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It is not what was last year

Daniel P (Chihuahua, Mexico) on Sep 30, 2023

I distinguish between last year and this year, they no improve quality, they reduce food options in restaurants. This year was cleaner but also was less guests at public areas. Can´t understand why they "reserved" spaces for "loyal customers" and remain unused all day.

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No energy in Hard Rock Hotel

salvadorortizj on Sep 29, 2023

This time I had a bad experience at HRH, one day without electricity and at the Heaven bar it took them more than 20 minutes to give me a drink. As if that were not enough, when trying to fill the jacuzzi, brown water came out, apparently like rust.

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Best of trip ever/ will be back!!

Dejennae P on Sep 28, 2023

Giggie from entertainment was absolutely amazing!! She started the trip off so great with the activities and the whole team was amazing Ovi,Luna, the kid, Nat,Monce,Gabby, Rob,Chema look for them you'll have an amazing time ??????

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


bibbyvilla (Tolleson, Arizona) on Sep 27, 2023

The best experience! Everyone always greeted us & always willing to help with any questions. The waiters at all the restaurant were the best and super attentive 10/10 !! ?? I would recommend Hard Rock hotel to anyone!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

First NOT over the top HR Trip

KellyReneeSC (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina) on Sep 27, 2023

This was not my first trip to HRRM. I am a member of Legendary and have been many times...usually have every expectation not only met but exceeded. This time that was not the case. I LOVE my solo trips to HRRM and it's something I look forward to yearly. It is a stunning and peaceful resort, which in the past, gave a full adult only experience as well as a family side. Traveling solo of course I elected and enjoyed the "Heaven" side for adults. This year that changed. Hard Rock elected to shrink the adult side to only two buildings, the former adult only main pool is open to children, as are all but 3 restaurants at night (and not all open each evening limiting choices further), and finally the entire lobby, as well as all stores of the previous adult only "Heaven" side, are now open to children. It creates a COMPLETELY different vibe. I don't dislike children. I simply preferred HRRM having BOTH options and me being able to choose what worked best for me. This trip showed limited space with pools and lagoons previously open to only adults, were overrun with children who were in large unsupervised. Of course, that is not Hard Rocks fault yet it is a real issue and certainly changes a previous adult only atmosphere. In my experience children were running wild in lobby (even during live entertainment), while parents drank and there was more than one time of being physically run into of an evening. Another odd change was a martini bar over the main lagoon. This is now positioned in the FAMILY area which is bizarre. I loved this taraza bar concept but it would have been throuoghly enjoyed, as any martini bar, sans children. Did this ruin my trip? No. It just changed the vibe therefore I think it must be mentioned in the review as it's a huge aspect. Immediately upon arriving I was greeted by Napoléon, one of my butlers with a glass of champagne. I cannot say enough about Napoléon. I will absolutely request him in the future. There was no request that was not met and even further he took over requests that had been made to his partner that had not been addressed. Every evening I was out to dinner Napoléon made it a point to find me so that we were able to catch up, talk about plans and look to the following day. The adult only pool is a place I usually spend a great deal of time and this trip was no different. Great entertainment, and attention to detail is not overlooked for a moment. Excellent bar staff. Adore Max! Alfonso (Pancho), Nicole, Mary and AJ (who was floating positions) were all people that made my trip memorable and held the Legendary and Hard Rock standards high. I did not feel well upon arrival. Pancho, AJ, and Mary all knew this and checked on me making sure I was ok and stayed hydrated and shaded. Mary personally seemed to know what I wanted before I even ask. She is a definite asset to Legendary and Hard Rock. The Eden Beach Bar in the Taraza is where you will find Juan. There is nothing he cannot create and this is a heavenly place. My go to lagoon spot is the chairs just to the right of the bar. Breathtaking! I was impressed with two of the new restaurants (Faro would be more impressive if open at night yet another adult option). The Thai was not my favorite, but the staff was incredible. I loved Umo and have to say that having dined twice there during my week, the service makes a huge difference. My experience was made exceptional by Guadalupe. I have told friends to request her by name and will always do so when I return. Her personality, suggestions, interaction and explanations....on point! I have never written a review that was not simply glowing for HRRM during my years as a member of Legendary and it saddens me to do so, but I believe reviews must be honest in all aspects. Unfortunately, my over the top butler was my evening butler, although he did most of the work as my requests made to day butler were pushed to Napoleon’s arrival. I requested a yoga mat (prior to arrival as I always do) and I was still requesting from Santiago on my 2nd day. As I mentioned I was not feeling well and actually was in need of an IV treatment for inflammation. When I ask Santiago, his response was to send me a map showing the location. I truly felt as though he was bothered by his job, and with that any requests from me. As for the staff in the IV center…I was very sick and am terrified of needles. They were so kind, caring and truly put me at ease. They were more than professional and the kindness they showed did not go unappreciated. My feeling as an inconvenience to Santiago was made further obvious at him telling me of his unhappiness in his job multiple times. Once complaining that he had to "track down an iPad" that a guest had forgotten when they left. And again, not happy he had to wait in line behind guest with unlimited questions when he needed a transportation waiver (which was for me). I will not make a lengthy list of disappointments and unacceptable behavior from Santiago. It was shocking as I have never left a property feeling unsettled by service from a Legendary staff member. I did discuss issues with him on day 2 however, sadly nothing changed. I hope changes in his attitude and outlook on his position are made or that he finds one where he is greater suited and not as inconvenienced by guests. One specific statement that bothered me was, "I love gossip." As a person who works with all HOF and Chairmen, it left a very leery taste in my mouth. I did have some pretty major issues with my room (which has never been a problem before this trip. My room, 2310, had exposed outlets, a bed off the footings, a total blackout while on the sky terrace in tub (thank God butler Napoléon came to my rescue). The railing heading down from the sky terrace was lose from the wall and the curtains (which I reported as broken on day 1 to Santiago) were broken and would not fully close. I was SO impressed with Napoleon’s attention to these issues. When he came to my room during black out (only my room). Napoléon brought his supervisor, Elias Herrejon, with him to see the issues personally (until then I had felt like a bother to Santiago). Elias saw the issues firsthand making note of each of them. He offered to move my room but I didn't want the hassle if issues could be fixed. By the next morning Elias had made arrangements to have maintenance in my room and have all issues resolved. Very grateful he and Napoléon took the issues seriously. Having not felt the greatest this trip, I have to say that it did make me appreciate the smallest things. I loved the new adult only bar between Umo and Wai. David, the mixologist here is over the top as well as such a kind person. This bar had a wonderful feel, is beautiful with excellent staff. I also have to say that room service was far above what I am used to. I ordered breakfast each night for a specific time the next morning each day and not once was it late, cold or incorrect. Very impressive! The day of checkout, I checked myself out and waited on transportation in the main lobby as I had waited on Santiago in HOF lobby but when much time passed, I just walked over and handled without issue. During this time, I was approached by Jessica who, in addition to Fe with Legendary, were above and beyond what one would expect. Fe checked in with me throughout my trip making sure I was feeling better and asking if I needed anything at all. The property is still stunning. I love HRRM for the grounds, the lagoons, and the beauty of the area. The wildlife of monkeys, coati, iguanas, fish, crabs....is endless and bountiful. One of my favorite things of an evening is to simply walk the lagoons and take in the scenery and peacefulness. These are things that will always have my heart and the reason I will always return.

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