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Definitely recommend! Had my dream wedding here

Jatima W on Jan 26, 2023

Beautiful rooms, exceptional service, and they made my dream wedding happen. We love this place! We had our wedding here in mid-January. Our wedding planner, Aury, was fantastic. The team did an amazing job setting everything up. It looked like a fairy tale. I got my hair and makeup done at the salon on-site and they did an incredible job. The food and cake at the wedding were great, the photographer was extraordinary. He was super detail-oriented and took his job very seriously. The pictures were provided to us within a week, which is just amazing. They made our day so incredibly special, but not just the day, but the day after. They brought us breakfast in the room, and had the most amazing romantic dinner set up on the beach for us that night. I definitely recommend splurging on the wedding package. You won’t regret it. The service at the resort is also really great in general. The privilege lounge is especially great. I can’t wait to go back!

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Please don’t waste your money worst place for your money

Nikkijke on Jan 26, 2023

Started with a check in they want to make sure you upgrade otherwise I’ll give you attitude every restaurant you go the food not good . If not pretty nasty. I’ve been coming to Mexico for the last 10 years by far when it comes to food this place is the worst. also, every restaurant tries to sell you things oof the all inclusive they charge you $50-$60 to your room your sheets will be dirty when you arrived and I will be Sarah accountability if your phone or anything else breaks, you have to wait one to two days to get a fix

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Not worthy of a return visit.

roscoT1956 on Jan 26, 2023

Rooms are a C. Fans not working, showers are old and leaking, some AC outlets don’t work, kind of dirty, and you have to beg for a washcloth. Wasn’t impressed! Food was B+. The Buffet was ok with decent selection, not Moon Palace, but not bad. Specialty restaurants are good. Facilities (Pools, Bars, common areas) I give a B. Mostly in good shape and pretty clean. Expect if you get a room on the outer premier of resort, trash on the ground is very noticeable and they don’t seem to care as it was never addressed during our stay. Reservations: D- This process is really terrible and anything they tell you take with a grain of salt. It usually doesn’t end up the way you thought it would. Pretty weak system and frustrating for we the customers. We didn’t get what was promised. Staff: A. The one area this resort excels in is their staff. Most of the staff we interacted with were great. Helpful, friendly, and made a difference. Would I return? No. Nothing spectacular here. Looking for a great experience, this ain’t it.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Good resort overall

Stellou75 (Paris, France) on Jan 25, 2023

Good resort overall. Several restaurants and good food in general. Difficult to be understood in English, the people working in the hotel do not speak much English. We were at Eden building far from Lobby or buffet but it allows to digest a little the calories taken with all the meals taken. The beach is small and every time we went there it was crowded so if you're looking for a quieter place head to the different pools Concerning our room, the bedding is comfortable and the room is quite spacious for our needs it like others would need repairs. Broken electrical outlets, leaky bathroom fan, faulty whirlpool.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Would not recommend

rochellej779 on Jan 24, 2023

TL;DR Wedding was okay, resort was okay, service was awful. Maids are thieves. I had my wedding here last week. First off, the private check-in for El beso is not private. There were only 2 people working at the private desk, and it took forever to check in. They charge you an additional 200 pesos for the eco fee that wasn't included in the hotel cost. Which wasn't explained initially, so we thought we were being charged another $200 USD. Then we were not told by our wedding coordinator that 90% of the rooms are only 1 bed and a pull out couch. We had friends choose the El Beso side and had to share a bed. The check-in process was hectic as they made us leave our bags outside and pick them up after, and my friend ended up losing his bag, and we had to search for it. Then we got to our rooms, and they had a musty smell to it. I checked the beds, and they had popsicle sticks underneath the sheets? The jets popped out while using the tub, and there was barely any hot water. The pressure in the shower was awful, and the shower head was broken with water spraying out the back end. The tiles in the bathroom and the patio are SUPER slippery and almost fell several times. My friends safe was broken in his room, and the hotel maids stole $600 USD from his bag. They also stole my sisters iPhone from her room and my tablet from my room. Definitely would not trust leaving any valuables in sight, and they tell you to use the safes in order to be protected but that is a lie because they just tell you to contact the Mexican Authorities if the maids steal from you. The service at the bars and restaurants is super slow. The first day was good, but then it got worse and worse despite the fact we tipped every time. We barely ever got refills of water or drinks. They constantly try and get you to buy their wine that isn't very good and definitely overpriced. Medium rare steaks we ordered and paid for ended up being rare and made us sick. Wedding: My wedding planner, Aury, was a delight to work with! However, the day itself was pretty hectic. We did not do a rehearsal of how we would be going down the aisle or get a practice run. So I set that up myself and showed everyone how we would be going down. The makeup at the spa was overpriced, but the lady did an amazing job either way. I actually had no idea how the ceremony was supposed to go, and the officiant said our names wrong several times. We didn't meet him until the ceremony. We had our wedding at 5 pm and the sun set around 6:30 pm so there was not much time for photos. The reception food was okay, I wish there were more normal options like a caesar salad. Also, having pictures would have been better to choose what we wanted since many of us were picky eaters. The lava cake was literally a cold brownie with ice cream and very disappointing. The cake was better, honestly. They charged me $100 to pay for laundry cleaning because I got food poisoning and got sick on some of the bed sheets. It was an extremely small amount, and I was told they don't actually wash the sheets when someone gets "bodily fluids" on it. They apparently burn the sheets instead. They say they are an eco resort, but burning rather than cleaning is extremely bad for the environment. Considering we stayed on the adult side, I would assume all the rooms have some sort of bodily fluids on it.... also had friends who said they got blood on the towels and didn't get charged. Overall, it was a horrible experience at this resort, especially being my first time out of my country. I would definitely not go back to this resort. They do not understand customer service at all. I would not recommend it. Mexico itself was beautiful, and I would go back to a new resort.

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