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4.5 Excellent

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Really let down by the food. Nice pools

Leicestertravels4583 (Leicester, United Kingdom) on Sep 23, 2023

Positives - Preferred pool is really lovely, nice and chill with excellent service. Really nice main pool area also - large, very clean, different types of spots and places to sit etc. - preferred bar areas also really nice with friendly staff and quick service - Bedroom was clean and with a very comfortable bed - Excellent spa area and massages - we had a couples 80minute hot stone massage and thought it was genuinely one of the best massages ever. - Thai restaurant was a standout, esp the Teppanyaki with Ricardo in particular being brilliant and really engaging Negatives - Main buffet hall - this is currently being refurbished so it’s moved to what looks like a conference room (we were not told about this when checking in so spent time going to the wrong place). The temporary room was not well kept with dirty carpets that were lifting up and dirty windows at the top of the room. Food was lukewarm/cold and definitely not meeting UK safety standards (we guessed the meat was at approx 30-40 degrees). Some hot counters eg fresh omelettes were actually being served in the corridor outside of the conference room also which doesn’t really fit into a 5* experience - Variable service in the a la carte restaurants - at times this was extremely quick eg Starter served within 5 minutes and mains 2 minutes after starters were cleared. Table next to us actually had their main meal put down as their empty starter plate was taken away - Booking day beds by the main pool - told that this can only be done by the pool concierge but unable to find this person. Asked 2 other members of staff who were going to locate him for us but no one arrived. Pool concierge for the preferred pool was much more available/visible but this did have to be booked by 9am…if you’re someone that enjoys a lie in on holiday then this was annoying at times - X2 cockroaches found in our room. This was sorted relatively quickly by staff but not really any apology and no condolence thing offered - Information on app often incorrect - eg lunch spots that say they’re open but they’re not, or they’re moved to a diff location. Some incorrect theme nights. - Mexican restaurant only open 1 night a week… - Bizarre dress codes - one restaurant actually requiring men to wear trousers in 32 degree heat. We have been to the Maldives and experienced complete luxury on a holiday and even that didn’t have such formal codes. The dress codes don’t seem to match the rest of the resort which is not formal - why make people uncomfortable? Information regarding dress codes is clearly not promoted well as we saw multiple couples turned away throughout the trip - Price of goods in the shops - one other guest stated that there were pool floats for purchase at $85 and all food in the gift shop also very overpriced eg $10 for a small tube of Pringles - If you’re looking to chill and not get involved with pool activities (maybe this point is more geared towards English customers…?) the music and shouting at the pool can be VERY loud - Beach area isn’t pleasant - sea looked dirty and brown (from other reviews this looks to be from seaweed) - Only a small comment but seemed really unusual in the preferred lounge to only be given a fork at mealtimes..? There’s bacon,eggs, hash browns etc for breakfast but they only lay up tables with forks so we had to ask each day. Yoghurts also available but no spoons given etc.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Overall 10/10 Experience

Matthias H on Sep 23, 2023

Dream Sapphire is an absolute amazing hotel, it was amazing getting to know all the stuff like Eduardo at breakfast and Felix waiting by the pool and especially the entertainment team like Joe. They were the best people with the best service and they really made the whole holiday special. All the facilities and restaurants were absolutely fantastic. Definitely planning to come back. The best holiday I’ve ever been on. So much to do and lots of entertainment. Would highly highly recommend. Thank you Dream Sapphire!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Huge disappointment for a Hyatt property

anita a (Brooklyn, New York) on Sep 23, 2023

Luxury stay? Not here. I was expecting much more from Hyatt. From the moment of check in, the staff turned off my mood of a relaxing vacation. I booked 2 rooms with 4 adults and 2 kids. Each room with 2 adults and one kid. One adult joined us a day late but seems to be a huge problem with the check in staff and said I cannot check in until I pay for the extra guest. I said yes, an adult is coming tomorrow will pay himself upon check in, and that was not acceptable for the staff. I had to pay extra for the kid for the entire stay, even though one of the nights, an adult did not yet arrived. And the check in staff did not let me check in until I pay. Fine. We were tired, baby needed the room. I paid. The 2 rooms were not next to each other as requested in the booking and also called to note after reservations. One of the 2 rooms were in horrible condition, like a 2-star place. The room smelled so bad, musty, very damp, bathroom was not in a good shape. Sink had a crack and patches. I called to switch a room…none is available in the same building. Fine, I asked for the dehumidifier that day at the front desk. Not show up. I called the same night after dinner and put in ticket, they said we had to be out of the room when they come. So I said it’s late in the night, baby needs to sleep but yes, I will get out and stay in the second room for 2 hours and will be back. No one showed up. At that point, I was so furious that we inconvenience ourselves and the baby and work was not done. In the morning, I called and put in a ticket again. I was told to be out of the room again so I did. Went to get breakfast, come back and still no one showed up. I went to front desk, they said they will put the ticket, all day, no one showed up. The room kept on smelling terrible and we put up with it. Basically I called at least 2-3 times each day for the first 3 days and kept getting out of the room and gave up. After the 5 day stay, no one showed up for the dehumidifier. Staffs were not the same as other resorts. Yes they work hard, they expect tip and don’t treat everyone the same. I’ll just leave it at that. Pool towels - worst system I encountered. The first few days, pool towels were not enough for guests to take. Pool chairs were reserved since early morning and no one was using them. Beach water was so cloudy and not pleasant to sit or dip in. Food was ok. Buffet I only go when other options don’t work out. They moved the buffet location to a ballroom with weird settings. Tables and plate mats were not clean and food stuck on them. Gross. Baby seats were disgusting everywhere, even at restaurants. My baby had a seat with blueberries in it and we didn’t know. Her white dress was stained and didn’t even come off. Kids club was nice for the older kids. You can leave the kids there and do the daily programs. Pools - don’t know why the kids pool still was so deep as adult pool. The slides were a hit. So warning for non-swimmers, or shorter adults….there was no shallow pool besides the hot tub. All in all, I didn’t expect such a service from a Hyatt. I started to follow the brand and this was a huge disappointment for me.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

So far terrible

Navigator16125175128 on Sep 23, 2023

Don’t be fooled by the pictures. I have only been at this resort a few hours and I wouldn’t give this hotel a 2 stars. The service and staff are at best grade 2 level. You are left to find your room by yourself upon arrival, got completely lost in what looked like a jungle at night and after an exhausting 10 hours flight plus 2 hours waiting for luggage. Your Hyatt membership useless, I was told the benefits work only if you book on the Hyatt website (if only I wasn’t a hotelier myself and know that’s a blunt lie) Expect very little care from staff who have no empathy let alone hospitality skills. No one at front desk can even help charge your phone if you forget a converter. Manana seniorita manana i couldn’t message my family to tell them I arrived well. Worse than robots and these days robots are rather efficient ! Room service took over an hour for a club sandwich! And if you call front desk or concierge with any banal request they will keep sending you back and forth to each other and hung up or say they will call you back which never happens. VERY DESAPOINTING

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


cp2023569 (New Bedford, Massachusetts) on Sep 22, 2023

Called the sort minimum 5 times to request any special services they have for my birthday. Friends called as well. Told them again at check in. They did nothing for my birthday but I did see plenty of other room celebration birthdays with banners and getting desserts brought to them at dinner. I also had to pay an extra $60 per night just to not be on the first floor, I enjoy a balcony that comes with the room. Very disappointed and I felt unimportant and not appreciated as a guest.

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