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Family Vacation

yghuman on Jun 22, 2022

Great location and property. Family enjoyed the ocean just steps away from the room. Staff was friendly and accommodating. Enjoyed the pool and grill stations where families can grill their own dinners while kids are in the pool.

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Maui wedding trip

dmorri904600 on Jun 22, 2022

We were given a 1 bed with loft room, instead of 2 bed. The unit was sparsely furnished and not very comfortable. Air conditioner was on 4 hr timer, and did not cool sleeping areas. Staff wasn’t helpful but was friendly.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Beautiful Resort

Vacationer591600 on Jun 20, 2022

Absolutely beautiful resort which is located within walking distance to food and shopping. Staff was phenomenal. They were very kind and really made us feel welcomed. I would definitely stay at this resort again!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Great property - but I recommend booking directly with owner (don't use Aston)

BetsyInSouthernCA on Jun 20, 2022

First, we love the Papakea resort. We hosted a wedding in Maui seven years ago and rented four condos there for the family. We have a timeshare, so I booked the rooms through Interval. Our rooms were nice and we left, planning to return again sometime soon. Flash forward seven years, and our experience was very different. This time, since we knew we wanted to stay there, we booked through the Aston Papakea site. Again, I rented multiple rooms for family and ourselves (three, this time). Two sisters and their husbands were staying for one week, and my husband and I were staying for two. Their rooms seemed okay, although the A/C and dishwasher did not work for one sister/husband. The A/C was fixed, but the dishwasher did not work for the entirety of their week there. Sadly, our experience was not good. When I saw the room they’d assigned us for two weeks, I literally cried; it was that awful. I wish I’d taken photos. Green cabinets falling off the walls. Chipped tile countertops. Ancient appliances. Flooring that would make me keep my shoes on. Tacky, dilapidated – not somewhere I would stay for one night, let alone 14. When I returned to the office, they said that they could do nothing; I’d need to call Aston and request a change. I did this. Thankfully, the second room was much better. Not great, mind you, as I’ll explain. (I have photos and will try to post.) But at least there was a little pride of ownership in some places. The rooms my sisters got had new tile flooring, granite countertops, and upgraded kitchens and bathrooms (shower enclosures). They had been painted recently, too, and the popcorn removed from the ceiling. Ours had granite countertops and newer kitchen and bathroom cabinets. That’s where the upgrades stopped. Old, old appliances. Bathtub that had a hole in the side, plugged with something lumpy to keep it from leaking, but definitely not a tub you’d want to take a bath in! And the flooring in the rest of the condo was awful: light beige carpet originally, it seemed, but covered (everywhere!) with brown spots and stains. Gross. With the cleaning fees and rent charges, there is no excuse for dirty, gross flooring. We would have appreciated tile, for sure, but even clean linoleum would have been a welcome improvement! We spent time in my sisters’ rooms, obviously, since our room was kind of too gross to hang out in. One other note: we stayed two weeks. I think it would be reasonable for Aston to change out linens and clean the sinks and bathtub halfway through the stay. Because of the humidity, the sinks got very mildewy, so I had to clean them. I don’t think that should be expected. The place was also infested with teeny-tiny little bugs, especially on the kitchen countertops. I’m not sure if this is an issue there or what was going on. Maybe fumigate? Clean better? On the plus side, the A/C worked fine, and the views were fantastic (of course), which was the main objective. My real issue with Aston is this. On the booking site, you see rooms that have all been updated and are clean and pristine and ready to rent. You are not able to view the actual room you are going to get until you get there and they hand you the keys – which would be fine, if all the rooms were consistent and clean. But they are not. I would recommend Papakea whole-heartedly. But in the future, I will book directly with an owner or using one of the other booking sites the resort contracts with. I thought that, by going through Aston, we would be assured of “hotel grade” accommodations. As I’ve explained, the opposite is true. They are completely hands-off and you get what you get. Some owners take care of their units and have real pride of ownership. Others do not. I would recommend that the owner of F202 (upstairs oceanfront unit in the Fern building where we thankfully did not have to stay) spend what is necessary to bring the unit up to “habitable” level. And I would recommend that the owner of F209 (also upstairs and oceanfront in the Fern building) replace the flooring and upgrade the bathroom. I’m posting this to share our experience. Thank you.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great room and Property Manager--some issues with resort staff/rules

fyrfytr1969 (Saint Peters, Missouri) on Jun 20, 2022

We enjoyed our stay in E-304. It was just the right size for my wife and I (plus a couple slumber parties with the grandkids). We had pretty much everything we needed. I can't say enough for the folks at MyiTrip. They went above and beyond. In fact, when our daughter's flight home got cancelled and rebooked for two days later, they were extremely accomodating to extend the rental of our condo so she would have to sleep on the beech! The only down side was the resort itself. They have very stringent rules at the pool that their staff do enforce. It pretty much results in the kids not being able to do much or enjoy the pool--no tossing balls, no floaties, no masks, no loud games (they're kids for goodness sake), no fun!!! Papakea shouldn't market itself as family-friendly as I know there were several families there during our time that were confronted about the rules and will not return. It seemed completely ridiculous, especially during the afternoon when there were pretty much only kids in the pool being watched over by parents & grandparents. Security went so far as to say they would have to leave the resort if they didn't obey! My wife & I would be okay, but we wouldn't have our grandkids stay there again. (by the way, we were renting three total units while we were there, so we had a bit of money on the line).

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