Planet Hollywood Costa Rica, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort reviews

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing service and welcoming staff

Ashten B on Sep 16, 2023

We went on an all inclusive trip for our first time in Costa Rica to Planet Hollywood. We were welcomed with an amazing greeting, the staff throughout the entire trip remained positive and friendly. I am Celiac, and the kitchen staff like Chef Posa and Staf Desayuno accommodated my allergy very seriously and considerate. They let me know what was gluten free at the buffet, and they had GF muffins and breads so us celiac’s did not feel left out. 10/10 will come back!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

The staff and team where extremely friendly an attentive to our needs. Customer service was great!!! Thank you.

Compass56947290540 on Sep 16, 2023

The staff & team were very accommodating. Thank you Randall, David, Stephannie, Andy, Benny, Jose. My family appreciates you. Special shout-out to Benny, Guest Services Mgr, for going out of the way

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Great food!

Vivian A on Sep 15, 2023

Food is amazing, specially the great japanese restaurant! Special thanks to Jorge Picado who treated us amazing at dinner! Can’t wait to come back, beautiful hotel and very kind staff that made us feel like home

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Relaxing, beautiful Bay views

Kris K (League City, Texas) on Sep 13, 2023

Beautiful property in the hills overlooking beautiful Papagayo bay. Stayed 3 days at the end of a 2 week trip to CR. Having stayed at many all-inclusive (plus cruises)—-I was impressed with the quality of food and amenities. The breakfast buffet was amazing with numerous custom stations. Though there were “extras” available, I really did not “need” them. The nightly entertainment was really fun and an unexpected treat. Upgraded to “star” class —-the little extras were quite nice, and access to the star class pool was very nice. (Servers there —Alfonso and Alonso and the others were all great and very attentive.) Also star class assigns you a private concierge —a super nice advantage to contact someone for your every need —-Omar did a great job for me, answering questions, making reservations, and confirming my departure. The thermal suite in the spa was outstanding —-not to be missed —-had an excellent experience with Luis. (Did not have time for any other treatments, next time.). Also, had a complimentary Spanish lesson with Katherine (from entertainment) who was extremely patient and a good teacher! Also had a fun nature walk with Jason, The resort is big and I imagine during high season, it might feel a bit crowded—-but it was great in low season.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great vacation with small kids!

Alexandra H on Sep 13, 2023

We spent a week in this hotel in August 2023. Overall, this was a really lovely experience as a queer couple with two kids under two. The staff were the best part. I cannot say enough good things about them. Only docking to 4 stars because the food was ok, and the carts got a little annoying at times. Room: We booked this vacation using free nights through Marriott (if no one has told you - only use the app for booking, it works 10000x better than the website). We then paid extra to upgrade to a Star Class Director's Suite One Bedroom by calling the hotel directly. If you are like us, and looking for random sort-of rooms that you can have your kids sleep in, here's the deal: there is a walk in closet the size of a studio apartment. Our daughter slept in there in her pack n play, but we had to leave the door open because there is no vent in there. Our son slept out in the main area, which was separated from the bedroom by a pocket door. The room didn't have a great view, but had a huge porch and plenty of space for all of us. Had a fridge which was a huge plus. And two bathrooms. Food: Listen, it's all inclusive food ok? Like its nothing to write home about, but its fine. Just lower your expectations a little. Our faves were the tex mex, italian, and asian. The steakhouse was not good. The worst part about the food was that it sometimes took a REALLY long time to arrive at the table. If you get there right when they open and order fast, that seemed to help. The star class was worth it for us because we got access to the "green lounge" which has snacks and beverages at all times of day. This was super helpful when we just needed a bunch of bottled water for my daughter's bottles. Star class also gives you access to a real sit down breakfast at the tex mex place. We loved that. 100x better than the buffet. The buffet was fine, but didn't open until 12:30 for lunch which was always nap time for us. Room service was hit or miss. Sometimes it took 20 mins, other times it took 1.5 hours. The fruit plate was sometimes VERY full and other times was a few sad pieces of fruit. I loved the salmon every time, though. ALSO there IS a coffee shop on the second floor of the lobby which has ice cream and sandwiches. We only found it on the last day, which was devastating. I will say, there were plenty of options for my kids at every restaurant. Resort: the theme of this place is super cheesy. And you do have to take golf carts to get places a lot. The walks are not long, but they are VERY steep. We were able to get a golf cart super fast from our room most of the time, but sometimes down by the pool we had to wait for 20 minutes. There are phones at each stop to call and request one. The pools are slightly heated which is really nice. The star class pool is lovely. The kids pool is small but perfect for toddlers (its all like 1.5ft deep), and partially shaded. AND you can get drinks delivered to it - so no complaints. I will say, the pool can be a real party scene at certain times of day and the music is LOUD (like one day there were foam cannons lol what?), but we didn't have any trouble in the early afternoons or mornings. Beach: The hotel has a private beach of sorts and it is gorgeous. Black sand. BEAUTIFUL at sunset. There is wildlife that hangs around. Cats, monkeys, coati, iguanas. The monkeys WILL steal stuff from you, which is funny. Excursions: The hotel offers a really wonderful sea kayak tour and nature walks! We loved this. Just make sure you book early. We rented a car and left the hotel every morning, then hung out at the pools in the afternoons. If you are looking for things to do nearby (ish) we loved Diamante, Tio Leo's, and The Monkey Farm. Staff: every single person on staff was INCREDIBLY kind. They were all very very sweet with our kids (they gave my son juice in a plastic champagne glass when we were checking in and he was THRILLED). Multiple times they helped us physically hold our kids while we were juggling all the gear, and one time they hand delivered a bottle we had left on a cart. They always got two high chairs for us in every restaurant and found something for our kids to play with at the table. Truly, they are all the best. Henry was our personal concierge and Carlos was the greatest cart chauffer around!!

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