Sandos Cancun Lifestyle Resort

5.0 star rating

Exceptional accommodation with superior facilities and services.

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    Sandos is great!

    Reviewed by ericareis826() on Jan 19, 2021

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    Oracio fue maravilloso!!! he made our trip absolutely amazing. he is a great person and an even better entertainer! Sandos cancun would not be the same without him. I recommend this hotel because the entertainment is great and the pool is right on the beach too. and the staff is very attentive bringing drinks to the beach! ??????????

    Need a plumber!

    Reviewed by Flyer44683770236(Deerfield Beach, Florida) on Jan 17, 2021

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    This is really a time share hotel and was approached too many times to go to a breakfast for marketing purposes. Arrived early on a Monday afternoon and spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening trying to get the room safe fixed and the room TV serviced. The safe was fixed but many of the channels were all wavy to where you couldn't see the picture. Many of the channels were in Spanish and several techs came to the room and could not see how the remote could chose English closed caption. Since it rained almost every day, this turned out to be a real factor. The next day house cleaning discovered a water leak under the bathroom vanity and the staff just set up a dam with towels. I assumed he would send someone to fix the leak but by late afternoon no one had come and I called and a tech came and said he couldn't fix it but would advise management. I went to dinner and spent sometime away from the room and came back at 10 PM and the leak had gotten worse, was the cold water pipe and most of the bathroom was flooded and could not shower and had to stand in water to use the toilet. I turned off the cold water underneath which stopped a real catastrophe. Also the hinge on the shower door was coming out of the wall and I feared the glass door would fall loose. The next morning went to the concierge who was helpful the entire stay, the only one who took responsibility for service and the leak and hinge problems were fixed and the bathroom water cleaned up. After all that finally got some fair weather and went to the pool/beach area finally after three days was was told I could only have one towel. Again trying to relax in the pool area was constantly approached by people selling trinkets, excursions and parachute rides. There was no real entertainment as advertised except for a Mexican night that had to be held indoors due to the weather and the whole area was filled with merchants setting up tables and selling all types of jewelry and souvenirs. The front desk did not have dollars for change as it is hard to give large bills to the outside merchants and businesses. Wanted to exchange for pesos and charge a fee. I realize the weather is not something the Hotel could control but there should be some fall back activities as I have experienced on other hotel vacations or cruises. Finally, the Hotel was very lax on COVID precautions especially with mask compliance. The staff wore these very small pieces of clear plastic that just covered the mouth and not the nose and there was no patron compliance requested. As a result the whole experience was very very disappointing except that the food was excellent and the facility outside the room was clean. However, the room was not very clean, showed a lot of wear and tear and I dropped something under the bed and left it there after I saw the dirt and dust under the bed. Many days a full supply of towels were not supplied and no coffee pods for the coffee maker. The room rate was very competitive but still was not worth anywhere I spent in value.

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    ?? Great ????

    Reviewed by 534silmarac() on Jan 17, 2021

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    Beautiful place! Clean !! the pool animators are very dear to the reception staff too! wonderful food. Pool is cold ?? Best Sunset and sunrise !! The Japan food is amazing!! Itália ???? is the best Everything good!! ??


    Reviewed by Coastal619508() on Jan 17, 2021

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    Wonderful service . Angelica and Chantel were wonderful and friendly. They made us feel welcomed and super attentive. Food could be a little better but overall service was excellent. Rooms were very clean and had everything we needed

    Great staff. Very good experience

    Reviewed by mayramQ844QU() on Jan 16, 2021

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    In general all the staff was great with us, specially Chantal with the drinks in the beach and Tina & Betty from the Spa gave us the best couple massage. We expected more quality on The food but we also understand operations are not 100% restored We had a very good experience overall and we are planning to go back soon