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Wedding review - January 2024 - 25 guests

Mathieu C on Feb 17, 2024

Wedding review - Same sex couple Date: Departure January 21st from Montreal with Air Transat 25 people total - all adults - from 25 y/o to 80 y/o. Review done by someone that English is not his first language ?? After booking with our travel agent, we had our first contact with Ivan Sanchez from Wedding sales. Ivan was super professional and helpful. His emails were clear and we had all the information we needed to be able to choose our wedding package. Wedding planner website: When you confirm your package, you get access to the wedding planner website with your own username and password. Honestly, this is super user friendly and well structured. You have all your information and you see what your wedding planner is adding to your account. I was impressed by that. Wedding planner: We had the lovely Itxel Lobera as our wedding planner. I am not sure which words to use for this review about Itxel because she was more than great, she was THE ONE that made our big day the dream that we were hoping for. She is super professional, friendly and helpful. At the beginning beginning, I felt the delay in replying to my email was not as quick as I would have wished for but honestly, we need to trust the process and trust the wedding planners. Everything was on point and all the small details we could have emailed about were done. She was super patient with us since we probably emailed a thousand times for information or quotes. We had the chance to meet her months before our wedding for a tour of the hotel and menu tasting. We were welcomed as royalty. She ate with us, was interested in knowing us and made sure we had no doubts before leaving. Itxel was present at the ceremony and even made sure the set up for the reception was as discussed. She was 110% involved in our wedding from the beginning to the end and I cannot thank her more for that. I know this is your job, but still, we felt we were The One that day. Even days after the wedding, I sent her a text because I wanted to visit the Fives Downtown. We ended up visiting this hotel accompanied by the general manager of the hotel. Cheers my dear Itxel Room: We booked the regular deluxe room and we had the chance to be upgraded with no charge to a penthouse. We had the penthouse 0124-1 in building 1 for 13 nights. The penthouse is great and huge. The only thing is, no complaints, but I realised week #2 after all our guests were gone that this is too close to the main plaza and lobby if you want to go to bed early ??. I felt the party was next to my bed. We could have asked to be moved, but after a week, we didn't want to pack. This is not a complaint, just a comment :) Some of our guests paid for an upgrade to a penthouse and even for the Fives ocean view section. They all loved it. Wedding coordinator: We had Mar & Barbi. Both of them are lovely and professional. They reviewed with us everything that was ''booked'' with Ixtel and made sure the planning was as we wished. It was easy to text with them and they were present and involved during all the Big day. Everything went smoothly and I have only good words for them. Ceremony: Our ceremony was at the beach front gazebo. We did not really spend money for decoration because in our opinion, we were there only 30-45 minutes compared to the reception. The location is nice and you have the view of the ocean. The celebrant was great and super dynamique. The only thing I would change is, trying to get the text in French ahead since the groomsmen needed to translate live and it was not as fluent as we were hoping (the celebrant gave him a print copy so I guess we could have translated everything before). But still, songs were played as we wanted and the parrot was the special touch of the moment. Reception: Our reception was on the wedding sky deck. This place is gorgeous and our set up was as we were dreaming of. Obviously, this is our preference but the team nailed it. It was like in the movies. We did all the arrangements with the hotel, meaning the tables, the chairs, the flowers, dj .. everything. The head server during the reception was Rodrigo. Honestly, he nailed it. He knows his job and he is a great team leader. All of our guests were out of words when they were serving our meals. There were several servers and they were putting the plates down on the tables all at the same time. We felt like being served at Buckingham palace. Thanks to Rodrigo and all the staff. Restaurants: In my opinion, the food at The Fives is just Wow. Great products!. Unfortunately, I do not have the names but the head server at the oka sushi was super friendly. Our servers at the Italian restaurant were perfect. Thank you to Christian and the chef Roberto, romantic dinner on the beach. Christian has a really nice personality and the chef Roberto was 5 stars. Also Daniel and Juan (I think), they served us the first night during our rehearsal dinner/birthday dinner. We even asked for you for our wedding but it was your day off. Animation: Thanks to Johanna for the animation. You obviously work long hours, but you always smile and it was great to meet you. :) I could continue and continue, but I cannot recommend enough the Fives beach hotel and residence for your wedding. We put money down but we got the service we were expecting. We are more than satisfied and even after 3 weeks back home, our guests are still dreaming of their vacation. Looking forward to seeing you all again and we are definitely interested in trying the Fives in Puerto Morelos as well. Mathieu and Dany - Montreal Canada

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1910 Bar

Vacation588725 on Feb 16, 2024

Alex in the 1910 bar was fantastic and went out of his way to make sure we had the drink we wanted. Their espresso machine wasn’t working and he went the distance to make us our drink. Great service as always . Our second time back to this resort. Well done Alex

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Beautiful Grounds!

Mim G (Newcastle, Canada) on Feb 14, 2024

We enjoyed a pleasant vacation here. This was our sixth 5-star resort that we have been to in Mexico and I would give this one a solid 4 Stars. The grounds are 5 star. The rooms very large and clean in Bldg 18 - 5 star. The staff are superb! - 5 star. The buffet was disappointing - 3 star. I found most items saturated in butter and salt, generally just really poor quality. We are coffee drinkers and this is the first resort with absolute crap for coffee. There is a coffee shop in the main area BUT you have to pay for it. Ditto the ice cream place, that's not included either. I did track down a decent latte at the French restaurant that was included in the AI, so that was what we drank for the duration. We ate at the French restaurant (decent), the Thai restaurant (pass) and the Italian restaurant (very good). The beach has loads of chairs and shade options. The beautiful pool outside of our bldg 18 was NOT for our use.... it was for 'residents & members' only. My mom and I (age 59 & 82) set up there on day one and we were very nicely asked to leave by a uniformed employee. No where on the pool sign did it state "not for AI use", so that was embarrassing. The saving grace from that debacle was the Friday night Mexican Night. It was very impressive how they transformed the entire main area for this event. The employees here really do appear to love their job and are always courteous. The wild life and eco part of this resort is really cool to witness. Bottom line, there are so many good things here that out weigh the less than ideal things. 4 stars in Mexico is still really good vs DR or Cuba.

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Not massively impressed.

Averil C on Feb 14, 2024

I am not massively impressed. We booked this through TUI and treated ourselves to a Penthouse. I wish we hadn't. It was tired, painted poorly and the "hot tub" was a big bath with a pathetic tap that took 2 hours to fill up, using all the hot water and therefore leaving none for showers. In my experience of hot tubs there is a heater that keeps the water warm. Not here no - the water went cold pretty quickly so what was the point. There were so many issues that all added up to a pretty poor experience. One that was really bizarre and wholly unacceptable was that we were asked by the ambassadors for a resident to enter our room and pick up her clothes as she had decided to come on holiday and stay in another room. First of all, TUI NEVER told us that we would be staying in a persons residence nor did they make it clear that there were areas on the beach and the pools where we're not allowed to go. How dare someone come into our room when its our holiday, its terrible planning and so unacceptable. We also booked the romantic dinner on the beach and wish we hadn't. We were charged for a bottle of champagne only then to be served the usual sparking wine that is included in the All Inclusive. When we asked for a refund we were accused of lying and told by the ambassadors that the restaurant manager confirmed that we had drunk 2 bottles of wine. We hadn't. we asked for the champagne at the time and never got it. We didn't drink 2 bottles and if we had, my question was why weren't we charged for the 2nd bottle in a place where they charge you for anything they can. The restaurant booking system is a joke. We arrived and there was no availability in any restaurant other than the buffet for 48 hours. when we finally got to book a restaurant we heard others not being able to get any bookings for 5 days, pretty much their whole holiday. The 2nd week we were there, it seemed to just be a free for all and the booking that we made "got lost", then there was 40minutes wait at each a la carte. A lot of the staff are lovely, which is why i gave this a 3. But i won't be going back and I have complained to TUI as the advertising of what we booked, is not what we got. There are other things but I think the above is enough.

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gangs yearly feburary trip

lylep2014 (London, Canada) on Feb 13, 2024

Just got back from the five beaches hotel and residences with 4 other couples. After a delay at the cancun airport waiting on the bus we arrived close to midnight. I kind of figured we might not get our right room as everyone all ready had a chance to change and was right 3 of the 5, we just told them to change them later as it was to late, they did and all our rooms were nice. First I have to speak on the grounds its a big place and having your own rainforest and natural cenotes make it a beautiful place to walk through enjoying the various wildlife including spider monkeys where we counted 9 at one time including babies. Got to watch though they will grab your stuff and run if your not holding it tight. The bridges through the rainforest made it easy excess to see everything. We are all in our 60s and only put on 3 lbs. from all the walking to the beach or maybe the adult pool for the foam party the way it was spread out you walk a bit or took the shuttle. The staff I can't complain on, they kept everything clean including the public washrooms. Never got hassled about time shares or anything. You did notice they were under staff. There were some issues with this place or maybe more annoyances then anything like making it hard to get coffee before 8am and getting food after 11 unless its room service. The pools aren't heated and it got cool at nights the week we were there so you weren't in the pool long. The one thing that they need to straight out is there restaurant system you couldn't make a reservation unless you all showed up at the restaurant then made it. Never could get in the Italian. Wedding party of 160 made it so they dominated common areas with lots of kids. To sum it up our group wouldn't go back but for somebody with families definitely look at it for the right price.

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