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TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

A+ Pools, C- Food, D Bar Staff and Rooms

brettsS8922GG on Jul 05, 2022

This was a family trip with a group of 3 couples/kids. (8 adults, 5 kids....was booked separately not as a group). 2 of 3 families booked via Costco (was by far the cheapest). Rankings below (A+ to F scale), but I will cut to the chase. Really good pools and beach. Food and service was terrible. We wouldn't stay here again. Rooms = D Rooms were hot (even though air was set on lowest setting) and smelled like mold and mildew. Everything in our room was moist after day one. There was an obvious humidity and air conditioner problem. This was the same for 2 of the 3 couples/families that went with us. Bathroom door locks didn't work. No lights in the toilet area. Room fan worked 1/2 the time. Fit and finish of the room was not great. Room was cleaned daily (per our request) and that was done well. Our wristbands (which also serves as your key to get in your room) stopped working 3 times while we were there....causing us to walk 10 minutes back to the lobby to get reactivated. The wristbands also fell off twice, causing us to wait in line for 30 mins to get new one. Pools/Outdoor Area = A Pools were the bright spot at this resort. They didn't feel crowded as there were many of them. The lazy river was awesome. Kids splash park was great. Activities by the pool were fun. Thankfully this made our trip worthwhile. Note: The surf pool is unlimited for one person per day (not something that was told to us until we got there....extra $30 per day for everyone else in your party....all-inclusive...yeah right!) Beaches were very nice and well maintained. Service/Bar = D Everything but a few bars closed at 6p (including the pools). Bar service (especially in the pool) was terrible. They were rude, unaccommodating and expected tips every visit. Fredie @ Star Class Bar....was the worst. We spent $400 in tips just so we could salvage some type of service. The only bright spot was our agent (butler) who was helpful. They also tried to up sell you on alcohol in the room, even though we were Star Club (VIP) and it was all-inclusive. This was a common theme.... lots of nickel and diming guests. Most of the staff didn't speak ANY English, which considering we are in Mexico I somewhat understand, but ordering a common drink or asking a question or giving basic instructions, you would think guest facing staff would have some English language training. Afterall, 75% of Cancun visitors are from English speaking countries. Cost/Value = C It was more expensive than 75% of the hotels we looked at in Cancun. We would've expected better food/service. Food = C- Food was below average. Buffet was not good at all even though we ended up eating there a lot of the time. We ate at 3 different restaurants (reservations needed), there were very few reservations available, service was VERY SLOW, and the food portions were not even enough for our 11-year-old daughter. We ended up going to the buffet every night to eat after the restaurant to feel full. Location = C- Keep in mind this is a 1-hour drive north of Cancun on terrible roads. You are not close to anything, so expect a long drive into town to do anything off resort.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Felt like 18 to 30s holiday. Avoid if over 40

T594JKsoniac on Jul 05, 2022

We are young at heart but the constant noise around the adult only pool made it impossible to relax. We came as a party of 6 adults aged 50 plus. This is definitely not the holiday for this age group. The pool after lunchtime was full of screaming young people with booming music. The restaurants are terrible to get in unless you wait 1 to 2 hours or use adults only ones. 3 of us had upset stomachs. The saving grace were the staff who worked really hard and always had a smile on their faces. Also the spa was fantastic. I have stayed in Mexico before but always had a relaxing holiday The entertainment at night was either early 630pm or loud music at the bar or disco. Its a pity as could be a lovely hotel but one to avoid if you want relaxation

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Paradise with a spider bite!

magentah2016 (Leyland, United Kingdom) on Jul 05, 2022

We waited a very long time for this abroad holiday! We saved very hard this was always going to be special for us!! The staff work so so hard! We loved the food here and we are very fussy! We stayed in an entourage suite and this was perfect with a 3 year old we didn’t have any damp but know some people did! We loved all the stuff going on for the kids amazing! The unfortunate thing happened I got bit by a spider while up on the rooftop bar! I think this needs some sore of pest control as I feel there is insects living in the Astro turf! Wasn’t fun spending a day in hospital on a drip and spending 8 days on antibiotics! Would u return absolutely wish I could afford to go next year!! Thanks planet Hollywood

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Could be better

gbeatty3066 (Belfast, United Kingdom) on Jul 05, 2022

Arrived as star class , but soon discovered I wasted my money as it was a free for all no one checking bands , so what was the point Our butler was ok got what we wanted most of the time , the staff are friendly. Restaurant’s are ok for food but I felt the Mexican restaurant should have been the star of the hotel , it was appalling Best place to eat was star class pool Housekeeping was great but we we’re always chasing for our fridge to be top up To many young people running drunk , lack of security To the manager please don’t respond I seen what I seen

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Ton of fun

Dan M (Allentown, Pennsylvania) on Jul 04, 2022

This is most fun I’ve had at an all inclusive resort, out of about 11-12 visits to them. Of course my entire trip basically consisted of drinking countless margaritas at the bar, dinner, and an easy to get up to sing karaoke night at the sports bar (shout out to hosts Berto and especially the very enthusiastic Lalo!). As a matter of fact, the karaoke was paired with great food including tasty hot dogs, burgers, and wings. The pool bar included a foam party on Friday and Saturday, and entertaining games run by the entertainment staff. There is an Italian restaurant which was decent, but the hidden gem here is the Brazos Rodizio restaurant where even the salad bar had sushi and octopus. I can’t believe it was that easy to get in with out a long wait, as a matter of fact. Contrast that with the Japanese restaurant, which had an hour and twenty minute wait for the restaurant, and to get Hibachi service one had to arrive at 8am to try and get a spot (and I was advised to get there at 730), one of my pet peeves about any resort: making your customers work to get a dinner table. I’ve been at resorts where you had to sign up days ahead of time for the Hibachi, but to ask me to stagger out of bed at 730am to wait in line for over half an hour for a table? Not on my vacation time, thank you very much. That, and any other complaints would be mere peccadillos at this point, we had so much fun and the staff was aces all around. I guess my only “negative” observation if you can CALL it that is I’d think very carefully about choosing this resort just because of just its Planet “Hollywood” theme. Other than the signage, some hard to track down artifacts, 2-3 actors walking around in superhero costumes, staff clothing and purple colors, and a movie theater playing third run titles, at no time did I feel like I was in ‘Hollywood” or a feeling of a Hollywood vibe, not that I cared that much either way. I stayed in the adults only section, and maybe there was more of that in the family’s section of PH. The beach was “eh” and unfortunately like most Mexican Riviera beaches this one was plagued with seaweed however there were two guys on a tractor doing yeomen’s work to clean it off the beach in what always seems like a losing battle against nature and that helped make the water somewhat swimmable. But enough of that. I’ve only visited 2 all-inclusives more than once. Trust me I plan to make Planet Hollywood Cancun the third.

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