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Trash Trash food

daymijram (Curacao) on Feb 17, 2024

We were there today we have waited 40 minutes to get our ordered food where there are a lot of birds around your table to eat your food and when I got the food it was soo cold and served as rest of food. ????????????????????????????????????????????? The service around the pool was super good , but to pay so much and have dirty food I prefer to pay double to get a decent food. You pay all inclusive to eat and drink for free that means you want decent food too.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great Experience!

jchowell2008 (Moorland, Iowa) on Feb 17, 2024

Overall, this was a great experience. You can tell the resort is a little bit “older”, but it is clean and well maintained. The pools are nice, and the beach is even better (great snorkeling experience). The events staff are great and do a lot to keep guests involved and entertained. The only drawbacks (and only to an extent) are the limited/repeated food options in the buffet and no monitored access to the sun club pool and bar. It would have been nice to see a second bartender at the Sun Club bar to help the other one out and be more efficient. Overall though, the staff are very friendly and helpful. Would recommend anyone to stay here!

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framic69 on Feb 17, 2024

Love, Love, Love. Had a great time. the lagoon was great to snorkel in. Would diffidently go back. The entertainment at night was good. The drinks were ok. Food was about average. Our room was very nice and comfortable. Try the romantic dinner.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Not what I expected

bupinderd2018 on Feb 16, 2024

The resort is advertised as a 4-star all inclusive, and even after reading a bunch of negative reviews in Oct/Nov when we booked, we decided to go in with an open mind. In our opinion the Sunscape Curaçao Resort is really a 3-star resort, at best, with a 5-star beach and views. This review is just my experience and from my perspective. I am sure others may have had better and I was in a group with people who had different less than favourable experiences. I have done limited travel through the Caribbean, staying at some different resorts. This experience was a disappointment that did not meet my expectations. We travelled one year ago to Aruba for the same money and it was far and away better than this resort. Our trip to the Sunscape Curaçao was February 6-13 and we had upgraded to the Sun Club Deluxe Ocean View. We were in building 8 on the third floor -important note **no elevator**. The only “upgrade” that I experienced was the view. The value for the money was overall absent for this whole resort. Check in and checkout were pretty seamless. During check in, in the Sun Club lounge, JoJo made sure that everyone in our group had refreshments and some beer. This resort has a beautiful, private beach with white, sands. There is a coral reef break wall that keeps the swimming area calm and protected from the open water on the other side. This makes for a perfect spot to snorkel, kayak or paddle board (all provided for free, one-hour of each per day). TAKE NOTE: Bring water shoes as there are a lot of rocks/broken coral when entering the water from the beach. There are some areas better than others for entering but once you’re in it’s a great place to swim. The grounds are fairly well-kept with mature palms and coconut trees, shrubs, and flowers. There are plenty of activities to enjoy throughout the resort including ping pong, bocce ball, horseshoes, volleyball beach and pool, pool tables, life-size chess board, and a couple of full-sized shuffle boards near the main lobby. The main pool is very large. And if you have upgraded to the Sun Club, there is a separate pool for those members. It was overall pretty clean in all areas. The entertainment team is very friendly and engaging lead by the Candy Man. They do their best to keep folks interested and you feel their enthusiasm and energy. The evening shows are pretty good. Everything winds up by 1030p and the bar stops serving at 1230a so if you’re looking for a party all night spot this is not for you. There a few really great staff members who have excellent leadership skills in spite of an extreme lack of supervision amid the disorganization. Verona at the Bluewater Grill is an exceptional employee. Her professionalism and commitment to providing client service excellence was witnessed firsthand when there was no more steak available for dinner. She offered two different solutions, and when the couple said they would leave and go to Oceana (which was full), she offered to take their order from that menu and have it served to the couple at the Bluewater so that they didn’t have to wait any longer than they already had. Then, when the cook walked out without telling anyone, Verona stepped up and started cooking things on the grill so that the restaurant full of guests weren’t waiting for food. It was truly a demonstration of real leadership. Zoraida and Noecharienne at the Sun Club Pool bar make the best drinks, consistently! They are super friendly and inviting despite being all alone to serve all the Sun club members. All three of these women do there best to make you feel like part of their family. While the rooms are dated, the bed was very comfortable. Our AC worked well in our room, and we had hot water in our the shower. We did have an unpleasant odour in our room which never went away but we were able to use body spray and cologne to make it bearable. You don’t need towel cards or wrist bands so that was a bonus. It also means that guests who did not pay for the Sun Club facilities could use them. We’re not exclusivists by any means I just wouldn’t have paid the extra fee if I had know I could use the amenities regardless. Neither the Sunscape app nor the Hyatt Inclusive app worked properly so don’t depend on them for any relevant information. They may have been better with an upgraded SIM card but we didn’t use that option we relied on the WIFI and it was disappointing. Texts were often not received or received hours later. There is a lack of organization and oversight at the restaurants, and not enough staff to serve, bus/reset tables for the entire resort. The impact of not having enough staff often created a lineup to get into the buffet for breakfast because the staff on shift couldn’t serve the tables they were assigned AND keep up with clearing dirty dishes by hand and carrying them to the back rather than having carts to clear multiple tables at a time. The hosts and hostesses did their best to fill the gaps to little avail, the lineup just continued to grow longer. Im not a restaurant manager but I can see there is a lot of wasted time and just overall. Moreover, there not a single fan in the seating area of the buffet so unless the wind is blowing in the right direction, it is uncomfortably hot. If you come remember that island time is a real thing, we respect that, unfortunately this isn’t about island time it’s about the fact they don’t have enough people so service is extremely slow. We thought another factor was that not all guests tip (and I know this is a personal choice and definitely not required). But even when tipped, this did not seem to motivate the majority of staff which seems to perpetuate the no tip option. Although, I will say that when I tipped, the bartender or server was always appreciative. The lack of staff continued to be present at the swim up bar which meant it did not have a dedicated bartender, and when there was someone down there, he had to run up and down the stairs to the bar up top to make drinks because they do not stock the lower bar. In fact there were never enough bartenders at any of the bars, which made guests order multiple drinks at a time and slowed the process another domino effect. So you should expect to wait in long lineups to get drinks. Additionally, no one is circulating around the main pool taking/bringing drink orders which is usually an expectation at 4 star resort. If you want a drink menu or list of drinks at any bar you red to ask for it. There is no consistency from one bartender to the next when it comes to mixed drinks. You can expect different versions of drinks from one bar to the next. Bars consistently ran out of premium and regular liquors as well as cans/bottles of beer. Draft beer was cooled by running the lines through coolers of ice while the keg baked outside un-refrigerated. If you use a facecloth you’ll need to bring your own. They don’t have any here. The food at the buffet is subpar. Not horrible, but also not great either. We didn’t go hungry, but it was repetitive and is the smallest buffet in a resort I have ever been to. They do not put out any bacon on the buffet at breakfast so if you want some, you need to ask for it. A few mornings, there was only one cook making both fried eggs and taking omelette orders. The salad bar was bleak, and because the building is not enclosed except with netting, small birds and flies were everywhere including on food that was left uncovered by guests who didn’t recover with the plastic wrap after serving themselves. Lunch was the same every day: a vegetable , rice, roasted/grilled chicken, chili, cheese sauce, deep fried tortillas, goat or ox tail or beef stew. Food items were not all or always labeled; and/or mislabeled. There was no indication of the allergens for the food being served (I am celiac so this was very important for me). We ate dinner mainly at Oceana and the Bluewater Grill. The food and options for my restrictions were better than the buffet but the common theme of slow service due to insufficient staffing ruined the overall experience. The Teppanyaki was not an option for me as there were no gluten free options. We chose not to try the Italian restaurant. None of the restrooms had hot water - lukewarm at most. And our room didn’t have hot water at the sink in the bathroom. There is a severe lack of chairs and palapas at the Sun Club pool and beach area. In building 8 alone there are 66 rooms. Around the pool you will find approximately 6 pool umbrellas with 2 chairs at each one (total 12 chairs) and 1 day bed with moldy curtains. In front of the building 8 there are a three more day beds - only one with curtains - and approximately 5 or so palapas. Definitely not enough seating or shade for just the guests in that building let alone for ALL Sun Club guests. This all led to the following; At check in, you are given a paper with a lot of information. They don’t tell you specifically, but there is a line that says, “It is not allowed to reserve beach chairs or palapas”. No other details about the enforcement of this policy or what to do if you encounter this being practiced. There are no signs along the beach or at any pool area that indicate this. As is with pretty much every resort guests are out at the early morning hours to put out towels onto chairs/palapas in essence reserving a seat and shade. We all know this is not specific to this resort. Because it was not enforced in order to get a chair and some shade we had to get up early every morning and did so for 5 mornings. On the 6th morning, we followed the condoned practice only to find out later that what appeared was that someone removed our towels and chair clips and “taken our spot”. Thankfully, before a needless confrontation occurred with those guests, we ran into our friends who told us a “manager” doing a sweep of the beach, removed all towels clips and personal belongings. Our friends spoke with the “manager” to find out what she was doing and why. Essentially, she told them that it is their policy to remove anything each hour if no one is there as reserving is not allowed. She did not seem concerned that guests were not made aware of this “new” enforcement of the “no reservation of chairs/palapas” policy, even though this new enforcement could result in confrontations between guests. We went to the Sun Club concierge to enquire and get my chair clips back. My partner and I spent about an hour trying to explain to Timothy, the Chief Concierge, how their inconsistent enforcement was not appropriate and why it is important to apply the same rules to all on a consistent basis. That for 5 days of putting out towels out at 5:30am-6:00am was tolerated, but all of a sudden on day 6 it was not and without any warning or awareness of where to collect our belongings. Timothy used all the common diffusion techniques and he did put the accountability back on us on a number of occasions continually referring to the check documents. We accepted the responsibility each time however Timothy confirmed what we already knew that there was not enough staff to consistently monitor the chair/palapa reserving practices. Because for the previous 5nights there was no manager on at night. (I guess all those ones walking around during the day were not available to work nights). Timothy also had no resolution to our issue and no sensible explanation as to how a situation would be resolved if someone was reserving chairs. He said security would be involved and the concierge would be present but there was no clear plan on how it would be handled. I suspect that this practice will continue and continue to be inconsistently enforced. Not sure there is a solution. In the breezeway of building 8, there was a coffee machine. But it didn’t work. Because the this building is at the far end of the property, this meant walking a 1/4 mile to the coco cafe to get coffee in the morning. If you are a coffee person, take note that the only decent cup of coffee you will get is at the coco cafe (espresso). There was no beer stocked in our mini fridge upon arrival. We were told that food and beverage stocked the mini bars with beer, water and soft drinks daily for Sun Club guests between 3pm and 6pm. It was Day 4 before there was any beer in our fridge (3 small bottles) and then never again. In fact, the next day we put a tip in the fridge and they took a tip and left note stating, “Beer tomorrow, our excuses”. Are you kidding me?! The replenishment of beer didn’t come for the remainder of our trip. Final thoughts; I would say, if you are looking for value for your money, just don’t book to stay here. Most of the negative reviews were fairly accurate aside from the ridiculous…it’s not like being on survivor as someone claimed - seriously! But if you do choose to stay at this resort: Lower your expectations it’s still a Caribbean island resort Bring water shoes; save your feet! Bring a couple of facecloths. If you’re looking for an adventure get a cab or take the bus into Willemstad. Make a reservation at the Gouverneur de Rouville Restaurant. Excellent food and wine/drinks.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Very disappointed

browncorey609 on Feb 16, 2024

We were excited to go to sunscape after looking at the pictures online. This was our first all-inclusive vacation and it was very disappointing. The resort is in terrible shape and needs to be updated immediately. The bar areas all over have a very nasty smell as if they are using dirty rags to clean them. The food was sub par the entire trip. Even the utensils and cups need to be replaced. The cups and glasses were so scratched and beat up it made you not even want to get a drink. Also no straws. I understand for the environment but it was very annoying. The overall cleanliness of the resort left a lot to be desired. We would never stay at sunscape again if we ever back in Curacao.

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