Bahia Principe Grand El Portillo

4.5 star rating

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    Great Service!!

    Reviewed by Jason L(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) on Feb 03, 2021

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    I went for my honeymoon for one week, including new year's night. From the very beginning at the front door Manuel was just the tip of the iceberg on a really good service. Our room was big and comfy, the TV gave us problem sometimes but we wouldn't mind. The food was always good and the service of the staff perfect. I would recommend that on some areas of the buffet to put 1 or 2 extra people to make the process faster. Italian and greek restaurant were good, congratulations to Ariel the waiter. He was our waiter on a romantic dinner we have on the beach and on the greek restaurant also, really helpful and kind. I won't remember that a day on the buffet my wife was feeling sick and he came with a water with gas and lemon to help her. The shows at night were really good also. The new year's celebration was perfect. Thank you also to Yipsy, Victor at the pool Bar and Jose on the other pool bar, Thank you!

    Excellent Service

    Reviewed by kasiak214(Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland) on Jan 31, 2021

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    Very nice hotel. They make everything to protect the guests against pandemic. They clean and disinfect everything all the time. All „anti-covid” rules are always in place. Service is very good and efficient, very nice and helpful staff. Very tasty food- lots of fish and seafood. Rooms are spacious and spacious. It is a pity that the hotel will be closed because of very few guest during the pandemic time.


    Reviewed by Martinojean37() on Jan 28, 2021

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    Totally unacceptable... we came in middle of January so the hotel was totally empty max 100 guests (supposed to be around 2000guests) The service is really bad the F&B department Totally useless.... Dont try to speak English most of them will not understand and they will answer to you in Spanish in a really rude way.. There is the buffet for breakfast lunch and dinner and this is fine but the offer you some a la carte restaurant and now its the problem... They never bring what you order, never apologies in case of mistakes. Hopefully the entertainment team are here to give u some reason to like this hotel . Special mention to Jensy one of the best dancer ever... So if you want to pay a lot for a really poor service go without hesitation here... We will never come back....not a good experience but this the management team they don't really want to help you in case of problem. Go for it and you will try by yourself...

    Bad experience!

    Reviewed by lcpenab(Dominican Republic) on Jan 16, 2021

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    The hotel does not enforce the rules of distancing due to the pandemic, neither my family nor I feel safe in this hotel. They let guests blast loudspeakers in the pool and even in restaurants. We stayed 6 days, of which 5 days the air conditioning in our room did not work; The minibar never worked either, also in the bathroom of our room there was a leak . Although we are members of the Mi Bahía Principe club, we do not feel a special treatment. We will not return to this hotel ever.

    Excellent vacation December 2020

    Reviewed by mihaela m() on Jan 06, 2021

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    one of my best stays in an all inclusive resort (went several times in Grand Bahia Principe Riviera Maya). The recent renovations and the exceptional disinfecting measures made this place sparkling clean, spotless. there were obviously less people than usual x-mas holidays, but around 25th many locals joined the foreign tourists. so the atmosphere was pleasant, the entertainment with live music very good and the personnel quite nice (given that they did not work for 9 months) especially the buffet and restaurants were managed impeccably; all measures taken were rigorous, but not causing discomfort. food was very good, savoury fruits and nicely presented. for non Spanish speakers could have been less easier to ask for something, so maybe more multilingual labels placed around. there were no pushy sellers at the beach or lobby. the a la carte restaurants were very good (less perhaps the Italian) check in and check out could be a bit faster. wifi was good in common areas, less stable in the room. the room was ok, but I was not very pleased, it took two days to have the shower repaired and hot water running. also access cards got demagnetised often. I did not ask to change the room, because it was close to lobby and buffet/restaurants/beach. I highly recommend this place, if you can travel during these crazy times. Congratulations to management and personnel. I had a great time! I wish I would have stayed two weeks.