in there.. Slimy floors... Very run down. The rooms are not what we expected at all. The towels smell and feel dirty. Worn out. Stained. A piece of the roofing in our washroom fell into the sink. There's blood stain on the decorative runner on the bed. The kids pull out bed is slanted (not straight) broken maybe? You cannot find coffee after 7 pm. Stay away from the casino major major scam. Went for a "compensatory" massage there was hair on the bed... And not hair that you get from your head (get it?). The vendors that install in the hotel oh my gosh are they ever harassing. We had to find different ways to get to the lobby just so we don't come across one cause they just don't let you go. All I wanted to do was look and maybe eventually buy something but they're soooooo harassing and insistent that I didn't even want to make eye contact with them cause then you're screwed. Also on the weekends the hotel becomes over crowded with the locals who stay in. Food runs out at the buffet. Lineups to get into the buffet. Italian restaurant service terrible and very slow. Had to get up to serve myself my wine that I asked for 5 times. Also if you are coming here for the beach you need to absolutely stay away. There's seaweed all over. Impossible to swim and smells terrible. We had to pay extra for the taxi ride to go to another beach where there was no seaweed (3 times)... Total cost over 300$US. I understand that it's technically not their fault and that they do not necessarily have control over the weather or climate change but other hotels have installed nets that prevent the incoming of the seaweed. Yes they have their huge Tonka trucks that pick up the seaweed off the sand but it just keeps coming right back. This is most definitely NOT a 5 star hotel. I'm extremely unhappy and frustrated that we ended paying so much money for this garbage hotel. I would rater this place barely a 3 star. Heck I wished I had gone to Cuba instead at least we know what to expect and you get beautiful beach and coffee! I have never been to such a terrible 5 star hotel ever. Stay away. On a final note Iziquiel (Ezekiel) the manager from the premium lounge threatened me to kick me out of the resort if I spoke too loud about the hotel and said " no me importa" basically saying that he doesn't care about anything I said and that we will be getting nothing back for the upgrade we paid for. It's very easy to take someone's money but when that person doesn't get the service they deserve all of a sudden they can't refund you the upgrade. A real joke. Great way to treat your guests and the tourists.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


carysathomas83 (Essex, United Kingdom) on Jun 30, 2022

Impressive Punta Cana is not impressive at all. Actually, that’s a lie. The grounds are impressive and very well looked after. We arrived after an 11.5 hour flight and thankfully no queue at check in like others have experienced. However don’t ignore the other reviews about being hounded at check in to upgrade. We did but only because we realised that the likelihood of being able to eat a la carte was slim if we didn’t. This is where the issues started - hounded for upgrading then whisked away to the side to be told we’d be getting 2 free massages which seems nice but I realised his t-shirt said something different to the others. Asked us our names, room numbers..etc. seemed odd. He insisted we go to meet him at breakfast… something seemed odd.. we shook him off but only for him to return the next day whilst we are breakfast and didn’t leave us alone until we told him he was harassing us. Welcome to the timeshare people. Ruthless and relentless… I ran away so fast I left my bag behind. Then we couldn’t reserve meals. Something that is meant to be part of the upgrade. Had to make a fuss to get a ‘butler’ to arrange these meals for us. Had to me moved due to air con motors above our rooms, so noisy. Americans and Spanish are kings here. Treated far better by everyone. You are made to feel like steerage if you’re English. Never priority if there’s someone who can speak Spanish behind you, they’ll serve them first. food at restaurants is nice if you can get a reservation. Locals come in at weekends as part of some agreement or something, pay 50% per day than the guests there from outside Dom Rep. these locals are rude with no manners. Kicked my drink in to the pool, hit me in the face when thrashing around. Smoked in the pool and the lifeguard let it continue. They push you out of the way in the buffet queues, are loud, obnoxious and rude. Brought large boom box speakers to the ‘relax’ pool. Made you feel very intimidated and felt like you had to watch your items at all times. They are not friendly at all. Made me dread the second weekend of being here. The alcohol is poor if you’re not premium, served in throw away flimsy plastic cups. Cocktails are purely slush puppies with alcohol in bars that taste of nothing but sugar and water. Mediterranean restaurant was closed the whole time. Some snack bars and beach bars closed. Entertainment is hit and miss. Who wants to see mr and mrs and bursting baloons. Before booking here, seriously consider saving up and finding a better option because this resort needs a huge shake up and fast. British Airways have refunded our costs to upgrade and have been receiving the same complaints. Hopefully they pull the plug on this resort until they’ve made it MUCH better. Check out - well, we were ignored for the Spanish speakers and people who clearly came from surrounding areas Basically, you pay premium to be treated the same as what other resorts treat you as non premium. What should be basic service is chargeable here. Simply not good enough in comparison to other resorts

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

AVOID if you’re a beach lover

vanessaper2829 on Jun 27, 2022

I went to the Impressive Punta Cana (Premium option) from June 20-27. Overall, the resort is great. I’ll rate the main parts of it on 10 as we had different opinions for each aspect of the resort. Note: I’m someone who has been to various resorts in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica in the last 10+ years, so I do have quite a bit of experience with resort vacations. FOOD = 8/10. Overall, the food in the buffet - main buffet & premium buffet - was good. The options varied, especially on Saturday & Sunday. The à la carte restaurants were excellent! We ate at one of their restaurants (4 total) almost every night. For lunch, you have the option to go to the main buffet or the premium buffet OR you can go to their snack bar for pizza and hotdogs. ENTERTAINMENT = 10/10. The shows every night were entertaining and this resort’s animation team is awesome!! They’re there during the day and at night, keeping the guests entertained and dancing! To say they’re a fun bunch is an understatement :) Here’s where I feel like I need to be very honest… BEACH = 0/10. Yes, you read that right. If you’re someone who loves to swim in the ocean water and you plan on going to this resort, please AVOID. There was SO much seaweed, and contrary to other nearby resorts, the Impressive does not put up a barrier that stops the seaweed from reaching the swimmable area of the beach & the shore. We walked to the (public) beaches of the nearby resorts (the Secrets, Dreams and the Melia) and they had barriers set up so that the seaweed would not reach the shore and people could actually swim in the ocean water. The Impressive also didn’t do such a good job at cleaning up the seaweed, which was quite frustrating to see. Their clean-up jobs were inconsistent and just didn’t seem effective at all. One of the locals on the beach explained to us that the seaweed has only been an issue for the past 5 years in Punta Cana and it’s only during the months of June and July apparently. If you’re looking for beautiful ocean water that you can actually swim in, I would recommend going to La Romana, on the Caribbean side of the Dominican Republic (if it’s within your budget). However, I will say that the beach area for the premium guests is nice and well kept, and definitely good for chilling and reading by the beach. HOTEL STAFF & CLEANLINESS = 9/10. I would say that most of the hotel staff are very nice and welcoming! Many of them seem happy to be there. I have to admit that me knowing Spanish did help quite a bit in certain situations. The hotel is clean, nice and relatively modern. The rooms in the premium section are bigger too and the premium pool is very nice! Overall, I would definitely recommend this resort if you don’t care so much about swimming in nice ocean water.

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Definitely not a 5 star Hotel / experience

nathaniel_80 on Jun 26, 2022

We booked this holiday for a relaxing recharge holiday but it was far from what we got, Don't get me wrong the hotel grounds are beautiful really gives the tropical vibes but that's wear it stops, on arriving at the hotel we were met by a 55-minute checking in que, it was stifling hot one woman actually passed out in the que, and the people behind the reception didn't seem to care, finally we were able to check in and here it started being pressurised to upgrade to premium after 5 to 10 minutes back and forth of us saying no the man who was checking us in just disappeared at the back for 15 mins and left us standing there, when I asked another colleague where he was he replied he's looking for your room key was possibly the worst first impression ever, after checking in we were then approached by a guy in the reception you asked to join him for a breakfast the following morning I thought he was a hoilday representative trying to give us information about the hotel and possible excursions boy was I wrong the following morning we went to breakfast with a guy who gave us a 90-minute talk about buying holiday timeshares back at the office me and my partner clearly stated we were not interested so them gentleman went to get his manager who came over with this aggression tactics to try and bully us into purchasing but this time I was really frustrated and I said No firmly and they let us go finally, after this I just wanted to chill out by the beach we was approached by a gentleman working for the hotel asking if we was okay where we was from etc after replying to his question he then asked if we wanted anything girls, drugs, cocaine I was so taking back and shocked this actually happened at this "5 star luxury hotel" The bars are okay don't expect to be served if you don't speak Spanish the beach bar is the worst there is a young gentleman working there who don't know how to make the drinks/cocktails I asked for a "sex on the beach cocktail " he gave me vile mixture of vodka, gin, tomato juice and a salted rim cup!! The hotel restaurant is ok buffet style lots of choice if your a vegetarian not so much and they are mixed the meat and vegetarian cooking utensils. The beach is full of green seaweeds which is cleared everyday by massive JCB tractors. The hotel rooms are ok quite spacious we had a "sea view " room but we couldn't see the sea more the pool, we had a few problems with our safe in the room but after calling and reporting it within a hour it was fixed by the hotels handy man. The nightly entertainment is good they offer different shows etc we watched the circus and the Michael Jackson show both very good. So to some up my experience at this hotel it wasn't the best at all would I stay here again.... Definitely No! If you are going to visit be awear.

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