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Needs an upgrade and too noisy for me

STMB08 (Bury, United Kingdom) on Feb 24, 2024

Blau Varadero is always visible on the skyline if you go out, which is useful. Reception is always helpful. Rooms in dire need of an upgrade one layer of paint, old doors, old bathrooms but very comfortable beds and kept immaculate by housekeeping, in my opinion, along with gardeners, the best team Grounds lovely, though I didn't sit by the pool, too much noise and games for me. The beach was amazing, lay at the end most days, to again, avoid the speakers.The hotel doesn't cater for those who want to relax. I had a sea view room and a large balcony but was very noisy until about 11pm. The entertainment can be heard all through the hotel. Maybe front facing rooms over the entrance would be quieter , I'm not sure. My first room smelt very musty, and I was kindly accommodated and changed. Food is dreadful, very bland, salads consisted of tomato, cabbage, cucumber, and green pepper, not the hotels fault but better in the speciality restaurant. Chicken salads, etc, always swimming in oily water, not dry as expected. Wine awful, but again, better in other restaurants if you want to diet I lost 19 pounds in 2 weeks as rarely ate lunxh and missed 6 evwning meals. The entertainment is repetetive, but the string quartet is amazing! Doremis, the TUI rep, was the best I've known in the world, and I have visited many many places. She was there pretty much 6 days a week, 9-5pm, and so helpful. TUI UK is pulling out of Cuba travel from March, so I hope she still has work. Maybe TUI Germany is still travelling there. Staff in the restaurants were always pleasant and worked hard. Drinks all awful and tasted the same, the alcoholic ones and if you drink tea, take your own teabags. I wasn't keen on the Sunday lifeguards asking guests to get them sandwiches and beers. Sandwiches, I understand, but beer?? Loved Cuba, enjoyed my holiday, bus service outside excellent, I think Blau Varadero just not for me especially when Fridays foam party started !!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Spoiled in Paradise!

danar54 (Belleville, Canada) on Feb 23, 2024

The Blau Varadero is about 30 minutes from the airport. I love Cuba for the exceptional live music, incredible beaches and fresh fruit...and Blau did not disappoint! I was very impressed with the activities at this resort: aqua gym, volleyball, yoga etc. One day they even had foam piped in to the pool! Super fun! I would suggest paying for an ocean view upgrade...helps with the noise. I do appreciate that the hotel keeps the noise in the central area down after 11pm, when they funnel the party animals to the 24/7 drinking area closer to the beach....well done! There were many palapas on the beach and always a lounger available at the pool which added to a relaxing holiday. I want to send a kudos to the management: they were very visible, very helpful, always working on keeping their guests happy. WELL DONE! And did I mention the fruit?? Just an fyi: if you like hot, spicy food, bring a bottle of hot sauce!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Amazing hotel and friendly staff

erindJ283HW (Burlington, Canada) on Feb 22, 2024

We visited the Blau last week (February 12th) for the week. We went to celebrate my 50th birthday with some friends and family. It was a great experience. The hotel is clean and the people are so very friendly and amazing. The beach is stunning. One of the best we have been too. Jennifer and Dianys at breakfast and dinner were so friendly and helpful throughout our dining. The activities during g the day were so much fun. Beach volleyball with Issac during the day and dancing in the evening. Robbie the lifeguard, was so much fun to talk to and give us some great restaurant tips in the city. Entertainment was great at night at the hotel. Go into the city and experience a taxi ride for $20 Canadian in an old vintage car.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Adorable resort with beautiful ground and stunning beaches

Alayne N (Kincardine, Canada) on Feb 22, 2024

We had a great time at the Blau. The grounds were beautiful and the beach was absolutely stunning and just a short walk from the pool. Room was run of the mill, older but clean, with a nice sized balcony. Water was left in our fridge everyday. Food was not my favourite but was plentiful. Hearty omelette in the morn some sandwiches in the afternoon and I made it through. I would suggest booking your tours before arriving, sun wings Jeep tour was booked solid with jeep and fuel shortages. If you join a FB fan group there are lots of great tips and info in real time, I wouldn’t go by the reviews here. Trip in town is great and found fantastic food there. More expensive than our shuttle bus guy mentioned. We got through our whole vacation with USD (we’re Canadian)

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Honest review

Helen K (Toronto, Canada) on Feb 21, 2024

Here's my honest review after enjoying 2 weeks at Blau Varadero. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay and had such a good time. But there are definitely things this hotel could improve on. I'm not here to bash the hotel but to just write about my honest experience. Let's start with the pros. 1. Beautiful hotel and grounds. It's obviously somewhat dated, but the majestic lobby with the plants ?? will wow anyone. The outdoor pool and beach area is breathtaking. We didn't have a pool view, but im sure that would have been a great view from up high. 2. Staff. They worked hard to include everyone and were so endearing and kind. The bartenders, anamacion team, DJ, servers, grounds keepers...all just made our experience better. 3. Good clean rooms with comfortable beds and pillows. There was no shortage of toilet paper or towels, and the rooms were perfect in size. 4. The coffee corner. I wish it had been open 24/7 because honestly, the best coffee and we miss our baristas already! 5. Plenty of loungers poolside and beach side. At other resorts, we've always had to reserve early, but here we never did and always found some to sit on. Here are the cons. 1. Food ??????. I know everyone always talks at length about this, so I won't. But the weird buffet food choices and lack of flavor are just odd. Also, the grilled meats were very often still rare, so just be careful. Thankfully, I always had salad and dressing and bread, and I was a happy girl! After buffet hours were slim pickings. Only sandwiches at the beach bar, which were fairly good, but just got repetitive. Give the tourists some snack choices! 2. The alcohol drinks weren't very good. Thankfully, by the end, we had figured out who made better ones or what was usually fail proof, but I was disappointed in just the basic daiquiri and Pina colada. Instead, we drank soooo many blended mojitos and sangrias! I'm sure the bartenders just had to make do with shortages, but when you pay well, you expect well. 3. Evening entertainment was very repetitive and not that entertaining. They were fine, but after you've seen one evening, you've seen it all. We always left to play games in the piano bar and came back after the music wrapped up. It just wasn't that good. 4. The elevators are always broken. Multiple times a day. I was fine with 6 flights of stairs, but if that matters to you, keep it in mind. 5. The staff aren't fed. I heard other resorts let their own staff eat buffet leftovers, but at Blau, they didn't seem to be, and most were always hungry and asking for food. I don't have the heart to ignore hungry staff, so I felt like I spent so much time every day standing in line getting them food. No regrets, but I wish for their sake, they'd be able to get some food somewhere too rather than just watch everyone else load their plates. Outdated gym - important to me but might not be to all. Super outdated and needs an overhaul.

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