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Royal Hideaway Playacar - another great vacation

lcydylo (Baltimore, Maryland) on May 12, 2024

Just got back home from RH and I will admit the air conditioning issue needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. That said, even with the air conditioning problem, our week at RH was still amazing, relaxing and rejuvenating. This resort is absolutely beautiful and the beach, ocean and views are breathtaking. You will not find friendlier, harder- working staff anywhere that care about the work they do and the service they provide to all guests. We have been to RH many times and I can say the service gets better and better. The staff go above and beyond to provide excellent and prompt service to all guests to help ensure an enjoyable vacation. We enjoyed all the restaurants and understand they are working on developing new menus for the future, so looking forward to seeing some older dishes coming back, and new ideas being offered. We were told that the air chillers are in the process of being replaced. As a guest that has been there many, many times, I have confidence that the new general manager will have these new air chillers in place as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind the staff cannot fix air conditioning issues and have to take the brunt of all of these complaints which is unfair to them. Management needs to address this issue so that the staff aren’t constantly beat up for something they cannot control. We are scheduled to return in July and at the moment, we have no plans to cancel our next visit.

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Don’t spend your money

Inspire62496603263 (Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey) on May 10, 2024

It’s been one horrible experience after another, the AC doesn’t work, complained 3 times about it because my wife is pregnant and all they do is lie about what’s wrong, one couple I meant had been here for a week before me and they complained and they said it’s been malfunctioning for the last 2 days, meanwhile it hasn’t worked the whole time they been here, I been here for 6 days and it still hasn’t been fixed, they did absolutely nothing to fix the situation, didn’t even offer me a fan or anything, I expressed my concerns about my pregnant wife and she needs to be able to escape the heat at some point in the day and they just don’t care, literally did nothing about it.They don’t clean the pool at all, it’s loaded with sand, meanwhile they spend time cleaning the decoration rover they have that you aren’t even allowed to go in, so they clean something you can’t use but don’t clean the stuff you can.there was food left in the hallway for 3 days from another guest on my floor, they walk around trying to sell massages from the spa, I had a $100 credit I received from Costco for booking with them, I was told I could use it for the spa for a massage, they had a promotion of getting a 80 month massage for the price of a 50 min, my wife signed me up for a massage, I went to my appointment and when it came to settle up I said I have $100 credit to use towards it and I get told I’m not allowed to use the credit towards the promotion price, so I should have a bill of $89, instead they are charging me $139, my wife specifically told the woman when booking she had a credit and was told we could use it, all they do is lie here to get your money, they don’t care about their customers at all. Everyday and every night I hear other customers complain about the AC and yet they have done nothing to fix it, it’s over 101 with humidity here and they don’t seem to care at all, they have signs posted by the pool that you are not allowed to save chairs, it’s first come first serve, meanwhile the hotel literally saves spots for a certain group of people, the rest of us don’t matter, they don’t clean up around the pool either, I saw the same like wedge sitting in the same spot for 3 days, it didn’t get picked up until I picked it up and threw it away, the food is beyond sub par, they only have one place to get breakfast and lunch from, and it’s the same stuff everyday, no variety at all, they also told my wife she had to cover up before she could come in for lunch, meanwhile I have seen at least 10 other females in there not covered up, I guess my wife doesn’t fit their ideal of what a woman should look like so she gets mis treated, she is pregnant for good sakes,she is already beyond hot and they force her to be even hotter by having to wear extra clothing, even though it’s said that it’s casual, some of the staff are very rude, my wife wanted coffee with cream, they poured her coffee and never brought her the cream, I had to get up and grab the cream myself for her, but yet they expect to be tipped when you leave,another morning she got a cup of coffee at the station they put out at 630, there was no milk, no cream, no nothing and they had 6 people sitting there waiting, my wife said can we have some milk or cream please, they laughed and turned around and started to use their phones instead of helping their customers, it’s just disgraceful for them to treat people that spend their hard earned money to come here, me and my wife haven’t been on vacation in 5 years because we were saving for our wedding, this is our honeymoon and it couldn’t have gone worse, they ask when you sign in if there is any special occasion and we told them it was our honeymoon, they did absolutely nothing for it, I might as well not even told them,there is supposed to be a concierge in every villa, meanwhile there isn’t, I haven’t had one in my villa the whole time I been here, if I need help I have to go searching for one, the restaurants are all beyond hot inside, makes you not even want to eat, even the lobby is beyond hot, I leave notes for the cleaning people To stock my refrigerator with certain things and to leave extra towels and tissues, they don’t do any of that, they just throw away my note and leave the bare minimum, in my 40 years on this earth and all the hotels I have stayed at, I never had these kind of issues, if I would complain about AC in another hotel they would have moved us immediately to a room that was working, but that’s right they can’t because the whole resort is broken, and they have done nothing to accommodate their customers or to fix it, instead they feed you lies about the condenser being purged for noise, meanwhile the condenser is beyond noisy, half the lights in my room don’t even work, the doors don’t work right so you have to slam them shut, so you end up waking up your neighbors with it, this has literally been the worse experience of my life and it’s supposed to be the most magical time being I’m on my honeymoon, the resort is beyond cheap with how they run there day to day operation and should be ashamed of their selves with how they conduct business, I met a couple that has been here at least once a year for the last 9 years, they said they have had nothing but problems the last few times they have come and they will never be coming back here again, I even met a couple from Texas that complained about how hot the rooms are, I’m from New Jersey where it was 53 when we left, Texas is extremely hot as well and even they couldn’t deal with it, they were miserable and couldn’t wait to leave, I’m not in that same boat, I’ll never come here ever again just like a lot of other customers won’t be, so do yourself a favor and book someplace else, there are resorts on each side of us and they seem to be having a lot more fun than we all are here, perhaps look into one of those instead, even the prices at the gift shop are outrageous, they charged $30 for a $2 float, they charged me $35 for aloe that cost $3, it’s an absolute rip off this place they smile in your face while laughing behind your back, it’s shameful, this place sucks!!!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


lesare2017 (Lawrence, Kansas) on May 10, 2024

There was basically NO A/C in our rooms or even in the Restaurants. This was the worst vacation experience of my life and I've been travelling to Mexico Resorts for 40 years. The Food was not fit to eat for the most part. The only good thing was the friendly employees.

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Ventanas Mediterranean Restaurant is fantastic!

Mary Lou S (Glen Carbon, Illinois) on May 10, 2024

Dinner at Ventanas Mediterranean Restaurant was fantastic! The manager, Carlos Quintal, was awesome, ensuring everything was perfect. Our server, Manolo, was attentive, and provided superior service. Even though the dish on the menu was not too my liking Manolo tweeked it so it was absolutely prefect. It is evidence of a dedicated staff of they change their routine to suit you.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

NO AC, but service made it bearable

allanc207 (Clemmons, North Carolina) on May 10, 2024

Here was my review I had written and had to delete to edit/ redact- Not Royal! Review of Royal Hideaway Playacar Reviewed 6 days ago We arrived today from 3 long flights 2 hours behind schedule. Check in took 35 minutes, only room service available until 6PM. Our room has water damage and the air conditioner is not working. It will not cool lower than 80 degrees. The mini fridge in our room also does not work. We were hesitant about coming back after last years debacle in the Honeymoon suite... There was no manager to speak to until tomorrow at 10:00 AM. No desk chair, outlet in wall coming off and has wires exposed. AGAIN, air conditioner will not cool room below 80 degrees!!! Looking to book a new place tomorrow. Edited/ Redacted review- Obviously the resort had a catastrophic AC failure the week we stayed- 5/4-5/10. We were transferred to 3 rooms. I must say that was on my initiation for the first transfer one night after sleeping in 81.5 degree room . Mercedez, the GM was helpful in finding us a room after the first night. Unfortunately, that room was 79 degrees at night. This is when we met Ricky Roasas, our Concierge of unit 27. He was extremely helpful and went the extra mile to assure our stay could be as nice as possible. He even brought us fans from his home to use while the AC was out. Ricky was moving and shaking, always walking around the pool to find us and make sure things were getting better. He also helped out some friend we had met at the resort the prior year that were on their 3rd visit. The topic of the AC problems was in every conversation around the pool, in the restaurants and bars. It was inescapable with the weather in the 90's and high humidity. The only thing that kept us from checking into another resort was the excellent service the pool staff, restaurant staff and Concierge gave us. We love the location, the pools and the romantic size of the resort. We love it's mostly adults only. If the AC would have been working it would have been a wonderful vacation. This is our second stay and the food has increased in quality and deliciousness. The staff at the Grill is attentive and all around wonderful. All the restaurant staff were great but especially The Grill, where each morning and lunch we got to know our servers. The bar staff work like bees buzzing around the pool bringing drinks and food as often as you like. The activities- pool aerobics, trivia, dance lessons and several other games were fun and comedic. All these made the lack of AC a bit more bearable. I feel this is an ownership problem more than a management problem. Barcelo needs to invest in updating their property and this place will Shine as one of the Gems of the area again. They have some great people working for them. In closing, we are a bit upset that they did not offer a discount on our current trip for not having what we deem is a necessity in oppressive heat- Air Conditioning. We also thought, at least they would offer a discount for us to come back at a future date when the facilities were working at 100%.

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