Are you ready to dive into your Caribbean adventure in Curaçao?

This treasured island offers visitors a welcoming mix of authentic Caribbean and European history, culture, and architecture in the heart of this fascinating archipelago.

Strolling down cobblestone streets, overhearing conversations in Dutch, it would be easy to imagine you're in Holland, not a Caribbean island just 60 kilometres from South America. Curaçao's historic architecture has evolved over the centuries and developed into style and of its own. While the iconic Dutch-style townhomes still line Curaçao's streets, local materials and island influences are also evident. Part old-country, part new-world, Curaçao marries the two with island charm and rich cultural story. Boutiques dot the streets downtown, offering Caribbean gems and Dutch goods―from wheels of Edam cheese to Delft pottery. Buying souvenirs is no indulgence here; it's a cultural experience.

And it's the unique cultural experience that puts dining in Curaçao at the top of any visitor's to-do list. All the flavours of the globe are represented on this island. At Bistro le Clochard, a formal French-and-Swiss restaurant, crepes stuffed with seafood ragout are best enjoyed on the waterfront balcony. Or visit the open-air Old Market, where vendors grill chicken, fish, and goat for lunch. Seating is communal, so picnic tables are likely to be shared by locals and visitors alike.

A mecca for divers and snorkelers, Curaçao offers 40 unique dive areas and over 65 must-see dive sites. Curaçao's crystal clear calm waters create ideal underwater conditions for viewing marine life, discovering vibrant coral reefs and exploring ship-wrecks. But this island is paradise for those looking to enjoy it above water as well. More than 30 powder-soft beaches encircle Curaçao. Relax at one of the seemingly untouched white-sand ribbons, some surrounded by cliffs and hills suitable for hiking. Or spend your day at the lively Mambo Beach, which attracts crowds with local music, beach-front spa services, and dining options.

Curaçao is known for more than being a luxury destination in the Caribbean. As you might have guessed, Curaçao liqueur is made right on the island. Tour the distillery that processes the dried peel of a small, fragrant orange. Visitors learn the aqua colouring is just for show, and why this liqueur is so popular.

Whether it's an exotic beach vacation, a quest for tropical adventure, or a combination of both, visitors experience it all on this Caribbean island. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Curaçao today!

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Located in the tropics, just 12° north of the Equator, Curaçao has a warm, sunny climate year round. The average temperature is about 27° C (in the mid-80s F). Cooling trade winds blow constantly from the east, picking up in the spring months. The rainy season, which is between October and February, is usually marked by short, occasional showers, mostly at night, and continued sunny weather during the day. Total annual rainfall averages only 570 mm (22 inches).

Prior to travel please visit to provide information to the Curaçao immigration system and complete the digital Embarkation-Debarkation Card.

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