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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.5
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  • Rooms 4.0
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We enjoyed our time, but not for anyone looking for a party.

Jmtot10 (Detroit, Michigan) on Jan 29, 2023

I went with a friend for a winter vacation, for this purpose it was great. The beach is very small so we only visited this one time. The adult only pool is a good location, but no activities, we didn't know that we missed this until we went to the family pool and had tequila tasting, bingo for prizes, dance/ cooking lessons and fun music. The drinks were very sweet ( I usually love that), but these were excessive. LUIS the bartender what the greatest, he knew how to make everything and offered suggestions. Many people mentioned wanting bar menus but they do not carry these, so you are on your own. We found the night life here not so good, and only caught 1 night of music and dancing, even the workers advised to go out to town for night time activities. The staff was great, we did not have any issues with sales staff, but also did not get sucked into anything by them. I heard issues with the timeshare pitches, we didn't experience this. We had an issue with someone accessing our room with the do not disturb sign out and our large mirror being removed randomly which was very strange. Shower was colder in the morning but afternoon/ night was great . In all it was a good place to go and we did not have any real issues here.

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One Mistake Too Far

Jason L (Deerfield Beach, Florida) on Jan 27, 2023

I really wanted to leave some positives in this review. Especially considering how nice every employee it is. And how most of them really go the extra mile for you. But some things, are just too much. The event I just witnessed, put me over the edge and because of it I am done eating here (before my trip is over) and I will not be back. But let me start from the beginning... We are on a family trip with my girlfriend and her parents. Her parents arrived the night before we did. We knew about this in advance but we really wanted rooms next to each other, so we paid for an additional night - that we weren't even present for - a room and an all-inclusive bracelet for both of us - even though we weren't there - just so we could be next to each other. They checked in both rooms and everything was ready for our arrival. We even verified before we got on the plane. Well to cut to the chase, we arrived and they gave away our room next to them and put us on the other end of the floor. And this is basically how the trip went. Set the bar low, say yes yes yes and fail fail fail. The food was the biggest disappointment and that's saying a lot. It was one step above edible. But not all of it. There are absolutely no cares about allergies despite saying they are. Personally, I cannot stand the taste of cilantro, so I tell everyone I'm allergic to avoid the soapy taste in my mouth. When asked for allergies before being seated, we mentioned it - we were only asked twice this week - but we mentioned it. And then when ordering, we all say no cilantro. No one in our party really cares for it. At least one dish in every meal comes with it sprinkled on top. Not an ingredient, not like a mix in - on top. And since the meals all take 30+ minutes to wait for - we have to pick it off. Especially when the one time we asked them to remake the tacos with it, they said kitchen closed - wow. The hot tubs are actually just tubs. We spoke to the staff. They are never heated. Neither are the pools. So everything is about average 70s temp. No way to warm up. The ocean was usually about the same temp. Not bad - but that is what it is. Not enough elevators and a few under construction - but it could be worse on that front. Alcohol is plentiful but drinks aren't good at all bars. Hit or miss depending on the bartender. They will also try to slip in a different liquor to make their lives easier if a bottle is empty. I saw it happen twice - and its easy for me to tell - I drink Jameson on the rocks and once the drink came as a different color and once I saw them pour from a different bottle and when I asked they said go to another bar. But then for today's final action. The restaurants had just all closed and I was hungry because my meal was covered in cilantro so I couldn't eat it (not that the food was all that good to begin with because again - terrible food) but I wanted food and they wouldn't make me more tacos. So I went to the one grill still open and ordered a cheeseburger. And the man puts the patty on the grill. Okay - precooked, frozen patty - it is what it is. But then he grabs the cheese slice from next to the grill and tries to put it on the burger. It is stuck to his fingers. Oh yea - no glove - bare hands. The cheese is stuck to his fingers. Most of the cheese falls off but then he peels the melted cheese from his fingers and puts it onto the burger - like smears it on. Puts the burger on the bun and hands it to me. I throw it out and almost throw up. I've never seen something so disgusting. It was sickening. Now I'm worried about everything I ate this week. And we are leaving to go elsewhere for the rest of our meals. What a way to close off the trip, right?

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over all review

Cruiser36932876674 on Jan 27, 2023

this was our first time staying at the Grand Park Royal in Cozumel. the place is very clean. All the staff was supper helpful. Great activities, lots to do for the entire family. The beaches and pools were fantastic. Great snorkelling right off the beach. this would be a place we would stay again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Good place for a vacation

lisathroop on Jan 26, 2023

bring water shoes for the beach. slightly rocky in the water. Make sure the gentlemen in your party have long pants and closed in shoes for eating in the various restaurants in the evening. Relax and enjoy what the resort has to offer.

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Nice hotel but rough on your feet. Food and choices terrible.

purpleprince76 (Yorktown Heights, New York) on Jan 26, 2023

The walk ways are of uneven rocks. You need to be very aware of your feet. The food choices and quality poor. Management is unconcerned and unresponsive. Would not recommend or come back to this location.

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