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Shocking.....will never go to Jamaica again !

J3634KBstephaniec on Nov 25, 2021

Where do I start....... Mobay waste of time, pulled out of the lounge and then waited 45 mins on the coach before setting off to our hotel! The coach journey was a scary experience - driving way too fast. No welcome drink on arrival at the hotel - this was a first for us as in Mexico and DR you always get a lovely refreshing welcome drink and cool towel Sat down and told to fill in a form (couldn't hear a thing as a band was playing for another group arrival who had welcome drinks :() Asked to give a credit card for $200 - not unusual I know Told everything was on the app Told to dial 62 from the room phone to get the mini bar stocked (got ot the room and the phone was dead...took 2 days to get fixed) We booked a swim up room in the adults section - they gave us the corner one, very little sun and the water was freezing I've never paid so much money for such a small inadequate room, could barely turn around in the bathroom (where as the his and her sinks like you get in Mexico/DR? The shower was awful, little pressure/water so we ended up using the extension unit to shower with Our room key kept malfunctioning (3 times) within 24 hours - kept being told we must be keeping it close to our mobile which was not the case, turns out the unit on our door was faulty so they had to replace it - 2 hours of our time on holiday we wont get back. The safe in our room was dodgy as quite a few of the numbers wouldn't always work Pool Bar (Poinsetta) was supposed to be open by 10am - you were lucky if it was open by 10:45 The attitude of the female bar person there was shocking - always in a bad mood, come 5pm she was up and gone, no offer of a last drink or a goodbye. she did make pretty good cocktails though! The beach bali beds has seen better days - don't get me started on beach towels, you have to travel up to the other end of the resort and that's if there is anyone there or any towels left. The tiles and wood around and in the pool needed a lot attention - someone is going to fall through the bridges over the pools pretty soon and through the wooden steps down to the beach The mattresses on the bali beds in the swim up rooms were green at the end....disgusting ! TUI rep (Hyacinth) - total waste of time, all she wanted to do was sell you an excursion....saw her fast asleep at her desk in reception on one of the days. We had a booking in the Italian restaurant one evening - when we got there we were told we did not have a reservation so left but when we checked on the app the reservation was on the app so went back only to find they also had our reservation but clearly missed it - no sincere apology was given to us On the night of the BBQ at the Amber Bar we asked for a table for two (not to put on a table of six with people we didn't know) only to be told the tables of two were reserved for people who brought an additional bottle of wine...really? its an all inclusive resort !! People smoking weed around the resort - I don't now if its legal or not to smoke weed/cannabis in Jamaica but the smell makes me feel sick, had to go back to our room early on quite a few nights due to smell of it around the amber bar - children are at this resort ! We found the older generation of staff to be quite delightful generally but the younger ones had no motivation or communication skills whatsoever and were very rude, everything is on Jamaica time and whilst i understand that to a degree we were only there for a week and had paid a lot of money for what was a very shoddy experience and to the point I never go back to Jamaica yet alone that hotel. We have been to Mexico 4 times and the DR twice and would go back to them in a heartbeat.....Azul Resort should send their staff there so see the dramatic difference. I could go on and on but to be honest, I don't think it will make the slightest difference...good luck if you have booked to go here !

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A holiday of two halves

John D on Nov 24, 2021

This really was a holiday of two halves ~ the first week a real concern whereas the second week everything got better and better. Firstly I would really like to thank some of the staff in the Mahogany restaurant who really went that extra mile to make us feel welcome and were so helpful and pleasant. Naresha, Kaydene, Suzanne and young Jonoy are some of the best staff I have come across in all our visits to Karisma hotels. Our arrival was a bit of a shock for us as I was expecting something on the lines of the other six karisma hotels that we have visited in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cape Verde. On our arrival we were dropped at the main reception and stood there for ten minutes before we were even acknowledged. We had upgraded to premium and were expecting at least a welcome drink but all we got were vague directions to to our room which was at the far end of the hotel. We asked where the restaurants etc. we’re located and we were told to download the app. Apparently everything from restaurant bookings to maps and entertainment was done through the app. There was no paper map available so we downloaded the app which was quite good except for the fact that our app kept saying ‘permissions revoked’ and wouldn’t let us book anything. This was sorted out for us on day two and the app actually worked really well even though we are oldies and struggle a bit with technology. Anyway we went to our room which was really nice and had lovely views of the pool and beach. As I said at the beginning this was a holiday of two halves and the first week was a bit of a shock as the food was really quite bad and the attitude of some of the bar staff bordered on being rude. An example was where my wife went to the west end pool bar and asked for a bottle of water as she doesn’t drink alcohol. The first time she asked the barman tutted and got a key so that he could get one from a nearby cupboard. When she went back later and asked he again tutted and said”this is the last time lady”!! She asked what he meant and he turned his back on her. We later went to the Italian restaurant which was in the Palms restaurant as the main Italian restaurant was being updated. The meals which we ordered ( carbonara and lasagne) both came out cold and were so bad that we couldn’t eat them. The first week continued with things being problematic and not once did we see a concierge. Now the second week ~ I have never seen such a rapid change in performance or food quality it was almost like a different hotel. We went to the newly refurbished Italian restaurant and both had the best steak dinner that we have had. The staff there were excellent and it was a marker of how things were improving. Clive the waiter in the Italian was so good that he even went to a nearby bar to get me a bottle of sparkling wine as they had run out in the restaurant. I had a bit of a shock in there when a crab nipped my ankle but it gave everyone including the staff a good laugh. Everything just seemed to pick up and on three occasions we were approached by staff to ask if there was anything they could do to make things better. We were invited to a TUI evening in the reception and several managers were present. My wife asked one why everything seemed to be getting better when it had been so poor in the first week. He told her that he was the training manager and after staff being laid off because of covid they were only just starting to be retrained as many were new and he readily admitted that standards were not yet up to what he expected. Anyway all in all we had a great time and if the first week had been as good as the second week I would gladly have awarded five stars. In conclusion I would add that the beach is beautiful, the water was wam and the weather in the second week was beautiful. Also don’t be put off by talk of the beach vendors ~ if you say your not interested they quickly move on and hotel security are always keeping them moving.

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Nice hotel, only a few inconsistencies.

Amylh1999 on Nov 23, 2021

Negril is absolutely beautiful and the beach is by far the best part of this hotel! Rooms are open, clean and nicely decorated. Hotel grounds are beautiful with plenty of options for restaurants. The only restaurant we found not to enjoy was Garfields, as on two separate occasions some of the female staff were rude and appeared to have an attitude towards us which could be quite intimidating, it seemed even asking for something was a problem for them. Beach bbq was poorly organised, queuing for an hour just to receive one plate of food was not ideal. We had to deal with reception a few times to sort a problem in our room which proved to be slow, frustrating and not very helpful at all unfortunately. All in all a lovely hotel but definitely not of 5 star standard, 3 at most.

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Jamaica = Paradise

Nicnorm72 on Nov 23, 2021

Currently staying at the Azul and sat on my cabana on our swim up room writing this review. Well it took us 2 years and 5 postponements to finally get here (thanks Covid) but it has certainly been worth the wait. The staff are by far the politest and friendliest we've come across on our hols. The food is amazing from lobster on the outdoor bbq to the best steak we've ever had at the Italian restaurant. The palms for breakfast has been our go to, although we've been to the mahogany too which is equally good. The beach is amazing infact it's all round paradise. Housekeeping spot on. Room cleaned and refreshed each day. 10/10

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

I picked the right place

TheSeb212 (New York City, New York) on Nov 21, 2021

I wanted a great beach and a luxurious feel for the right price. I don’t think I had ever done an all-inclusive and since it‘s the Covid era and I just wanted to relax all day, I figured why not give this a try. Reviews seemed mixed, but TripAdvisor ratings haven’t failed me yet. Right after check in they explained some of the many things to know. I called room service as they suggested and ordered Red Stripe, water and soda. They happily delivered it a few minutes later and I cracked open a beer and sat enjoying my amazing balcony overlooking the water. I was already loving all-inclusive. I had a few more beers at the pool bar and at the beach. I was in paradise. That night was a bbq party and there was an amazing live performance. I thought I lucked out on the day, but every night was some form of live entertainment you did not want to miss. My wife and I had a great time and are shocked there are people who are writing bad reviews. There are all kinds of activities all day every day and the water sports are great too. The daily lunch at Garfield Beach restaurant was great, loved their smoked, jerk chicken. Sooo good. Dinners weren’t exactly NYC fine dining, but they were more than satisfactory and we enjoyed each of the 3 different restaurants we went to on site. My first all-inclusive experience was a great one. Ultimately, I was here for the sun and beach, and I got a lot more. If you can’t have a great time here, there is something wrong with you.

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