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Retirement Vacation

mknsd98 (Orlando, Florida) on Jan 26, 2023

My wife and I frequent Iberostar resorts in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Mexico. The Maya is our favorite as this trip was our 5th to this resort. By now the staff knows us by name and we know them. Daniel in the Star Prestige lounge, Rudolfo and Jose the Bartenders in the Snake bar, Issac and Memo the attendants in the SP Beach area and Guadelope who's magic fingers gave me the best massages all week, are just some of the many friends we have there. All of the staff there are amazing and they work hard to make your stay memorable. They are the reason we keep coming back.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


Sean F on Jan 24, 2023

Had a wonderful experience at Riviera Maya Paraiso Lindo, the staff was phenomenal, very accommodating for our large party of 8. Irving at El Rancho steakhouse when’s above and beyond to ensure we had a wonderful experience. Couldn’t ask for a better vacation with my parents, my spouse, and my 4 friends.

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The place is not what it used to be

ngrigoriev (Montreal, Canada) on Jan 24, 2023

First, I have to mention that this is a review from the point of view of someone who previously visited this hotel more than once. We used to enjoy the place in the past and this is why we wanted to return there after we have got back the ability to travel again this year. I was expecting some decline but at least we knew the area, rooms etc. I should have paid more attention to other reviews from other returning visitors, but I did not. Maybe we would go to another place instead. I can tell you that the hotel still offers a relatively solid experience, so I would not write it off completely. However, I have to say that we will not be coming back. When it comes to the facilities themselves - rooms, lobby, the area itself, restrooms etc - everything is well-maintained and spotless. I have noticed some improvements, some concrete surfaces that used to be very slippery have been redone to make them safer. The only place to mention is the path to the ice cream place - this is where you do want to hold the rail. Rooms are fine, but there is a couple of new issues. The new soap, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioners...I do not know where do they get these “organic” products, but they are surprisingly useless. And the bottles - there is no way to say how much soap is left. And they are not being checked for sure. Thus, you will run out of soap or shampoo one day, or more likely one night. Next, the water bottles. In general, I am not against the reusable ones, but when we came to the hotel, we did not have any in our room. I had to ask to get them to the room. The bottles are quite heavy, and you will not want to carry them around. So, first advice - get 1-2 plastic bottles if you want some mobility. Water refilling stations are available, once you understand where they are, you will have no troubles. Food. This is where they have changed quite a bit. Now they clearly want people to go to the restaurants for dinner instead of the buffet - there are many more restaurant options than before, and you have unlimited reservations. And, in fact, the buffet is pretty good too. However, in general, the food is not as good as it used to be, less tasty, and it is the same stuff every day, with very few exceptions. Also at the buffet now you do not get to put the food on your place, you have to ask the staff. This is inconvenient as, personally, I often try things by their look, not by the name :) As for the restaurants, some are good (steak house, smoke house, seafood grill) and some are not. Surprisingly, the worst of the a-la carte restaurant was the Mexican one. The service at the restaurants and buffet is a hit-and-miss - more often miss than the hit. Particularly at lunchtime. The waiters are typically busy preparing the tables when they have plenty of them available instead of taking care of the plates and the orders. Bars are generally OK, although the real disaster are the straws. Banning the straws is one of the most unpleasant things I have noticed. Advice 2 - bring your own straws! You will not be able to buy them anywhere nearby. And it is really silly, drinking most of the cocktails without a straw is simply bad experience and not healthy for your teeth. Also, most of the bars (Kukulkan is an exception) actually water down the alcohol. Having so much water in tequila is simply insulting. This was not the case before. Chairs. Do not make me start. The situation with the pool/beach chairs at this hotel is now simply desperate, which is another reason why we will not be back. Of course, the fellow tourists contribute to that by “reserving” everything they see with anything they have - left shoe on this chair, right shoe on another side of the pool, the towel is on the beach. After 8am forget about finding any chair anywhere close to the pool or on the beach. This is the part I hate. I am on vacation, I want to sleep. I do not want to wake up and 7am to try to compete with selfish people - but then you will have to sit on the ground. And I did see people sitting on the ground, on the pile of towels. The hotel contribute to this bad practice by giving any number of towels regardless of the number of people in the room. Another major issue - now the hotel is trying to upsell you on anything. Want a "premium" chair? Pay more - this is particularly bad at Lindo, I think. Some drinks and even food at the restaurants are “premium”. Want to watch the show? Pay. One time I was really pissed off - we came to the circus show, and we could not find a seat because the paid reservation was required. And the theater was half-empty. I asked the waiter where can we sit if we do not have a reservation, and he said that the "FREE seats are there" and pointed outside of the theater. This is outright insulting - the "free" is actually $10K we paid for the all-inclusive hotel. I understand the desire to make even more money on everything, but the point of all-inclusive resort is that nearly everything is already paid by you upfront. Iberostar is making a big mistake there. Another point - the constant attempt to brainwash the people about the environment etc. It is an important topic today, sure, but the people come to all-inclusive resorts for a vacation after working hard for over a year not to be lectured about the environment. Having to scan a barcode to read the restaurant menu? Ridiculous. I want to put my phone in the safe when I arrive and take it back out when heading to the airport. And the kids shows with these brainwashing agenda about "world being too hot"? Again, our kids get more than enough of that at school, leave the alone for a week and let them just have fun. Iberostar app - yes, you do want to have it. It is full of bugs, it is slow, it is inconvenient to use, and it is written by the amateurs. Yet, it is still useful. Some functions are broken permanently, like booking the restaurants online etc. Room service works well. Chatting with the reception is a great option really, it is not instantaneous but you still get a reply in a couple of minutes and I find it much better than calling, when you have a simple non-urgent question. And, yes, when you run out of soap, there is a feature to request it and it also works :) Overall, I think that this place is not bad, but it has definitely lost quite a bit of value comparing to what it used to be. Our next trip will be elsewhere.

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Stay at Iberostar

jennmhibbard on Jan 24, 2023

My daughter and I had a fabulous day at your hotel! Maybe we're most impressed with the beauty and the commitment to the environment. We have so much fun in the ocean and with the use of the pools. We never really run out of anything to do. I absolutely loved the fire dancers . It was a night to remember. My daughter and I also got to go on excursion to see the sonotes and swim in them. It was so much fun! Thank you so very much Paul holiday!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great trip

Mackenzie B on Jan 22, 2023

Good trip with my boyfriend! We came here for a fun couples trip and we got it. A little bit of a hiccup when we originally came - no room for us with a king bed suite at the Lindo. We ended up paying $50 more per day for the same / upgraded room at the Maya (originally $80 for an ups grade daily fee). It was truly amazing to upgrade. Our steak restaurant was the best dinner of the trip and the bar in the maya lobby had superior alcohol choices compared to any other bars! Ruddy & Jose always took care of us at the bar and we looked forward to their service each evening. The worst part of our trip had to be the sales pitch for their vacation club. We were told to be there at 8am for our invitation - but they messed that up immensely. We ended up needing to wait for the 10am sales pitch and the 90 minutes that was promised turned into 2 hours. A free round of golf was offered but we ended up spending 8-12:30 on our first day doing nothing but being swindled by staff.

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