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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great experience. Wonderful small resort

Y5048UKpaulal (Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada) on Mar 02, 2024

I was nervous with all the negative reviews but we have been pleasantly surprised. Everything is good here. The rooms are cute and clean. No problem with hot water, air conditioning, or wifi. Staff are absolutely the best. Food at the buffet, although repetitive, is decent. Only negative is food temperatures would be questionable as far as being in the danger zone for bacteria growth. The snack bar would only deserve a one star and would need better thought by the resort. The beach chairs are also in rough shape but it didn’t matter to us as we never used them. The pools look fine but the best part is the beach. Superb! Snorkelling right off the beach! There are lots of vendors that do ask you for a massage etc. but are no where near as aggressive as other countries we have visited. I guess it’s all a matter of opinion but we felt really comfortable and safe at Henry Morgan. I am grateful for the generosity from the staff and wouldn’t hesitate to return here. Thank you, gracias, Merci!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Great Resort for a good price

Cathy B on Feb 17, 2024

We booked at the Henry Morgan because we wanted an inexpensive all inclusive resort close to some good snorkelling and we were very happy we did! The snorkelling was fabulous - no need to book an excursion, just walk down the beach and go! The resort itself was great. The staff, and George the "ambassador", were all very polite and helpful. The room was clean and comfortable. The food was quite varied and tasty, and we found many options in the one included restaurant. There was always enough food. The beach restaurant was handy on the days we didn't want to go in, with a nice shady area to enjoy our lunch. We did not use the 2 pools but a few kids at the resort enjoyed them. We felt very safe on the beach and all over the resort, with many security people. Our belongings were never touched when we snorkelled. There were no insects that we noticed. The free wifi worked well in our room and all over. The entertainment team worked hard to keep guests and their children occupied. This is not a new resort, but it is very clean, and we did not wish to spend a lot just to be at a fancier resort. I would definitely recommend the Henry Morgan to anyone who wants a great all inclusive Roatan vacation!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Had a magical stay

Mary W on Feb 15, 2024

The food is great. Better than most resorts! All the staff were so friendly and worked very hard to make 9ur stay awesome. Special mention to George, hospitality manager. He goes out of his way and makes sure he checks in with us frequently to see if we need anything. As the face of Henry Morgan resort, he represents it so well. Also special mention to waiter Freddie. He is constantly on the move clean8ng up and still has time to check in with us to see if he can help us in any way.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Good staff, but tired facility

David F (Wasaga Beach, Canada) on Feb 13, 2024

I so wanted to love this resort, but overall the experience was average. To be fair, every staff person I interacted with was lovely. All were friendly and most were efficient. The greeters at the restaurant stick out, as do all the chefs, bartenders and most of the wait staff. The challenge is the resort is tired, very tired. I understand there are upgrades, but my room was clean, but only fair in finish. I was concerned about the twice daily spraying for insects. This might account for so few birds and other wild life in the area. The food was generally good, but limited on options. We did the wine tasting at Gula, which was the best value for the week. We did excursions with Sea Land, Go Blue and Sunwing. They were good, but found Pancho to be amazing. There were two items that aren't the fault of Henry Morgan, but I want to mention. 1) this is a very cash based area, expect significant user fees if using a credit card (ask first or just bring more cash). 2) There was a significant single supplement. This is probably a Sunwing issue, but it made ir one of the most expensive all inclusive vacations I have taken. Felt the value was not worth the cost. That being said, the staff, the snorkeling and the Island itself are worth a good look.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

beach front room requests at the henry morgan for jan 8/23 with sunwing and the circle of incompetency

Kevin A on Feb 07, 2024

after going to the henry morgan in 03/23 for two weeks i convinced my friends n family to book jan 8th beach front rooms two weeks. a total of 4 rooms with requests for rooms that were not limited to one all done at time of booking in july/aug of 23. i decided to go much earlier in sept and waited for their arrival in jan. i did meet with george the pr rep and passed along info in nov thinking he would look after the requests and or pass the info onto the right dept/person. approx 8 or 9 days before they all arrive i got to the front desk of the henry morgan to confirm check in time to find out that 3 out of the 4 bookings were not even close to the booking/room requests infact none were but 1 was in the right area but upper room. regardless i find this out and start one interesting circle about affair with first the front desk then the sunwing rep eddy and a reservations rep of the henry morgan tamara. so of coarse we were advised to submit our room requests with our agents in canada BUT that as i explained to them all there that that was a RE request but all partys in canada did! from there i was advised by the front desk and eddy that the only person who can change this is the reservations rep tamara and was kindly given her email as she does not have a office at the henry morgan as told and that the sunwing rep eddy and george have problems getting ahold of her themselves re this issue and others i believe. so i did email tamara with the sub matter stating " please contact me re jan 8th booking" with a short email stating in text please call me re room assignment for jan 8th...i have family and friends coming please call me on whats up or email" NO REPLY days later i send another text similar to make contact and go thru details ( altho by at this time names and current room assignments had been passed over to ed and to her by pic) NO REPLY i was then given what i thought was her phone number to receive texts back stating that it was her personal line and suggested that room requests were to be done at the time of booking ( re peat history) and that i never passed along the info she wanted when infact she knew the issue was room assignment for jan 8th 2 weeks before but failed to reply such as " hi how may i possibly help re your concern to room assignments for jan 8th !I pleaded for a reply in 3 emails over two weeks re this! NO REPLY till i inadvertantly called her so called personal line and then even then no reply or attention to the issue as described! to make a long story short none of this was sorted out thank you to all involved. amazing! and this is with me at their front desk weeks in advance! so here some conclusions re room requests at the henry morgan 1 sunwing in toronto collects room requests and passes them on "apparently" but they are not considered by the hotel or the reservation staff lead by tamara 2 incredible lack of communication between sunwing rep eddy and tamara in reservations and front desk 3 the pr rep george appears to have communication problems with reservations n tamara 4 the reservations supervisor tamara does not have a office on the henry morgan grounds 5 rooms 1,2,3,4,and i believe 5,6,7 have a smell of a septic tank behind them and smell bad so needless to say i wont be booking with sunwing for a while if i can avoid them.then henry morgan beachside rooms are awesome but do require some attention soooon or it will get toooo far gone. the pool bar and snack area is a disaster. please give the young kids behind the bar a raise! as for my experience dealing with this issue and sunwing and eddy and george of henry morgan along with the front desk and tamara the reservations manager...no thanks....my guests of family and friends the same...this situation i describe above i believe is a dysfunctional relationship between those involved and has been on going from what i understand thru friends of experience booking....there's some sort of dynamic there that doesn't work! there's no team effort there! after being run around in circles several times and focusing in on the issue....i believe that tamara doesn't look at the room requests as when i was there i asked others in the rooms and area we all selected if they put in room requests they all said no lol....and infact one said they booked at the last minute getting the last room for that week and with no room requests and got the rooms we wanted....that we summitted for in july and put in requests in the first week or two of the winter offerings from sunwing??? thank you sunwing and henry morgan i know 5 people that will avoid booking with you and the hnery morgan too....now the food was fine...the hotel other wise fine...the pool bar needs major upgrade...good staff...but we wont be back! and im thinking as i focus that the dynamic issue is dysfunctional due to tamara as her communication skills carried a very bad vibe and bad attitude. we never meet but the bad attitude thru text was obvious. a customer and client stating his concern was room assigment for jan 8 and she couldn't get back with out a attitude when as stated it should have been " hi mr ____ what is your concern and how may i help you? not good henry morgan! fellow travellers....beware....the room requests are not even looked at upon booking...no way!

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