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TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

A Pleasant Stay As A Single Traveller

Leesen M on Feb 17, 2024

I am currently staying in this hotel from the 11-25 February as a single traveller. The hotel is set in lovely grounds amongst luscious vegetation within a mini jungle with four swimming pools that are very personalised in their own way. This hotel is not too big, unlike the other three hotels in the complex. The staff at the Sian Khan are all very helpful and friendly and my room is spacious with good facilities including a mini bar that is well stocked. The walk in shower is fantastic also and I have a large comfortable king size bed. My room was in fact upgraded free of charge which was very helpful when I checked in. The cupboard space is fine in my room with a comfortable double sofa and even an umbrella is supplied. It is wonderful that as a guest of the Sian Khan I can use the facilities of the other three sister hotels, the Coba, Tulum and Akumal hotels in the Bahia complex. A free trolley bus takes you to and from all of the hotels when using their restaurants and facilities. The Ala-carte restaurants are great and the food itself in the main buffet is very plentiful and of good quality. The day and evening entertainment is also very good. The general staff and entertainment staff seem very professional and dress very smartly. Sadly the main buffet of the Sian Khan feels like a giant cafeteria. The room is just too large and it seems to feel like a free for all and is not very personalised in my opinion. Also in my room throughout the night an extremely annoying fan noise keeps coming on and off every five to ten minutes which keeps me awake all night and echoes right through into my room. This is so very annoying. I will let the management know about this, although there is probably little that they can do. I don't know if this affects every room or just mine, but that is one thing that lets my stay down. Other than that everything is fine. I still have eight days remaining of my two week stay.

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Decent but not luxury.

Dave D (Vancouver, Canada) on Feb 14, 2024

This is a mid to mid high level resort. We've stayed at much nicer and certainly worse. We were drawn in by the perceived value price. You get what you pay for. All the staff were fantastic and friendly. Food was pretty good, nothing super special. There were a decent option for gluten free. And they pay attention to allergies quite well. The rooms are not quiet. Hard surfaces, and cinder walls means you can hear your neighbours and definitely hear folks on stairs our outside. They brand this a luxury and it's not really. It's very nice, yes. But you can see cost cutting. Booze options are definitely mid grade and you have to order an extra shot to actually taste any tequila in your margarita. Marg mix is fake sugar premade mix. They did have reposado tequila but no anejo. The tram system that takes you to other properties for beach or dinner was great. They ran often and it works.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Bathroom sewage flood

Zheng X on Feb 13, 2024

We recently stayed at Bahia Siaan Kaan during the days of February 1-8. Staffs are very friendly, foods are amazing and the beach is stunning. However, something we experienced is a nightmare for any travelers. During the evening of the 5th we noticed the shower drain was bubbling and saw water coming out so we called maintenance to come . They came promptly and said they fixed the issue. On the 6th at evening again, we came back to the room and it was bubbling again, this time with sewage coming out of the shower and through the bottom of the toilet. You could see human feces in the shower and all over the bathroom floor. We called housekeeping and maintenance. Housekeeping arrived promptly and said this is a recurring issue and cleaned it up. Maintenance never arrived and after 3 phone calls and finally walking to the lobby to get someone’s help and two hours later they finally showed up. We missed our ala carte dinner waiting for this and this was very frustrating. Once again even more frustrating was missing our evening due to this. They once again said they fixed it. On the 7th in the morning we came back from breakfast, we noticed a foul smell straight away and opened the bathroom door and saw the shower full of sewage. We had enough as they obviously did not fix this issue. This was absolutely disgusting and concerning as this is a health risk. We went directly to the lobby to complain and after 45 minutes they said they could switch our rooms. We went back to our room and saw water coming out of the front door. The whole room was flooded with sewage. Our bags, clothing shoes, everything was covered in sewage. My fiancé went back to the lobby while housekeeping watched me walk through this sewage water up to my ankle trying to get our belongings out. Maintenance and guest services came and watched me continue to try and get out belongings out in these unsanitary conditions. This was absolutely disgusting and I have never experienced anything like this in my life. The lack of problem solving was unheard of. We had to ask for them to do our laundry and sanitize our baggage. They had no idea what to do. We were told we would receive our laundry that night and never received it until the next day at noon. I was left with no clothes, just a bathing suit and a tshirt. This ruined another full 24 hours of our vacation and another missed a la carte dinner. We later remembered that our passports, Wallets and watches were left in the baggage taken to be sanitized so we went to the front lobby to try and get the passports back for safe keeping and they had no idea what we were talking about. No information was passed on. After about an hour they found our bag in an office and we got our passport and wallet and watches back. When we received the laundry back, the next day at noon, (after multiple trips back to lobby to try and find out where it was, we noticed a toiletry bag (longchamp) brand was missing. Everything else came back. We double checked all of our belongings and were 100% certain and remember putting this in for cleaning as it was also covered in sewage. This bag never came back and we were told it was not left in the room, or put into the laundry, so where did it go? These 3 days completely ruined our vacation as we were disgusted and worried about all of our belongings. I had to walk through sewage up to ankles and pack all of our belongings soaked in sewage water. We missed 3 days of our vacation because they could not problem solve and waited until it got to the absolute worst point it could with our room overflowing in sewage (feces and urine) we are also missing a very expensive bag. We are silver members and I have travelled to over 67 countries in my life and have never experienced this issue once in my life. We understand these issues can happen but we should have never been put in this room as even the housekeeping knew this was an ongoing issue. We should have switched rooms on the first day if this happened due to a mistake. We shouldn’t have had to take multiple trips to the lobby, chase our belongings, pack our belongings, have a bag taken. We tried to contact Bahía by email provided by Guest Experience Manager but so far no one has responded to it. Do NOT book jacuzzi room or any room on the first floor.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Definitely not a 5* Hotel!

Lin R (Barry, United Kingdom) on Feb 12, 2024

The only reason this gets a "1" is the staff, they were very good. The Hotel is far from the 5* advertised, a 3* at best. We spent the 10 days waiting to come home! I would urge anyone considering this hotel not to go! ACCOMMODATION: On arrival we were told that our room had been upgraded to a suite (we thought this was because 2 of our party had birthdays during our stay). I dread to think what our original room would have been like as the "suite" allocated was awful. On arrival at the room we struggled to open the door as it scraped along the floor the whole time we were there (despite reporting it). The room stank of damp and mould. We had to leave the door of the wardrobe open as the smell was disgusting (the smell ingrained itself into our clothes!). The room was old, dated and dark, however it was clean. Shower was not the best. On the first night we were unable to get to sleep as there was continuous construction works (metal on metal ) throughout the night. On complaining the next day, we were told that it was the law that the building of the Mayan Railway went on for 24 hours! We had not been informed of this prior to travel. (This was addressed with the Rep during the stay). They offered to move us to a similar room, but the noise was audible throughout the hotel, or to another hotel in the chain a lower star rating and not adults only so this option was not considered by us as we visited the other hotel for a restaurant and it was far too busy with many children running around. FOOD Food was never warm. Loads of food but all very similar, not served safely, crockery badly chipped on all serving dishes. For 5* the quality of food was extremely poor. We found it difficult to find safe, hot food on any meal (until we complained and met with the Rep and Hotel Staff half way through the stay and hotplates were eventually turned up, this did not improve the qualality or provision though). We asked for food to be probed to ascertain it was of a correct temperature. The Executive Chef placed the probe on the hotplate prior to testing the food!! When asked to test rice that had been standing in the service area, he then placed the probe directly on to the ceramic serving dish and when pointed out to test the rice he moved it around to test. The temperature was 53 degrees way below a safe temperature. One lunch time a dish of raw prawns was left on a shelf not even on a chilled shelf. Many other guests suffered from stomach illnesses (it is no wonder if they ate from this buffet). The "speciality restaurants" were not much better. This food service is dangerous. BARS Great service from all the staff. MISCELLANOUS The Travel Rep and Hotel did eventually offer to move us to a "penthouse" for the last few days of our stay. This was nowhere near 5* but it did not smell of damp and mould. Again this was dated and in need of modernisation. The issues have been discussed fully with our travel company. The Hotel needs a major refurbishment of rooms and room facilities before it could be considered anywhere near a 5* Hotel and holiday companies should seriously reconsider sending guests to a Hotel that has no idea of safe food production before something disastrous happens. It is probably one of the worst hotels we have every stayed in.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Traveled alone and never felt alone.. was pampered

carlamD6615TH (New Jersey) on Feb 11, 2024

I just would like to thank everyone at hotel for one of the best Bahia stays I have had to date. Especially Samantha and Emanuel in guest services, Sulemi and the entire the buffet staff member, Delmar, Roque and Jose in Entertainment and also the staff who handled Room Service. I had so much fun and Delmar was so engaging and made me want to participate in the events. I traveled alone... I needed a break. However, I never felt alone at the hotel because the staff was so attentive. From the entire time I arrived, I was literally checked on...every single day.. to make sure that I was ok and if the staff could make my stay better. It was so hard to leave. I wished I could have extended my stay permanently. Please thank you staff for making me feel so special and cared for. I will return to the resort again.

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