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Best Butlers I’ve ever had!

Amanda D on Jun 29, 2022

This review is for the Butler staff at the Bali beds in particular. I was not planning on renting a Bali bed because I didn’t want to spend the extra $$ but I am so glad that I did! All of the Butler staff were very attentive and friendly. My Butler was Cinthia and she was amazing. I wanted a day of relaxation and that is exactly what I got! I never left my bed except to dip my toes in the ocean and take a swim in the pool. I chose a bed on the pool deck, but facing the ocean. The breeze was perfect and as the sun moved Cinthia kept me shaded. She was very attentive and even when she left for lunch break she had me covered with one of her coworkers. I can’t recommend her and the other staff enough, they made my day perfect!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

First day some “bumps” please read as this is not an angry post. Just factual.

Brandy B (Austin, Texas) on Jun 29, 2022

We are currently here. It is our first full day and already we had had some “bumps”. First upon arrival, we offered the “epic” experience. we paid extra for the epic experience with the understanding that we could make food reservations the same day - Not the case! And what they don't tell you is that you can only eat at one restaurant/reservation per night. We made reservations yesterday for tonight 6-23-2022, when then because we wanted to attend the ribs and soul, they cancelled our reservations for dinner (that we made yesterday). This is a resort with a “catch” to everything. DO NOT pay extra for epic. We purchased it with the understanding that we were guaanteed same day reservations. They do not honor that. Apparently there are multiple “departments” (for lack of better word, making reservations, so when restaurant is full (and they areTINY SPACES) despite epic status, no dice! One reservation per family per night: one reservations per evening, so if you are like us and only 3 of 4 people want sushi, for example, you can either, eat alone at another place with a reservation of ONE, while the rest of your family is at another, or eat at buffet. (NOT RECOMMENDED - we are there last night and this morning and both times the food options were limited. unlike high quality resorts (I was under the impression it was a Karisma resort withKarisma quality - NOPE) that only allow same day reservation, which allows all guests the opportunity to try all the restaurants regardless of when they arrive. After about 20 min discussing the issue with our concierge, we might have a plan, but not sure how it will play out. Sales: There is a high pressure sales portion to your vacation at this resort.within the first hour of our arrival, we were pressured repeatedly to sit in a hour sales pitch to buy time at the resort. Rooms: We rented the 2 bedroom penthouse in the “renovated” side. While the rooms are perfect for a family, there were issues with the television not being connected, the light fixtures were hu ng on the walls (not securely), and the closet in the primary room is not fully accessible as there are nailed in blocks that prevent you from opening the drawers all theway. there are NO drawers in kids room, which means we really could use the non functioning drawers in the main bed room. The jacuzzi on the top floor is basically a whirlpool bathtub with water faucet that you have to fill before each use. So far the best part is Roni (only his 4th day). He served us well on the beach at xcalcoco. It's our first full day here. I plan to amend my review as the week continues.

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Bad service. Not recommended

yenn338 on Jun 29, 2022

We had high expectations for this hotel as it was recommended by the travel agency. Not only this place scam you as they charge extra for ice cream and coffee and even coco that fall off the trees. Even though we have an all-inclusive package, we still had to pay for extra everything and the so called "hotel tax". I was expecting a real 5 stars and turn out to be a 2 stars at best for me and my our kids. The main pool was crowded with people as the beach is not swimmable due to sawgrasses and numerous rocks in water. You can't go in without water shoes at this beach. Because the pool didn't have enough chairs, people were fighting for chairs and we had to wake up at 8h am to reserve our place. They have bali beds but they charge you 150$ per day to have one. The staff don't want to add more chairs probably because they want you to buy the bali beds. We had to change 3 times our room because they were dirty or shower not working and rooms were smelly. We called at our arrival at noon to have the sofa bed open and set up for our kids. We had to call 5 times and they only came at 21h pm after having to complain so many times. They also expect you to tip them everywhere you go otherwise you get the necessary services. The staff are mainly nice but you feel that they are not really happy to work and you are not treated like you deserved for all inclusive. Also, the reservation of restaurants were horrible. You have to come each day at around 6h pm to reserve the next day because the system is not open before, so it is really annoying to have to remember that everyday. I was told that they only open 10 places each day for each restaurant so sometimes we came and all the places are reserved so you had to each at buffet. Despite all bad experiences, we will never go back to Mexico due to this year experience. Excursion were bad as well and beach had way too many sawgrasses and we were told that this has been the problem in Mexico in the past 2 years and it is getting worse and worse.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing trip

D6087QPdouglasr on Jun 29, 2022

We were a bit hesitant in booking this location, but so glad we did! The rooms were big, staff knew English and were super nice! The pros: - food at all locations was great, you will not go home hungry. Now portions were smaller than we were us too, but that allowed us to try more things! - jungle walk: so cool to see monkeys up close and actually pet them. Also so so many other animals. - pools: we’re clean and cool, not too over crowded - this is a positive con, you do walk a ton. Got about 9,000 steps a day. There are Shuttles. Cons: - book restaurants right away or you may miss getting in the time and place you want. - not everything was included in all inclusive (coffee place and ice cream place were extra, but worth it!) This is great for kids of all ages! My 11 and 13 year olds loved it. Feels safe and many activities to do on property. Highly recommend this resort!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Awesome family vacation

Jernackson on Jun 29, 2022

We had a great week here and hope to return at some point. Our 10 year old had a blast! He made quick friends in the kid club and now has a pen pal! I loved that he’s allowed most places, unlike some other resorts where you have to stay just in one section with limited restaurants and activities. The food was amazing at all the restaurants and my little ate/tried a lot of new foods. It was fun to try out dishes we/he didn’t know or that aren’t easy to get back home. Each experience was wonderful, but a few restaurants were hot — thinking in Mexico that’s likely very normal. Staff was excellent. And they accommodated all our requests. Everything was great and everyone did a fine job! Abraham poolside is THE BEST server we have ever had. Top notch!! The Spa was amazing and we all enjoyed many services there. I had several massages, a facial, and manicure and pedicure— and the bonus hydro therapy was wonder!! I highly recommend doing this!! Aida was wonderful!! There was an issue with the air in one of our suites but they worked on it and fixed it. That was a little annoying and took time to resolve but overall the week was a hit for everyone.

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