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Good if you want to wait for reservation, food, and everything this place has to offer.

psyduck2003 on Jul 01, 2022

First day of 5 nights staying at this hotel, and we’ve already spend 1.5 hours waiting for dinner which indicates walk in, and 30 mins at 10am for dinner reservations. Dinner reservations can only be done 2 days in advance so for those who want to plan the trip, and all the restaurants and stuff, this is useless. I’m currently at the lobby waiting for the dinner at Tavalo, a quote for dinner wait of 45 mins. I’m at 1.5 hours and still waiting, so let’s write a feedback instead. Their pager is short range so it doesn’t even make sense and we have to wait at the lobby. This is suppose to be their flagship resort and I don’t see anything flagship except the wait. We see people sitting in front of all the walk in restaurants playing with phones and iPads while waiting. Why do I have to fly to a resort to do that. I can do it at home. Their walk in restaurants have reservations allowed for their high rollers, those diamond elite folks. And when half of it is made of these, you as normal people are third class citizen I recommend Garza Blanca or Amber . They are less pricey, choices may be less and food may be lesser quality, but I certainly have better use of time on waiting for everything and the inefficiency of food reservations system and all. If you want to brag about food quality, you may want to rethink the food service part as well. Sad. Aweful start to the vacation. Maybe skip busy weekends such as Independence Day weekend. I am finished this review and yet, sadly, I’m still waiting for a table at their restaurant Don’t bother with their public relations folks either. They will probably just reply to these emails and apologize for the bad experience, with none action taken

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Family trip at Moon Palace The Grand

Jooooo225 (New York City, New York) on Jul 01, 2022

It was a pleasure to be at Moon Palace The Grand with the whole family and enjoy this nice hotel. Big thank you to Saul Antonio ( server at the Buffet)and also to Valeria ocampo (guest service) for their amazing service and hospitality. Being from the hospitality industry, i can assure that they are really really good on their job. Great experience Thank you very much

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

MOLD, leaks, denial of referral benefits, disrepair, and terrible customer service.

peachblossom310 (pampers310) on Jul 01, 2022

I'm currently on my 3rd day at this resort and upon check in they denied me Diamond benefits even though I'm staying the same dates as a referral to a Diamond member. On day 2, I discovered a ton of mold and a leak in the bathroom and brought it to their attention and requested to switch rooms. They said they would send someone to look at the mold and leak and I waited all day for them to show up and they never did. I called again yesterday evening and they told me to go to the lobby at 8am and ask for maintenance. I'm allergic to mold and have asthma and an attack could put me in the hospital. I was up most of the night having asthma and allergy attacks and now need to go see a dr. instead of enjoying my time with my family. It's very clear this mold has been here a while because it's rampant. I've been a loyal customer to Palace for over 20 years and this is how they treat me? Also, my non-member referred friends were given a gigantic suite for free while my other friends were offered a swim up upgrade for $1200 (the same swim up was offered to me for $860). Luckily, that friend showed them my text and they went down to $875. The phone in my room is missing buttons, making it impossible to order room service. I did use the app but I know it doesn't always work so I called the operator and was put on hold for 40 minutes to be transferred to room service. They said the app order had not gone through so I re-ordered. 10 mins later two identical orders showed up. What a waste of food. There is ONE bartender working at the waterpark bar. The poor guy was struggling to keep up with the line and I feel so sorry for him. Palace is shady. Buyer beware!!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Never Disappoints

twinmum (Kent, UK) on Jul 01, 2022

Arrival - we had booked a private transfer so did not use Palace transportation. On arrival at Moon, the ladies were each given a flower and the whole party received wet towels. At check in we were offered a welcome drink. Unfortunately we had booked 2 rooms but, despite making a request direct to the hotel, they were unable to locate these together - one in block 88 and one in 94. They also had no king bed rooms available. Room - absolutely spotless. Towels and toiletries were provided throughout our stay and mini bars, fridges and snacks replenished. Special requests (pillows and aromatherapy) were fulfilled promptly. Pools - we spent most of our time at the Unique Day Club visiting the crescent pool and Los Tacos. The latter always used to be the quiet pool but this is no longer the case unfortunately. We were unable to spend time at the Cusco and Grill pools due to the amount of flying insects around. Beach - the water is never good so no surprises there. The beach club and Coco Bar were nice touches. The bugs at the coco bar are quite noticeable so queuing here can be quite unpleasant. Restaurants - all good. Service was a bit hit and miss due to lack of staff but those who were working never stopped for a moment. When in the restaurants they felt half full with loads of empty tables. We assume this was due to the lack of staff as they were already working at their capacity. Wristbands - loved the concept that these could be used as room keys and more than one room could be added to a band. Unfortunately “band bias” seems to have become a thing and we felt that we were often ignored in favour of those with member status - something we have never encountered in our previous 3 visits. Sun Palace - we spent a day at SP. Booking was easy on the app and the lobby guys sorted out a cab for us (500 pesos each way). The sea was much nicer and we like the quiet vibe for a day visit. Staff - unbelievably hard working as always. Special mention must go to Alberto at the Unique Day Club and Yadira at the library. They both went above and beyond to make our holiday special. The towel ladies at the Unique day club were also amazing and never failed to have a smile on their faces and were very attentive with towels, even in the bad weather. David our waiter in Riviera Maya at the golf course was a stand out too, his service was brilliant. The staff were definitely overworked- service could be a bit patchy but it was not because they were stood around doing nothing, they were working unbelievably hard, they just need more hands. Overall a great stay but management need to improve their staffing levels as soon as possible.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Disappointed Frequent Visitors

Kaitlyn R on Jul 01, 2022

My family and I are diamond members and the services were bare minimum. Many of the times we waited 30 minutes for cart services and there was no personal touch almost our entire trip. We had a few drivers that stood out-particularly Maheli who went out of his way to get personal with us and take us to our destination. The poolside service was excellent- particularly pool concierges Juan Carlos, Miguel, and Antonio in the diamond areas. Most of the time, the food was excellent, though, there were times when it was unacceptable. For example, we waited an hour and a half for our meals at the JC Steakhouse, the service was horrific as they forgot many of our food items, didn’t come by to check on us or update us, didn’t refill drinks, and the steaks were almost cooked raw and cold to the point where we couldn’t even eat our meals. The Mobile Munchies food truck had excellent food, but the female chef in there was absolutely rude, not once, but every time myself or others around me ordered from her. I couldn’t believe it. Other times, we waited a little long for food, but the service made up for it. Ysvenia at Travola was an excellent waitress and we came back many times to see her. She was very personal, knew what we liked and always ready with more drinks or derives. Carlos in the Cusco buffet made excellent burgers and it was worth visiting. Antonio at the omelette station in Manglar at Lobby Nizuc was fantastic, made great food and very personal. The Grill had some of the best steaks we have had in a long time. The Brazilian Restaurant was a mess with their hostesses letting people in looking like they just came from the beach and told my brothers to go back and change 2 times though they were dressed with collared shirts and followed the dress code as well as they could. Reservations and getting food this time around at the moon were not easy and done very chaotic. The jewelry shop in the grand lobby had excellent service and Miguel helped us find everything we were looking for and more with great service and hospitality.

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