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Think twice about going!

Cruiser60317652676 on Jul 17, 2024

Our experience at Azul Beach Resort Negril was extremely disappointing. My husband and I encountered several issues that made our stay unpleasant. First, we were refused service at the Ackee Jamaican restaurant despite having reservations. The staff member was very rude and unwelcoming, and we were sent to the buffet instead. About 45 minutes later, someone from our group was seated at the restaurant, and then they wanted to include us. When we questioned this, we were told they were accommodating a large party and could not seat us. Conveniently, the staff then claimed we did not have reservations. Our group of 30 was also told they couldn't accommodate us at the Jamaican restaurant, yet they seated another large group of about the same size. Housekeeping was another major issue. Our room was not serviced; dirty towels were left on the floor, toilet paper was not restocked, and we ran out. Despite notifying the front desk, housekeeping never showed up, and my husband had to walk around looking for someone to get us towels so we could shower. The resort also lacked basic supplies such as straws, juice, certain liquors, and some food items on the menu. While we understand that Hurricane Beryl may have caused supply issues, the customer service should not have suffered. Our concierge seemed only interested in selling us a timeshare opportunity. Food was subpar. The buffet didn't have a good selection of foods. We did enjoy the food at the Asian restaurant. We attempted to discuss our concerns with the front desk on two occasions. The first day, we were told the manager was in a meeting with the GM and would contact us when available, but we never heard back. The next day, we were told the manager had a family emergency and had to leave. Despite providing our email and WhatsApp information, we have yet to receive a response. Additional issues included: Someone in our group had to change rooms three times due to a malfunctioning air conditioner. Another couple had to change rooms because their toilet was not working, and maintenance was unable to fix it. The trip host's husband's earphones were stolen from his room but magically reappeared after reporting it to the front desk. We travel to Jamaica every year and this was by far our worse experience. We've stayed at Royalton Blue Waters, Jewel Grande, RIU Palace Jamaica, etc. Overall, I would never recommend Azul Beach Resort Negril to friends/family and would never return as a guest. The lack of customer service and numerous issues we faced made for a very disappointing vacation.

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This hotel is not good anymore

OKAMAI1 (Kingston, Jamaica) on Jul 14, 2024

Couldn’t get a room till 5:30, needed to fix shower room , couldn’t reserve restaurant dinner for 2 nights stay( only buffet is available) , bell boy didn’t come for pick up luggage when we booked him day before . Food was not good ( no seafood at pool side lunch So needed to eat salad for 2 days at lunch )

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Safari15779539991 on Jul 14, 2024

It all begins 7 years ago when we came here for our honeymoon. Had a great time. The resort was relatively new. Somehow, against our better judgement, we bought the membership. Im not going into detail but it was a high pressure sale and we just wanted to get back to the vacation and didnt read the fine print - OUR FAULT. Fast forward to last week’s trip… Awful experience. This is now a 2-star resort. Fair enough, you can go looking for a deal and book a cheap room at this hotel at 2-star prices. However, do not let them bait and switch you with the membership. The membership is supposed to allow you special member benefits like butler service as well as a steep discount on rooms. First off, we are in a completely different financial situation than where we were 7 years ago. Money was not really an issue… we booked the most expensive room for a couple.. the Beachfront Honeymoon Swim-up Suite. On top of our $8,000 membership fee that is fully paid off, we spent $644 per night. We could have booked at the nicest hotel in the area… in their nicest room… for that price - with no membership. Although the pictures and details of the room were lacking, we figured we should be getting a VERY nice room since this was a discounted rate. It wasnt. Checked in and there was water damage everywhere in the room. The power and water were not functioning, the A/C had leaked all over the floor, the room was not stocked with any of the standards… including water. We didnt even notice there was no blanket on the bed. The bellman said he would get the power cut on ASAP and we left for an hour to enjoy the pool. Came back and still no power and water. We found the bellman and reminded him and it was eventually taken care of in the next hour. We didnt really care about the water damage and had that been our only issue I wouldnt even mention it. But it was bad. The floating tv-stand is hanging off the wall. Kinda made the room look trashy, as this was the main focal point of the lounge area (its a suite so 2 rooms). After having a decent evening of entertainment we were back in good spirits and decided to order room service and go to bed. This is where it just started spiraling. We couldnt even order. We started calling at 11 and were not able to place an order until 1:00. We kept getting bounced from department to department and then the phone would hang up. At this time we realized there was only a sheet on the bed. No blanket on bed. No blanket in closet. I called to ask for one and waited 30 mins before just going to the lobby. It was almost midnight. By this time I realized everything happens ‘eventually’ but our room was freezing and we were extremely uncomfortable. I waited in the lobby for another 30 mins before returning to the room with no blanket. It eventually came at around 1:00am. THEY BROUGHT A THIN SPARE BLANKET AND WE MADE DO. The room service came at 1:30. We were trying to get both since 11. In addition, we realized this ‘all inclusive’ room was not stocked with ANYTHING AT ALL TO DRINK. Our expectations were low so all we asked is that they stock our fridge with juice and water… WE ASKED FOR OUR ROOM TO BE STOCKED FOR OUR FIRST TWO DAYS AND IT NEVER CAME. We just gave up and started foraging for available water at the coffee stand whenever they had some. After our horrible first night we tried to put it behind us and have some fun. First thing we did was go to the front desk and request A proper blanket. On our way from the lobby to the pool, we were stopped by none other than a prestige membership sales guy. We brushed him off and continued to the bar to enjoy what we could of this vacation. He came back to us while we were at the bar to pressure us into a ‘30 min membership update’ over breakfast the next day. At this point, we still don’t even have the bare necessities of a hotel room, and they are trying to sell us an upgrade. The update was actually an attempt to sell us an upgrade. They showed us this really nice room that was only available to members. Funny enough, we did not have access to that room when we tried to book our vaca. We even pulled up the membership website and tried to book a year out and showed them that that room is NOT EVEN LISTED AS AN OPTION. Its not like the room was shown and said ‘unavailable’ like the other ones. Its as if the room doesnt even exist. Now I’m realizing that this is one big scam or a huge mistake in their system. We told him about how awful our current stay was. We showed them our inability to book the room that we wanted. They made zero effort to make it right. Unfortunately, we are members and can’t do anything about that. We will probably just eat the cost and never book with Prestige ever again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Disappointing Honeymoon Experience - Not Up to 5-Star Standards

Scott T (Maesteg, United Kingdom) on Jul 11, 2024

We stayed at this hotel for two weeks in May 2024 for our honeymoon and were quite disappointed. It falls short of its advertised 5-star rating, more accurately reflecting a 3 or 4-star experience. Hotel: The property requires maintenance, with several instances of damaged furniture and flooring. However, it was consistently clean. Food: The dining experience was repetitive. Breakfast offerings were the same every day, and the main buffet restaurant, Mahogany, predominantly served chicken and rice in the evenings. While the bookable restaurants were pleasant, they often had menu items unavailable. This issue extended to snack bars as well. Additionally, restaurants and buffets sometimes closed unexpectedly, even with reservations, and the beach BBQ was canceled without notice. Two of the restaurants didn’t open at all during our stay. Staff: The staff were generally friendly and dedicated, though a few appeared disinterested. Rooms: The rooms were spacious and clean. We paid an additional £800-£900 for an upgraded room, but it did not seem to justify the cost, appearing quite basic. The mini-bar was restocked daily, and the room was cleaned regularly. However, it took three days to resolve an issue with the room safe, causing inconvenience as we had to carry our valuables and documents at all times. Beach: The highlight of our stay. The beach was clean, with crystal-clear water, fish, starfish, and the occasional stingray making an appearance. We had no trouble finding sunbeds, and the waiter service was a pleasant addition. While beach vendors occasionally approached us, security was prompt in addressing any discomfort. The vendors were generally polite and respectful. Overall, this hotel may be satisfactory if you expect a 3 to 4-star experience. However, it falls short of a 5-star standard, particularly for a honeymoon. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this hotel for such a special occasion and would not choose to stay here again when visiting Jamaica

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Communication and maintenance needed

706northerners (Blackpool, United Kingdom) on Jul 08, 2024

We booked and paid extra for a honeymoon suite to ensure a ground floor ( marketing stated balcony or terrace and photo was of the ground floor) due to accessibility issues, unable to use stairs. emailed on four occasions to confirm ground floor, quiet room due to accessibility and ptsd/noise based panic attacks. had a reply from Reservations to confirm definitely ground floor. After suffering since covid and being unable to leave the house, following a great deal of treatment and counselling, my goal of a holiday back to Jamaica was finally achieved We researched and made sure we had all the assistance at the airports, on the plane and checked the hotel. Karisma ate training their staff at jamaica to help accessibility, autism and neurological/anxiety issues- perfect! They have an app that states where all the activities will be, so we can avoid the noisy ones and snorkel to our hearts content! swimming is easier than walking and beautifully peaceful and calming so, reality, Arrived after 9 hour flight and all this new stuff i have dealt with and im managing, fatigued very much, but really chuffed as we have done just fine. Allocated a second floor room and im sitting in a wheelchair ??. produced copies of everything confirming, ground floor. Advised we would be moved to the correct room, not ready, so 2 and half hours later, now really tired and ready to pass out. advised the room is ready, but one of the two bathrooms has leak, so they will have to close it off. we only need one ( even if it should have 2) im so tired, we were jumping at it. we had to sign a form stating that we had accepted an ‘upgrade’ ( it was the one we paid for, less a bathroom) and we ate not able to make any negative comments about the company or resort. As this was our only choice, for access, made under duress, this is not legal and not applicable, appropriate or acceptable. we were desperate for rest, so took it. The room was great and exactly as pictured.although missing any lighting in the lounge area, no hairdryer, no cups , the coffee maker was not reliable and no kettle. all sorted next day Then the entertainment staff put a large speaker on the hedge of our terrace and turned it up, instead of putting it the other side nearer to the bar area? Still the music was old school reggae and not too banging. not a quiet room though, so nowhere for me to retreat to if i need to. Restaurant opposite end to where it should be and too far to try to wander with stick, so wheelchair needed. shut when we hot there ( 5 minutes previous, explained my fatigue and how i had been resting, thought we were ok as the buffet was near, but then had to walk full length ( not bothered! no recommended possible options for trying to get our first meal, standing in the heat with a wheelchair ??) Still, stay positive, we go all the way back to find sandwiches in reception, which should help until lunch. Food in general ok, the 5 course meal for Tui guests was lovely, but does need to be in the restaurant as we were bitten to death by mosquitoes the second week the app doesnt work as the DJ puts on entertainment where he wants, so avoiding noise is impossible and iit caused a major panic attack when he decided to have a foam/ pool party outside our room in the swim up part. i froze and my husband had to get me out of there and to an area where i .could calm down . it wasnt just the music, it was alarm/ vuvusela, dj shouting effects over the top along with the other speaker still there playing completely different music. it was sensory overload! god help anyone with autism ?? we had a meeting with Petrina, who is one of the nicest, most empathetic people I have ever met. if it was for Petrina, we would have left the resort Flames ( entertainment) was also brilliant and moved the speakers and asked me about the effects, making sure they were not used alongside the music. we had some beautiful days snorkelling, resting on the terrace, using the swim up bar ( the barman was amazing, forgot his name, but he smiles all the time and even brought me a drink to the terrace, so kind) however if Petrina and Flames were not in work, the entertainment staff did as they pleased and so there were still issues. overall with staff like Petrina, Flames and most of the bar/ food staff ( especially the ladies on the coffee bar and ocean grill, you have the makings of a very caring resort. Dont turn it into ibiza/ faliraki and kavos combined. Get some fresh fruit and vegetables, you should have some amazing produce locally. we assumed a ‘gourmet’ hotel would be the same standard as the seaside suites el dorado ( karisma) in mexico, but it wasnt gourmet, it was ok your drinks are very poor, slush , wasted every night and poured down the sink, buffets too far to walk, not great, so no one there, its wasteful? the entertainment staff need to account for all gusts not just the young/ drunk and djs preferred tastes. please dont market accessibility, understanding of autism unless you take it seriously. it makes a big difference to those that suffer. i felt humiliated and frustrated. even comments from fellow guests, poorly understood the situation and said hurtful words.Petrina helped me with this . everyone needs to be more considerate and everyone can enjoy their time at the hotel lastly, holes in floors, lights catching fire and closed off bathrooms, you need to close and maintain to a decent standard as that it unacceptable. that being said, i believe the staff try very hard, and they need support from management, good two- way communication and inter department agreements. no hard sell of the program available, Rick was no use at all ‘ i got you’ and vanished once we had problems, he only wanted to sell the program. Too much calling the room. The spa treatment was great, but the outside area was not working and was full of mosquitoes with rubbish tipped into the foliage, it looked awful. so we asked to have our relax inside, which was much just get the feeling that the place is uncared for and that feeds through to some of the staff. i believe they have low morale and it is difficult to put up with guests who can be rude, frustrating and impatient at times, but we just mostly wanted to experience the dreamy holiday advertised. we did enjoy the room and swim up suite and may have done more if confidence had not been hit. the last night was beautiful , with a lovely meal, great singer with acoustic guitar on the beach with a fire , finally a dream, romantic holiday. pity he hadnt played previously, anywhere, nesta’s main area, restaurant, but the steel drum and the singer were great ??????

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