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Another great stay

caseyc0106 on Jul 03, 2022

We’ve been to Sandos Playa Car several times and have had a great stay each time. The resort is clean, the beach is amazing and the staff go above and beyond. Special shout out to Rox at the Royal Elite office at the Meeting Point. She was amazing and the most helpful person we’ve had in the Royal Elite office. She truly made our stay special. When eating at the main buffet ask for Vicente’s section. He was on point with our drinks, very personable and went above and beyond with his service. Of course, when you visit the Blue Moon Beach Bar you have to ask for Fabian. Our cups never went empty and he had a heavy pour, if asked. Finally, Rodrigo at the Premium Club in the Meeting Point provided the up-scale service, professional service I would expect at such a bar. Excellent service Rodrigo. Overall, another great stay in the books, can’t wait for our next stay in October.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

My best vacation

Beuhler on Jul 02, 2022

Quiero agradecer la attention de Jose y Miriam en Acenue Bar, they are so professional and cute, the drinks are so delicious, our best drink it was margaritas en tequila shot. The beach is really precious and awesome

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Awsome Bartenders

mikelara6 (Corpus Christi, Texas) on Jul 01, 2022

Uriel, Daysi,and Fermin top notch bartending on us over at the Elite bar. Cheesecake, Scooby-Doo, and Tequila among the Favs. Definitely need to visit them when at Sandos Playacar Royal Elite bar. The Best ?? ??

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Sandos Playacar is NOT the nice resort it used to be.

FamilyLuvsTravel (California) on Jun 30, 2022

We have stayed at Sandos Playacar in the past. It's almost like a different resort altogether now. We liked it so much the last time that we brought 2 additional families with us this time hoping to show them the great resort that we had experienced. We ended up being embarrassed by the place and regretful for having caused them to waste their hard earned money there. The customer service is non-existent by anyone other than the hard working cleaning, serving and bartending staff. You let them know about a problem and they promise it will be taken care of "within the day," and you never hear from them again. I am going to be completely fair in my evaluation of our stay there, because that is what I appreciate when reading guest reviews. We checked in during the early morning with Royal Elite and we were the only guests in the office. There were 13 of us staying in 5 rooms. It took over 1 1/2 hours to finally get all of our bracelets despite having filled out the forms that were available online ahead of time and having all of our other paperwork, passports, etc ready to go. That's just ridiculous. During check-in, I informed the agent that our Sandos4U coins had suddenly disappeared that were available just 5 days prior in the accounts of 7 of the guests. He said he had nothing to do with that and couldn't help me. He referred me to customer service. Each day, I met with a different member of Sandos customer service, Royal Elite customer service, sent an email to Sandos4U, called them, etc., but during our 9 day stay, the issue was never resolved. Every different customer service agent said that each other group on the resort was separate and distinct and they could not help us. In regards to Sandos4U, no one would/could help us and they did not bother to respond to us at all. In the end, we got absolutely no benefit from the 500 points per person that we had earned during previous stays. During 3 stays, 2 of which we already had coins that could supposedly have been used, we were unable to redeem our coins for ANYTHING!! The Sandos4U program has no intention of actually giving out any gifts or rewards. They will manipulate the points, say things aren't available, say massages can't be bought with points, they can only extend the massage by 15 minutes, say the points were expired even when the time since they were earned shows by the dates that they WERE NOT EXPIRED, or they will simply delete the points altogether when you try to use them. By whatever method, you will not receive benefit from them. The rooms were much worse than last time. They were never fancy, but they were clean and in relatively good shape during our last stay. Nothing has been done to maintain them during that time. The TVs are very small. They are old and in all 5 rooms, the picture was terribly pixelated and barely able to make out what was happening. They do not have HDMI ports. The remotes are usually not responsive which is weird since each remote was different for each room. It wasn't the batteries because even after they were replaced, the problems continued with the remotes. We contacted them in 3 of the 5 rooms about the problems and they came and looked at the TVs and turned it to one channel that had a good picture and said the TV was fine. One channel with an adequate picture does not make an acceptable TV. The room AC remote is a joke. It does nothing. You can try to lower the temperature, but it never gets any cooler. You can try to turn down the blower because the noise is so loud you can't hear yourself think, but nothing happens even though the remote indicates it is being turned down. 3 of the 5 rooms had dehumidifiers that did nothing to improve the air quality either. Every single room reeked from a terrible smell that was a mixture of wet dog, sewage and staleness. We asked for Lysol or Febreeze or anything to improve the smell, but nothing was ever made available. The sheets were always damp and the pillows smelled so badly that some of us chose to sleep without rather than to put our heads next to that odor. Pillows in humid climates must actually be laundered, just changing the pillow cases IS NOT ENOUGH. The cleaning staff did a good job in the bathrooms, but they cannot get rid of a stench when they are not given adequate tools. The smell was so bad that even clothes that weren't worn, had to be washed after returning home. We stayed as Royal Elite, but none of us had bathrobes, slippers or extra beach towels in our rooms, and we did request them. The outlets have no power. There are very few available outlets. The ones there had so little power that after plugging in an iphone at night, it was only charged to 92% by the next morning. There was not enough power to charge the laptop. The plugs would slip out of the outlet and you never knew if something was still charging or had stopped. The lights in the bathroom were so dull that you could not see to put on make-up or much of anything else. The tub with jets was amazing, but there are yellow stains on them from age and my daughters wouldn't use them because they thought they were dirty. Make sure you have several inches of water above the jets before turning them on or the water will spray throughout the bathroom. The sink soap dish has no sides so the soap slips right off of it and onto anything you have below it, getting it all soapy. The room lights in my room did not operate at all from the door switch, but did work in other rooms. The overhead fans were great and definitely necessary. The sliding glass doors are heavy, but you can get them open with a little muscle. We put everything out there to dry hoping to prevent the awful smell of wet clothes. It didn't help the room, but the clothes did smell better. The food has gone downhill as well. Most restaurants were out of at least one item on their limited menus each night, and all of our reservations were during either the first or second seating which means they weren't available to anyone the whole night. There was never filet mignon in the French restaurant, our favorite from the last trip. We couldn't even get the freshly made guacamole in the Mexican restaurant when they had guacamole in all the buffets... Overall, the food was very bland and without flavor. The only cheese that was available was goat cheese and sometimes parmesan, (which was delicious.) They could really use cheddar cheese in the burrito bar. The food at the buffets was always cold which I didn't mind as much as the fact that it was always the exact same dishes served day after day, for every meal. Although I didn't think it the case last time, I have come to the same conclusion as 90% of other reviewers, that they truly do water down the liquor. No matter what we ordered, or how much, we never even felt buzzed and 4 of our guests were 18-21 and get buzzed off of one Whiteclaw! My husband said the beer was normal, but he is the only one who drinks beer and I certainly did not go on vacation to drink beer! The plastic cups are not washed, simply rinsed off in something they call a disinfectant liquid, which might have been fine once, but during covid and with the many active infections in the area, it seems they should have been washed more thoroughly. The seaweed was awful. They had people out there raking it in the morning, which was admirable. There was also a tractor, but it seemed to just chop it up rather than raking it up and hauling it away. The chopped up seaweed then went right back out with the tide so that the water was always full of it and brown and groos looking and never had that beautiful clear blue look that it does when the seaweed is actually eliminated. I swam out to the so-called seaweed barriers and it is easy to see how the seaweed gets past them so easily. They are torn and worn and don't stop anything from making its way to shore. The cats were gross and I saw poop on sidewalks often, which will happen when you invite cats to live on your property. The birds were constant at the outdoor restaurants which was also disgusting. They flew right up to the buffet and took food away. You'd think there would be some kind of netting put up to try to prevent this, but there was not. The room key on the bracelets were handy (although most resorts do that now.) I didn't really mind the towel cards that so many guests have complained about, but I don't think they were necessary either. The pools were nice and well maintained. The evening entertainment shows started too late so we only went to one of them and they were the same shows from our last stay, except for Coco. We took a daytrip to Sandos Caracol and though we loved it last time, this time we left after an hour and felt it had gone downhill as well. We did many other daytrips that we booked through an outside agency as the prices in their onsite agency were ridiculously high and the reviews were consistently poor. My 7 year old niece had an earache and it cost $180 for the onsite doctor to tell us it was not an ear infection and to sell us some over the counter Motrin for the pain. She was with her for 10 minutes. There are so many resorts in Mexico and even in the Playacar area that we will definitely not stay at Sandos Playacar again. We will go back to another of the resorts we have enjoyed in the past, either Paradisus, Secrets or even Rius which are all the same price point. Xcaret and Iberostar were better, too. We once stayed at Grand Velas and really liked it. If you decide to stay there despite all of this, don't fall for the tour to become Royal Elite members, nothing they give you will be worth losing hours of your vacation and you will not want to buy into their vacation club. The Sandos4U coins are a major scam so don't return thinking you'll be able to use them, NOT ONE GUEST I SPOKE TO OUT OF PROBABLY 30, INCLUDING THOSE WHO HAD RETURNED 3 & 4 TIMES, HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO REDEEM ONE COIN FOR A PRIZE OF ANY TYPE, EVEN A LOUSY WATER BOTTLE!! If I had to point to the worst area of dissatisfaction, it would be the customer service that was so prevalent during our last stay and so lacking this time. Don't bother asking for assistance, they will say they will take care of you by the end of the day, but it never happens. They will reply to this review by saying we're glad you enjoyed our pools and liked our use of room cards on the bracelets, which demonstrates that they know what good customer service looks like, they are just clueless as to how to implement it during a guest's stay so that they have a superior experience at their resort. They will say they will speak to the management of the areas where we found problems, but that is meaningless because the time to fix things was while we were actually at the resort AND ACTIVELY ASKING FOR ASSISTANCE FOR THE PROBLEMS WE WERE EXPERIENCING! This is the most important part of my review. If you copy the URL from this page, then paste it into the analyzer box of, you will see that the reviews have a D rating on a scale of A-F. A score of D means that 40% of the reviews are considered to be reliable and high deception is involved. I wish I had checked the reviews on fakespot prior to this stay, but since I had stayed here before, I trusted them. The last time, their score was a B+. My review is detailed so that you will be able to realize the accuracy and integrity of its words. I gave it a 2 star score, because it is not the worst resort I have every stayed at, but it is below the average for a resort at this price point and professed amenities and does not quite deserve the 3 star average. If you are like me and you rely on good, detailed reviews to help you determine where to stay during your vacations, you will take these words to heart and decide to stay elsewhere. Ignore the 5 star reviews here that have only one previous review and mention the names of people who work on the resort. Those are left by the employees themselves because they receive Kudos for being named in reviews. We tipped well while staying there and hope our monetary appreciation more than makes up for the Kudos (with no monetary compensation,) bestowed by the administration.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


julioz659 on Jun 29, 2022

One of the best bars in Sandos playacar at the Royal elite section. The bar tender Daysi is the best. Great drinks and friendly always made sure my kids and I had our drinks and were cool with the kids. BEST POOL BAR!!!

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