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Gorgeous hotel with awful customer service and guest appreciation

JaclynB389 (Commack, New York) on Mar 02, 2024

The hotel grounds were tremendous and beautiful and its surroundings were stunning. We are active, loved the 15k-20k steps a day! It was clean and inviting. There was a ton to do. The food overall was decent at best. We found the service staff to be rather friendly and accommodating, especially since I was traveling with someone that is gluten free. interactions with a night manager and various front desk employees was not so cheerful. We checked in around 5pm. We booked 2 adjoining rooms for our family. Around 8:30 we came back up to the rooms and were asleep by 9pm. The door that connected the rooms were left slightly open while we slept. Around midnight or so, my mother in law woke up. Upon getting out of bed, she realized she was standing in 2-3 inches of water. We all awoke and rushed to pick up our soaking wet belongings - shoes, luggage, bags, etc. My husband saw that there was watering rushing out of the toilet and closed the valve. No one answered the front desk phone. Barefoot (because my shoes were soaked), I ran to the lobby for help in the middle of night. It took 10 minutes to locate the front desk person. I very calmly explained the situation and was told that while there were no 2 rooms next to one another, in a different building there were 2 rooms on the same floor that we could move to. She worked on assigning them to us as I ran back to pack everything up. Upon getting back the room, the night manager had arrived and looked alarmed and was making accusatory statements to my family. there was a crack inside the toilet's tank which caused the flood. He stated over and over "Someone had to of done this". He did not introduce himself. He did not apologize or attempt to do anything to accommodate us or to assist us with moving our belongings, many of which were soaked with toilet water. There was zero "customer service". As we gathered the last of our belongings the manager was abruptly leaving the scene. I walked down the hall and asked if I could join him and speak with him away from the commotion. I was friendly, polite and courteous and probably much kinder than many guests would be. He continued to groan that "someone" had caused this to happen. I assured him that no one in my family caused it to happen. It would take a lot of effort to crack a toilet, nevertheless, the inner back wall of the inside of the toilet's tank. My son is young and my almost 80 year old mother in law certainly did not pack a hammer in her suitcase. Who would want to touch the inside of a hotel's toilet tank anyhow? Gross. This flood happened without warning in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. Water rushed out quickly. Unapologetically and in a combative, defensive manner he glared and said "I never said that any of you broke the toilet, but someone did." Certainly a flood overnight and soaking wet belongings was by far the last thing on our vacation to-do list. Numerous trips back and forth to the lobby desk seeking adjoining rooms were unfruitful. Understandably, the hotel was crowded. By the time something was available, we were already settled into the rooms that we were assigned after the flood. Furthermore, switching would have interfered with our Xcaret bookings that we paid for. The rooms did not have the amenities or beds we originally booked although we dealt with it. I asked if any type of courtesy refund could be provided since we were not next to one another as we had originally booked our reservation and the room type differed. I was told firmly that would not be possible. Refunds were not given. Plain and simple. There was no negotiating. After 30 minutes, I was offered wine and strawberries which I politely declined. As a last resort, only due to my persistance, I was offered a dinner at the Royal Restaurant. Given that nothing else would be offered to accommodate us, I gracefully accepted it to end the conversation even though a dinner certainly did not make up for the problem. I went on wild goose chase over the course of 3 days just to book it, only to be told there was no record of the accomodation! The lack of hospitality shown by the manager and front desk was unbelievable and unreasonable. Their lack of interest in wanting to “make things right” and their “oh well, too bad” attitude was very disappointing.

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If you want good food or like bars- don’t go here

Kimber H on Mar 01, 2024

Bars were sparse and not located in areas you want to hang out. I didn’t like that for at least two meals a day the only vibe was buffet. For 3 days supper could be at ala cart restaurant leaving the other 3 days again at a buffet. The buffet was not good food

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Trapped with Bad Food

josierra2 (Lakewood, California) on Feb 29, 2024

The resort and rooms are very beautiful, but the only way to leave the resort is a $25 each way taxi into Playa del Carmen. I felt trapped in the Hotel California. The resort's car rentals, tours, eco parks, and spa charge high U.S. prices ($120/day car rental). Most of the food is not good, even the Mexican food. Got food poisoning from the crab claws in the seafood paella. Cocktails and wine are ridiculously weak. Expect a sneaky and persistent sales push for membership or timeshare. It was a shame, because the resort really is beautiful and the on-site snorkeling is excellent.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Common courtesy 2024

clarissaclark20 on Feb 28, 2024

Overall had a good stay with a few incidents that could all have been resolved with some common courtesy on the behalf of other guests and some dining staff. The monkeys were definitely the best part of this resort!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Perfect balance of everything

Amber L on Feb 28, 2024

Perfect spot to experience so much within 5 mins walk of Xcaret park. Loved it so much we are bringing our kids back so they can experience it too. Tons of wildlife to experience including monkeys and iguanas. The grounds are in excellent condition.

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