Digital Careers

The Digital team at WestJet is committed to continuous experimentation leveraging key insights. We work on exciting digital products spanning check-in, inflight entertainment, chatbot, mobile and, that not only serve a virtual purpose but also have influence over the physical journey our guests experience at the airport.

Our teams

Product Roles

  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Content Strategists
  • UX Writers 
  • UX Designers
  • UI Designers


  • DevOps
  • Software developers
  • API developers

Enabling the guest experience

The Digital team is shaped by 4 key pillars, Product, Design, Technology and Intelligence, that continue to drive change for our guests by building self-serve functionality and touchless enhancements to create a seamless guest journey.

Guiding principles

Believe it before you see it

Skepticism is healthy, but trust that new can be tested, useful, transformative and implemented.

Fail fast/Learn fast

Testing and learning require comfort with failure. You fail until you don’t. Then you win.

Transparency over power
The best companies rely on open dialogue, transparency and openness to drive real conversations and move forward. 

Focus on what matters
Making sure the most successful things, the best candidates, the best concepts that we get real results behind are prioritized. Discard what has no value.

Data wins over hierarchy
Real data should always trump an opinion regardless of seniority. 

Act with a sense of urgency
A continued focus on velocity will drive continuous improvement and decrease time to market new features. Velocity will drive WestJet faster into the future.

Compensation, rewards and benefits

Competitive salary

Flexible group benefit coverage

Profit sharing

WestJet Savings Plan

Flight benefits within 10 days

Additional perks on the Digital team

·       Work from anywhere in Canada, remotely, or from our two office locations: YYC Campus & YYZ WeWork

·       Flexible hours with core hours defined as 9am to 2pm MT (11am to 4pm ET)

·       Mentorship and student programs

·       Learning days

·       YYC Campus fitness gym, employee discounts at national fitness studios