Grand Park Royal Puerto Vallarta

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    Stolen items in room at Park Royal Puerto Vallarta!

    Reviewed by Adgie33() on Nov 24, 2020

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    I am an owner at Royal Holiday club for 15 + years. Day 5 of my stay housekeeping stashed some of my clothes under the mattress of the 2nd bed in the room. Upon packing to leave i noticed several items of clothing missing, including some items I had just purchased at the mall in PV. They were hoping I wouldn't miss items and they would come back and retrieve them. I called security and Hotel manager to assist with the situation. We looked for 20 plus minutes. Then the 1 security guy lifts up mattress to find several items stuffed way under mattress. Is this the world we live in now where we can't even expect our clothes to be safe. I guess Nike is a hot commodity on the black market. Don't trust the staff they were very nonchalant about the whole ordeal. It ain't the 1st time but it was the 1st time that got caught!

    Great family vacation

    Reviewed by Marija_Hris() on Nov 23, 2020

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    Our recent stay at the Grand Park Royale Puerto Vallarta ended up being a great getaway, thanks to all the efforts of the staff and the cleanliness and preparation of the facility. All the staff were extremely friendly and went above and beyond in helping us and giving us information about stuff inside and outside of the resort. Campus at the front desk was very patient and pleasant and talked to us in length about questions we had about sightseeing around the city. Our six-year-old daughter had such a great time at the kid's club. I can't say enough about Diana and Betsabe, with all their hard work and great care for the kids. You can tell that their hearts are in this and they really took the time to know the kids and make them feel welcome. Talia was the only English speaker but she did not feel isolated, thanks to the staff, and she could not wait to go back for every event. I've seen many different kids' clubs and I felt that this one was really special because of the level of care the staff had. In addition to the kids club, the stuff in the restaurant and the bars and different areas were all very friendly and took the time to have good conversation with us. They were very pleasant and welcoming and made us feel at home. I think although the resortt itself is great, a big part of why it is so is the commitment of it's staff.

    Amazing customer service

    Reviewed by P3280KDjonathanm() on Nov 22, 2020

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    We planned a family vacation trip to celebrate my wife’s birthday. And all the crew and staff was so attentive, also the entertainment crew was so amazing!!! Diana y bestabe went above and beyond to entertain the kids, and the food amazing all thanks to paulina the servers jesus and misael. Hep had an amazing stay. I will recommend this hotel to all my friends...!!!

    Yearly vacation

    Reviewed by Artg18() on Nov 22, 2020

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    We went to celebrate my dads birthday from November 14-21 and Alondra Villalobos the pool waitress was always very attentive to our needs we had a great time and I can’t say enough about her and Jonathan pool bar bartender. They both have excellent customer service.

    If you care about COVID, don’t stay here.

    Reviewed by NofSE(New York City, New York) on Oct 04, 2020

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    We are on our way south, beach hopping from Sayulita and decided to stay at this hotel thinking they would honor their covid 40% capacity - it was a lie. The hotel is at max. capacity during a pandemic. We have stayed at other hotels that have honored their commitment. At this hotel, guests had issues finding beach chairs and were sitting on the sand using the hotels towels at an unhealthy 3ft distance or less from each other. We had to ask the staff to place us at a healthy distance from each other. Also, breakfast restaurants were fully packed and there was a waiting list to get in. The hotel says they offer a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy “more privacy” (aka less people, less risk of infection) at an additional cost. This is absurd - the entire hotel should offer all their guests a sense of wellbeing, by honoring their pandemic capacity commitment. Additionally, the hotels cannot deliver on simple asks like having non-lactose (eg. soy or almond) milk options. Beware of the luring staff as you check in - wanting to sell hotel deals and packages, under the pretext of being your “personal concierge”. 40 min wasted. Be safe. Look for other places to stay.