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Never again ...

Louis D (Rochester, New York) on Feb 17, 2024

Went to a wedding here - bad experience started at the gate with the security guard. The guard said we didn't have a reservation because our names weren't on the list. Even after I showed him the reservation and confirmation, he continued to say we didn't have a reservation. He was very rude about it. After a few minutes, I asked him to see the list, and almost immediately found our name. No apology, nothing, just waved us through. Then, at check-in, at 3:30pm, the person matter of factly informed us that although checkin was at 3pm, the room wasn't ready. We went to the closest restaurant to get lunch - the buffet style food was terrible, stale chips, everything looked gross, and tasted just okay. We get to the room to find a very obvious stain on the white bedspread (pictured). We handled it very well, simply asked that the sheets be changed. 3 hours later, the person came, we stepped out, and when we returned, we found that the new set also had stains (2nd set also pictured). The third set of sheets was the charm - we traveled all over South America before coming here, even a place where the laundry was done in the river - this was the dirtiest place we stayed. Overall, the room was just run down, damage to the headboard, nothing seemed nice about it, hair on the bathroom floor, etc. The room was not even close to the glamour pictured. Our platnium sky terrace sea view room mostly overlooked a concrete building with a large HVAC on top - we couldn't hear the water over the noise of the HVAC. The "sea view" was only if you stood in the corner of the balcony and looked to the side along the building. Throughout the experience, food was at best okay, service was not good except at the Umo restaurant, staff generally rude, seemed like they didn't want to be there and weren't interested in helping. I will never go here again.

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Eating at Wai

Ronald J on Feb 17, 2024

Great dinner at Wai, lots of non spicy options. Waiter, Franky was very helpful and attentive. Jose Mama also served us and was equally helpful and attentive. I would recommend the Tai rest Wai to all guests of Hardrock at Riviera Maya Mexico see

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Do not waste your time or money at the Hard Rock

carissa r on Feb 17, 2024

If you want to get drunk, don't go here. If you want quality food, don't go here. Before I start, I will let it be known - I OVER TIP, so there is no reason why I was constantly sober or given watered down drinks. The entire time (5 days) we were here, the smoke detector was going off in the Caffetto. Who tf wants to hear a smoke alarm go off all day, every day, for 5 days straight. Getting alcohol, in ANY drink, was like pulling teeth from an infant. Every single bev tasted like sugar water. Even when I ordered straight tequila, it tasted like water. I am an average sized women, I had 15 Oz of "liquor" to myself and was more sober than a Christian judge on a Sunday morning. That should not be physically possible. I never stopped drinking but yet not once was I ever drunk, or even remotely close to tipsy. I am not a hudge drinker so the only reason for this is: watered down liquor. The pizza was a small, cracker crust, with cheese and no toppings, regardless of what you ordered. Their "margarita" pizza was just 4 thin slices of tomato... no Mexican quizene, all American. The Italian place I had the lobster ravioli, the ravioli was legit just DOUGH, melted off my fork before I could try it. Not that I wanted to because, who wants uncooked ravioli dough. The room service ceaser salad was literally half of 1 Romain lettuce leaf with some cheese. Smaller than the palm of my hand. You walk so much you will get blisters day 1 Elevators are like unicorns, 1200+ rooms and only 4 total elevators across the entire property. Since you are walking minimum 1 mile to get anywhere on the property, it'd be nice to not have to climb 3 flights of stairs. My thermostat didn't work, they asked me 4 times if my doors weren't open before they finally came up and had to hard reset the thermostat. Our Jecuzzi NEVER worked right. we had a guy come out to fix it, it worked for 10 min and never worked again. Obvious water damage on our ceilings that was not repaired properly. We were offered a 1/2 off out next stay at any Hard Rock in Mexico. Hard Rock would have to PAY ME to stay their again. This is a place where you pay for the memorabilia, not an experience.

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Fantastic & relaxing vacation at HRH Riviera Maya in January 2024

JimDiego_JerryGerard on Feb 17, 2024

We enjoyed another relaxing vacation at the HRH Riviera Maya for 8 days. Even with a few very breezy days, we enjoyed each one, as we have every time over the past 22 years! Thanking our great Butlers Edgar & Allan who took care of all of our appointments, reservations and ensured we had our favorite spots on the beach each day. Thank you to our Legendary rep Yose for welcoming us and providing information on the resort activities. We enjoyed the massages at the Spa with the exceptional Alberto. We remain grateful for the friendly and attentive service of everyone at the bars, beach and restaurants. We had daily breakfasts and lunches at Faro in the Heaven section and truly appreciate its Manager Marissa for all of her hard work, and her wonderful & friendly staff, Hostesses Sara & Maricuz and delightful waiters: Gaby, Manu & Alejandro. Special thanks for the daily, diligent creation of my Huevos Divorciados by Elizabeth at the grill. Dinners were all great. Our favorite restaurant, where we went 4 times, was Le Petit Couchon. Each meal there was fantastic, thanks to the amazing work of Maria who has been such fantastic member of the staff for nearly 20 years. Thanking you Maria for making our stays so special. Also thanking Maria’s great staff: Roberto, Cesar, Juan & Somalier Javier. We also had great meals at Toro, thanking our servers Hugo, Luis, Willien and Ivonne; as well as Frida's Manager Aroldo and server Many, and Caio's Erik and Hacive. We loved our room and its Sky Terrace, and will look forward to returning in the near future with family & friends!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Awful check in experience

ambert2012 (Edmonton, Canada) on Feb 16, 2024

I would love to give this hotel a 5 star rating. Unfortunately, immediately upon arrival we had an issue that coloured our entire outlook of the resort. We arrived at approximately 8:30am after an overnight flight. We travel to Mexico very often and knew that our room would not be ready so we were prepared to change into our pool wear and grab a bite to eat and wait until the afternoon when the room would be ready. This is what we always do when we arrive early to any resort and never have problems. This time when we tried to check in we were informed that if we wanted to enter the resort before 11 am we were required to pay a $30usd per hour per person fee. For a total of $180usd. Never have I ever been charged by a hotel that I have a reservation with for being an early arrival! When I stated as much and said I was confused as to why we were going to pay such a large charge I was told we were welcome to wait in the lobby (but not allowed to enter the main area at all) until 11 am without paying. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that the woman I was speaking with was the manager and therefore I could pay or wait - those were the choices. I refused to pay that much to sit in the sun with a coffee and have a piece of toast! We sat down in the lobby and immediately began looking for a different resort to go to instead. As we sat there two different employees (daniel from legends club and the bellman that greeted us and took our bags) came up to us-separately-- to ask why we had not checked in yet and was there a problem? We explained the situation , both times the men were extremely confused as to why we were being told this information. They came back and told us we would only need to pay a total charge of $30usd. Still unusual, but definitely not anything we would have protested had that been the original charge. When the gentleman brought us to the desk to deal with a different front desk service person the woman we originally dealt with glared over at us and shook her head angrily. The situation was rectified and both daniel and the other man were extremely apologetic and embarrassed. The food on the adult side was amazing. The room was clean and the drinks and service were great. Normally, this would ensure many repeat visits to this resort. Sadly I can’t say if we would return because our first contact and welcome was absolutely awful ,easily the worst we have experienced by far at any resort and we travel to Mexico at least 3 times a year. I have no idea what the early arrival policy actually is so I cannot say if you should be prepared for this or not but if it is I can promise I would not return.

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