Krystal Grand Nuevo Vallarta

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    Overcrowded, even in COVID times, poor food & service

    Reviewed by blairhankins33(San Jose, Costa Rica) on Dec 02, 2020

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    The lobby was a zoo with many large families - checkin / chechout. Lots of children you would be happy to have one or two, you would like it. In need of repair - asked for phone in room to work - never fixed in 8 days. Maid service erratic, some days no service, despite repeated requests. Terrible food - long line for all buffet foods - breakfast, lunch or dinner. The "high end" restaurant "The Grill" served inedible meats. Steak and ribs. Possibly the worst food we ever had.

    Terrible Customer Service

    Reviewed by ndaniela12230615() on Nov 20, 2020

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    My family, friends & myself all received terrible service at this hotel. This hotel is so beautiful, amazing pools, amazing views, great outdoor gardens, and really great food. But that doesn’t make up for the terrible service at all. What you pay for, you won’t receive. There’s one person working at one station. And when serving you, they give you extreme attitude. Right now due to COVID-19, there’s no buffet so they serve you whatever you choose. But they give small portions and rush you through the line. The waiters don’t attend you correctly. It’s a customer service based job and there’s absolutely no excuse to treat your guest they way that they did. They searched bags and luggage when they went in to clean. I’m not one to put a review for anything but this hotel made me so angry I had to put in a review. Please consider next door which is #RiuPalace . I travel from California to visit and I’ve been to many hotels in Nuevo Vallarta such as #Barcelo #Marival #Decameron and they’re all worth they price you pay for. Please consider other hotels.

    Great Experience

    Reviewed by E_jack23() on Nov 06, 2020

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    Great experience came for a wedding. Great host of Game always try and find Ezequiel for games. Super energetic. Una gran experiencia vino para una boda. Gran anfitrión de juegos siempre intenta encontrar a Ezequiel para juegos. Super enérgico.

    HORRIBLE experience!

    Reviewed by Mcasta4180() on Oct 12, 2020

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    WORST hotel experience ever!! Don’t even know where to begin, from the arrival.... lobby was FULL with lines everywhere with angry people that have been waiting 4-5 hours to get their room even though they already had a reservation, mind you that it’s during COVID time so there is no such social distancing in place either, hotel was full regardless of it needed to be under 50% Also the room we reserved was not given to us, they told us they didn’t have it available regardless of us already have had reserved It directly with their reservation desk 2 days earlier. Once we got our room, our cleaning lady was rude!!! Every time we had to ask her for something we had to ask her 2-3 times because she would ignore us and would answer back very rudely every single time. Our room was not cleaned even though we had asked for it to be cleaned, when I called the front desk... he said the lady had from 9-6pm to clean it and if we wanted done at a certain time we needed to let them know before hand, mind you I called at 3pm asking if they weren’t going to clean my room since it was late and we need new towels and the trash to be taken out. Our last night there the lady came in to clean our room at 6pm, YES that late can you believe it?!?! It had never happened to us, anyway she did such a poor job and left the floor wet ... my toddler woke up from his afternoon nap and slipped and hit himself on the back of his head because of how wet and slippery the floor was. I had to ask the for general manager to address my concerns. The guys at the pool bar Oswaldo and Cesar were RUDE and the drinks were SO watered down, the food as the buffet was VERY limited in selection and was not good either apse service was really bad! The dinner service by reservation was the only good thing this place had, the service there was good and the food too. The Pools were not very cleaned, the had dead bugs everywhere the water level was low and the pool was full, we had a private in room pool so we decided to stay in it most of the time since it was a better option, we even had TERMITES in our room wall and we told the GM, didn’t do anything either. In general the service throughout the hotel is really bad!! Literally every seems they are in a bad mood and answer very rudely and even the times we addressed it with the GM it still didn’t help, we like to travel a lot and NEVER in all the years had had such a BAD experience at a hotel, this hotel was a HORRIBLE experience in aspects, first and last time we ever come here. We were VIP and he got treated horrible can’t imagine how the other people that were not VIP got treated. We had room service as well and even the ladies over the phone at the room service were rude, when we would ask for room service they would give you such a hard time. Once again... if you are considering a vacation at Nuevo Puerto Vallarta DONT stay here, save your money for another hotel, this place is the WORST ever. We had never wrote a review on any of the places we had visited until now, we really felt the necessity to do it to let everyone know not to waste their time here! Our is experience here was really HORRIBLE and never coming back here EVER!!


    Reviewed by mego1987() on Sep 27, 2020

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    Although it was nice to get away amidst COVID, this hotel did not add to our enjoyment. In fact, we cut our trip a day short just to get away. There are countless negatives - but I’ll try and list the main ones. Kids everywhere (even at the swim up bar), room service line was always busy, many employees do not speak any English at all, only 2 restaurants and the buffet were open, the staff only endorsed dress codes with certain people, no ocean front rooms (despite labeled as such online), timeshare people hassling you in the lobby, food was terrible and alcohol was weak. When we first arrived we were told that the king ocean front room we booked only had two double we could have that or a king swim up room. We opted to try the double beds (because I wanted the ocean view) and were told that we could switch rooms in the morning if we chose. So in the morning, we requested the swim up room because the room wasn’t ocean front and a double bed for a couple is not the best, but We were told that no swim up rooms were available. After two hours and several conversations later, several rooms magically became available (we had more people from our group arrive during that time with the same issue). After being given our new room it took over an hour for the bellman to assist with moving luggage. The one saving grace was a convenience store located right outside the hotel - we ended up buying our own booze and snacks. Also, there were cute iguanas all over the pool deck that were enjoyable to watch There were several kind employees (Trinidad & Jesus), and the time spent in the tiny adult pool (right next to giant kids/family pool) was nice. However, I would never come back nor will I be recommending this “resort” to anyone.